That was the key requirement as I read it too. I am a little bit confused by the comments on being useless via the cigarette lighter or not being as effective,the accumate is designed as a battery conditioner ie to keep the charge level topped up during periods of inactivity which it does very well via any connection.It is not intended as a battery charger which would require direct connection to the battery or the anderson connector.

• They didn't mention a budget, just wanted to know the right/best way to do it. Can you charge a car battery through the cigarette lighter? It's not that complicated. Most modern vehicles have the cigarette lighter socket only live when the ignition is on. But we're just talking about one battery here. I'd just like some advice on how best to charge a 70 amp hour deep cycle battery from a cigarette lighter socket. Dual battery or standalone setups are common for camping and off roading. The worst case would be when the battery is very flat at 11V and engine battery is full at 14V. ctek d250s wire the input to a cigarette plug and the output to either alligator clips or direct to the battery, Just get a DC-DC battery charger. Answer Save. I am pulling a pop up trailer with a marine battery on the tongue, but want extra power for dry camping. Note: You must disconnect the charger from your cigarette lighter or battery when starting you engine or driving. The ute's alternator and regulator will act as a very "smart charger" and as long as you remember to disconnect the clips when you've finished driving all will be good. Complicated isn't always better. If he wants plug and socket, use an Anderson plug, you can get them up to 350A rating. its a factory setup 20amp setup in a px ford ranger, starting to think that new heavy wires and an Anderson plug setup is the cheapest way to go. Sheesh, it's certainly not rocket science to some. Only problem is when the battery is nearly full, the voltage difference might only be 1V or less so the charge current will only be 1-2A because of the resistor. There is a voltage drop when using the ciggy lighter hence it takes longer than using a directly battery wired Accumate or the Andersen connector...My Chim has a directly connected Accumate and will "condition" in half the time of the Tuscan via the ciggy lighter. There have been plenty of options presented in this thread, both simple and complicated and most will work. Pay somebody a million dollars to develop a battery conditioning program..... Really, in this day and age there's always a tendency to overcomplicate things. An integrated system would have all the charging circuits built in and all you would need to do is add a supply. BTW, a multimeter won't provide the required voltage and current control. When a car suddenly bumps then charging discontinued. - Run heavy-ish cable from cig lighter to module- Set voltage limit to 13.8V (Lead acid float voltage)- Set current limit to 5A- Connect output to battery- You now have a smart battery charger.

Buy yourself a cheap solar panel, and either mount it in the back, on a roof rack, or even sit it on the dash when the car is parked up. Put both in a semi-trailer specifically purchased for the project. It allows you to start the vehicle from one battery and power appliances from the other. A kit costs about $100-200 but you can shop around. Actually, good point here.

They may have found a 20A socket lying around from the last project in the shed but all they wanted to plug in was a USB cable to charge up the phone. Not really, if it's supplied off switched ignition without a relay, then that 20A is also being added to the fuse protecting the ignition circuits as a whole. Wire gauge, fuses, how it is wired – direct to battery, signal off ignition or accessories, etc. Correct, too simple and redneck for me. Sheesh, hardly rocket science. What does the manual say the socket can be used for? Heck they're barely suitable to run anything that draws a bit of power, which is why you have merit, Engel, and Anderson plugs. Which is why he would be much better off installing an isolator in the engine bay, and running heavy gauge cable to a battery in the ute tray, and ignoring the cigarette lighter socket altogether. Really we haven't got enough information to make an educated call on what would happen to the OP's specific vehicle, except that charging a battery via a cigarette lighter is not a great way to go about it under any circumstance. In your case, you can discharge the 70Ah battery without affecting the starter battery. If the socket is wired into the cars 12V supply then I don't think you will be able to charge another 12V battery from it, as a minimum of 12.9V is required to charge a 12V lead acid battery, so you really need a direct feed from your alternator to supply the required voltage. A 12V portable fridge is meant for stuff like this, the manufacturers don't make it that hard. 12V powers in cars fluctuate badly. wire gauge, fuses, current rating of socket, wired direct to starter or through ign or accessories signal, etc. It will be the equivalent of a trickle charge though. Connect the clips to the ute battery, then when you are driving around connect the clips to the auxiliary battery. Was absolutely useless. Easier to plug into cigarette lighter than connect to battery terminals and close bonnet onto cables. Sometimes, simple works. Chances are it will be a lot closer to 13V than 14... OK, add a $20 multimeter to the kit, check voltage at any rest stops during the drive, disconnect the clips when the 70 AH batt is fully charged.

If you don't want to install a dual-battery isolator and associated wiring, I would also consider just connecting the batteries in parallel (positive to positive etc) and putting an isolator switch (<$20) on the 70Ah battery so it can charge up when the vehicle is running, but won't discharge the starter battery when using appliances. i want to recharge my 70ah battery that I use for my 12v fridge. I use the halfords conditioner on my Tuscan through the lighter socket without any problem but these only put a small charge back into the battery. I use the battery to run my 35 litre waeco fridge when I'm camping for a couple of days, but would then like to charge the battery while travelling. Gives a voltage difference of 3V. Sometimes, simple works. Alex E. Lv 7. yeah the purpose is a portable battery, so no direct parallel wiring, and no room in engine bay, yeah like a stepup charger that can give me 14v and not blow fuses by trying to draw more than 20 amps, would this work? What more do you need to know? How do you control/limit current?Running the alternator in parallel across both batteries won't provide a 'very smart charger'. Nah they mentioned restrictors and regulators. The process is fully automatic. wire gauge, fuses, current rating of socket, wired direct to starter or through ign or accessories signal, etc. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. The hardest thing is running the new cable. When laptop charge up to your work requirement removes the charger from a cigarette lighter. So you can definitely use the cig lighter.

I thought that the Acumate type things are battery conditioners (not chargers), meant to keep a battery topped up, not resurect a flat one. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. I've just attached the croc clips to the battery and the wire attached to them out from behind the carpet.

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