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Another way for me to quickly feel okay is to hang out with my dog Sammy or any animal I can pet and be close to. Young, engaged and with a string of successes behind her already, Chloe Moriondo has the world at her feet.

Armed with an iPod Nano, she listened to everything her parents were into and everything that was on the radio. is 2 years old today. #ukulele Put more simply, the notes that any string or chord will produce are the same--the size and construction of the instrument itself will add some flavor to it, and the strings you use might also impact sound. She's spent lockdown doing writing sessions that "were weird to start with, as a 17-year-old who's never really done music with anyone else before this year but I've found my own groove. You could fall asleep to that music, which isn't a bad thing, but I didn't always want that for my stuff. Sure, there are some people who like to be more reserved, and I get it, but personally, the most important part of my music is that I'm super honest about the stuff I talk about and do. With 'Rabbit Hearted' and sometimes on 'Spirit Orb', "I was singing very quietly. There are people who do just sit alone with one instrument and do incredible, fantastic things, but that's not the height of what I pictured for myself. That record really did open up my eyes to what else I could do with my stuff. "It's definitely difficult to exactly say in words what's happening and what exactly we should be doing, especially because the situation isn't focused on people like me right now. Armed with her signature ukulele, the artist weaves an organic tale of like liking someone, taking her audience on a nostalgic trip down memory lane full of familiar scholastic scenes: “I love this song’s innocence and unapologetic embrace of vulnerability. Released a few months after 'Spirit Orb', it's a coming-of-age track that trembles with new beginnings and isn't afraid to get noisy. . ", As soon as she got home from London, she wrote the dreamy indie-pop banger of 'Manta Rays'. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'atwoodmagazine_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',118,'0','0'])); On “Kindergarten,” we are brought back to the innocent world of childhood crushes.

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