Concealed in part by later deposits, this ancient mountain chain extends from Castelnaudary to the neighbourhood of Valence, where it sinks suddenly beneath the Tertiary and recent deposits of the valley of the Rhone. A definition of root cause with several examples. In the main chain the two longest are both 94 m., the Mer de Glace at Chamonix and the Gorner at Zermatt. Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. His works have been much admired for the purity of the Greek style, and his accurate descriptions of disease; but, as he quotes no medical author, and is quoted by none before Alexander of Aphrodisias at the beginning of the 3rd century, it is clear that he belonged to no school and founded none, and thus his position in the chain of medical tradition is quite uncertain. denticornis, swarm in the ice-cold waters of the highest alpine tarns throughout the entire chain; and the former of these is also a characteristic inhabitant of pools formed from melting snow in the extreme north. Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. As late as 1905, the highest pass over the main chain that had a carriage road was the Great St Bernard (8111 ft.), but three still higher passes over side ridges have roads-the Stelvio (9055 ft.), the Col du Galibier (8721 ft.), in the Dauphine Alps, and the Umbrail Pass (8242 ft.). Next, I rushed down the stairs to ask my mom if school was cancelled. The former extends from the sea to the central chain of hills and contains all the lowlands and many mountainous districts, some of the latter rising to an elevation of between 3000 and 4000 ft. This is an action whose duration is stated → Preterite. Ernie Els of South Africa was dumbstruck at the chain of events. Time order words are essential to helping readers determine when an event happened. A tornado blew the roof off the house, and as a result, the family had to find another place to live. 1. Don Felix de Azara wrote of one which he kept on a chain that it was "as gentle and playful as any kitten could be.". OLEFINE, in organic chemistry, the generic name given to open chain hydrocarbons having only singly and doubly linked pairs of carbon atoms. Read through your chosen text more than once until you feel confident that you understand it. From the point where the southerly continuation of Anti-Lebanon begins to take a more westerly direction, a low ridge shoots out towards the south-west, trending farther and farther away from the eastern chain and narrowing the Buka'a; upon the eastern side of this ridge lies the elevated valley or hilly stretch known as Wadi et-Teim. The great eastern chain, rising from the basin of the Amazon and forming the inner wall of the system, is of distinct origin. by the chain of the Frisian Islands, and W., S., and E. The south of the chain is more open and undulating. Pyramids of the Old and Middle kingdoms form a chain 20 m. It may be compared to a couple of elongated and flattened links of chain. Their quotations form a connecting link in the chain of evidence by which the use of the creed may be traced back to the writings of Caesarius, bishop of Arles (503-543). SOLOMON ISLANDS (Ger., Salomoinseln), an archipelago of the Western Pacific Ocean, included in Melanesia, and forming a chain (in continuation of that of the Admiralty Islands and New Mecklenburg in the Bismarck Archipelago) from N.W. © copyright 2003-2020 Another word for chain of events. It lies between Siam and the Bay of Bengal, enclosed by mountains on three sides, viz., the main chain of the Bilauktaung on the east, rising in places to 5000 feet, which, with its densely wooded spurs, forms an almost impassable barrier, between British and Siamese territory; the Nwahlabo in the centre, which takes its name from its loftiest peak (5000 ft.); and a third. (5) The Bradano, which rises near Venosa, almost at the foot of Monte Volture, flows towards the south-east into the Gulf of Taranto, as do the Basento, the Agri and the Sinni, all of which descend from the central chain of the Apennines south of Potenza. A towing chain, laid in the bed of the river, extends from Hamburg to Aussig, and by this means, as by paddle-tug haulage, large barges are brought from the port of Hamburg into the heart of Bohemia. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or translated. After breakfast, my brother and I put our snowsuits on. You can use the events of a fairy tale, a recipe, a short story, or something else. ; the uninhabited ones, mere rocks and reefs, valuable only for their guano deposits and shark-fishing grounds, continue the chain several hundred miles farther W.N.W. A' branch of the eastern chain of the Andes enters Venezuela in the west about 7° N. This branch consists of parallel chains enclosing elevated valleys, in one of which lies the town of Merida at the height of 5410 ft., overlooked by the highest summit of the chain (Picacho de la Sierra, 15,420 ft.). It is traversed from west to east by the main chain of the Alps, which rises in various snow-covered summits, the more important being the Ortler (12,802 ft., the loftiest peak in Tirol and in the Eastern Alps generally), the Wildspitze (12,382 ft., Oetzthal group), the Zuckerhiitl (11,520 ft., Stubai group), the Hochfeiler (11, 559 ft., Zillerthal group), the Gross Venediger (12,008 ft.) and the Gross Glockner (12,461 ft., both in the Tauern range), while more to the south are the Dolomites, which culminate in the Marmolata (10,972 ft.). The forward feed is given by a chain winding upon a drum, which hauls upon a pulley fixed to a prop about 30 yds. She was plotting her return with a chain of events that ended with the human that bore her likeness being turned over to Darkyn. The recent chain of events made it impossible for her to deny something serious was going on, and she was somehow involved. The Mantiqueira-Espinhago chain shuts out the streams flowing directly east to the Atlantic, and the boundary ranges on the west shut out the streams that flow into the Tocantins, though their sources are on the actual threshold of the state. Kindness is the golden Risultati: 61. For the endless chain system, which is much used in the Wigan district, a double line of way is necessary, one line for full and the other for empty tubs. Although Bessel was the first to systematically treat of these functions, it is to be noted that in 1732 Daniel Bernoulli obtained the function of zero order as a solution to the problem of the oscillations of a chain suspended at one end. from one foot of the chain to the other, beginning at the edge of the littoral plain behind Beirut and ending at the W. The Carpathians do not form an uninterrupted chain of mountains, but consist of several orographically and geologically distinctive groups; in fact they present as great a structural variety as the Alps; but as regards magnificence of scenery they cannot compare with the Alps. I'm still not certain it'll work, but that chain of events is in motion. (For Map, see Pacific Ocean.) In the Gartsherrie machine of Messrs Baird, the earliest of the flexible chain cutter type, the chain of cutters works round a fixed frame or jib projecting at right angles from the engine carriage, an arrangement which makes it necessary to cut from the end of the block of coal to the full depth, instead of holing into it from the face. Before we went inside, we built an enormous snowman! Here the main chain of the Alps (as marked by watershed) recedes so far to the north that it has never constituted the frontier. She took in his wounds again, unable to fathom why her father would chain him to the wall in their wine cellar.

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