The neighborhoods became depreciated because of these fears which devalued the community making it easier for lower incomes to move into these communities, many of which could not afford to pay taxes or even pay their rent. Some information might not be current and/or 100% accurate. Near North Side, This was the first ghetto in Chicago, as this became the most ran down slum area of the city. Many good people that made a decent income could not get help from the banks when they needed it because their address was redlined so eventually that family would sink into debt. Settlement of Chicago can be traced back to the 18th century but the true buildup of an actual community did not take place until Fort Dearborn was constructed in 1803. The banks, landlords or anyone else find themselves unable to afford to fix the place up after the debtor moves out so the property just sits until further notice, but then as more time goes past the property falls into further disrepair making the property unsaleable and condemned. What began around 68th and Green in Englewood, during the 1960s, would eventually spread across the country as the Gangster Disciples have become the nation’s largest gang after Bloods and Crips. As the rotting properties sit, the value of the community drops which takes away from taxes and other revenue to restore the neighborhood, such a vicious cycle.

In Chicago, many times those neighborhoods of interest were areas that were close to higher income areas or close to the down town Loop. We have the same areas that are in rough shape and tear downs have created vacant lots giving a rural feel to some parts of communities. During the great migration of black families leaving communities in the southern states for a better life, many founded their way in the Low Ends, or the historic neighborhood of Bronzeville. The 2010s has also been a busy decade with the renovation of row house public housing projects and the tear down of the last of the high rise projects in the city. Well I can say government corruption and mismanagement have a big hand in that. Eventually redlining and other practices by landowners and banks would place Chicago’s black population in certain designated areas as most of the West Side neighborhoods became predominantly black as white flight eventually changed the outlook of the community. Anytime racial or income class changes were made that were not embraced by the community the consequences became devastating and that is often when you see a community left in ruins with rows of bombed out looking abandoned buildings. That's a bit of a trick question though because the west side is by far the worst "side" of the city (north, south, west), but … West Side Chicago Related Topics: Map of Chicago Hoods/Gangs; Top Chicago Rappers Many West Side Chicago gangs grew in power and expanded to other sides of Chicago, the suburbs and other cities of Illinois, while also expanding into communities like Memphis and Jackson, MS. Starting during the 1960s and rising throughout the 1970s, the Four Corner Hustlers are one of the largest gangs of the West Side Chicago ghetto areas, especially in the Austin neighborhood. The final document shows a map of the black population in Chicago in 1934, 15 years after the riot, and vividly illustrates the persistence of residential segregation. These 20 neighborhoods either still suffer from extreme blight or they suffered in the past and have since been renovated. Coincidentally, Lamron is Normal spelled backwards, and is a block in Englewood, with the street address of S Normal Ave, Chicago, IL. Ghetto Map Ghetto Map Map Level: 73 Map Tier: 6 Guild Character: œ Amongst the rabble, brutality is the law. Additionally, here’s a list of common slang words and gang terminology specifically used in Chicago. The city then must spend thousands of dollars on each of these vacant and blighted properties to tear it down, but the city does not put this as a top priority for the budget planning and the property sits to rot and attract vermin and crime. Some of the ran down areas happened slowly over the course of many years, others rapidly fell apart within just a few years to a decade. need to enter these buildings, because years of rot and decay leave for unsafe structures to walk into, hence, why you see the big red X hanging on the buildings which warns emergency teams to proceed with caution. With Madison Street being the heart of the West Side, it would only be right for a number of Chicago West Side gangs to be created around one of the city’s largest streets. Good day Chicago and the world. In conclusion, the 1980s were truly the worst decade for slum conditions in Chicago. 5 Loaves Eatery.

Each one of these blighted areas of Chicago once had a happier story as great neighborhoods where families called home and took pride in saying they came from that community. The New Breeds would also have other sections of the West Side, mostly around Madison or Pulaski in the K Town section, as well growing into having one of the largest neighborhoods in the South Side, Pocket Town. Interestingly, in Chicago gang culture, it’s a common practice to honor highly respected members (usually deceased), by adopting a set or block after their names. Keep reading…, Near North Side annexed into Chicago in 1837. Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

Preserving history has always helped the Pullman and Morgan Park neighborhoods from falling on really hard times too. Near West Side was first settled and partially annexed in 1837. Copy Link.

Poor people are just as poor as impoverished Chicagoans and thrive on the same government aide programs and with the same gang and drug problems but they do not have to look at depressing ran down buildings in their neighborhoods. When you go to the west coast, Denver, LA, Phoenix, Vegas, Albuquerque etc… will find no slums. The best thin crust pizza in Chicago … Currently, the West Side Chicago ghetto of North Lawndale and neighborhoods around Madison have become less populated, due to gentrification and the large amounts of vacant properties, as the Austin neighborhood holds a bulk of Chicago’s West Side black population. How about Baltimore? Maps can only be used once., a legacy variant that was introduced in Metamorph. It is clear in some mid-west and eastern cities the priorities are or were at one time elsewhere. Eventually people can’t afford to live in their homes in these blighted areas, so they move out in a hurry and do not leave the dwelling in great condition, this makes it very hard for anyone else to want to rent or buy the property.

Chicago became a town in 1833 then a city in 1837 and from there the city just kept growing. What would begin as the 14th Street Clovers in the North Lawndale neighborhood would expand into numerous factions like the Conservative Vice Lords, Traveling Vice Lords, Mafia Insane Vice Lords, Unknown Vice Lords, Cicero Insane Vice Lords, and others. 40 Photos That Give A Window Into Black Life In Chicago In The '70s. So why is it that the most slums happen in the mid-west and the east coast? But what about those neighborhoods further away the downtown area that have no real interesting history? STL/EBT is a name for St. Lawrence Ave, where rappers Lil Jay, FBG Duck, FBG Cashout, Wooski, and the rest of the notorious Fly Boy Gang rap group hail from.

The only thing that can break this cycle is for general interest to arise in a certain neighborhood. 1. Neighborhoods like Oakland, Douglas and Grand Boulevard have gone through renovations because of the growing interest in restoring some of the old Bronzeville history. Get the latest Chicago Gang History delivered right to your inbox. Every ran down area has it’s own story of how the blight happened over the years. The other 13 communities are still stuck in the slum status but some of these neighborhoods are not completely blighted and only have designated areas of the neighborhood that are blighted, such neighborhoods are: West Pullman, Roseland, Back of the Yards, South Chicago and Austin. From the Vice Lords to the smaller factions of the New Breeds and the Black Souls, the West Side might not has received the recognition from the media as the South Side, but with the streets and the gangs in them there is little difference between either side. Scattered settlers came to this area and the first African American community settled in the later United Center area, this area was not annexed until after 1837. The worst time period for blight in Chicago.

Speaking of vacant lots, the best treatment the rest of the 7 other blighted communities have received over the years is vacant lots, many many vacant lots after blighted buildings were torn down and nothing was built in its place. Just look at Illinois and Michigan, these states can’t keep their financials together and budget for shit.

It became a vicious cycle that would ruin generation after generation. Once again people in lower income neighborhoods in those southern cities are dirt poor too, but once again their cities care about the appearance of the neighborhood and fix it up. Many of you hear about how tough and dangerous the streets of Chicago are, you may also hear about or witness the ran down slum areas of Chicago. At the time I am writing this piece, it is now 2017, and throughout time it seems like the slums have become worse in Chicago, or have they? It baffles me about New Jersey because that is one rich state with many high income suburbs and some of the highest taxes in the United States, yet their major cities have some of the most bombed out slums in the country, especially Camden. Furthermore, Jaro City is also known as Tyquan World, consists of members of the Darkside Black Disciples and the Outlaw Gangster Disciples. The West Side Chicago gangs date back to the early days of the West Side, 1950s and 1960s, as the creation was needed for protection from other races as the newly arrived African-Americans were constantly abused and mistreated due to them not being wanted in the community they relocated into from the Low Ends.

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