If your batteries are carrying a minimal load, and your charger will still not charge them, it may be because your golf cart’s onboard computer is confused about how much charge they are currently carrying. Having the batteries disconnected for more than 10 mins will reset the OBC most times... Jake is correct about the OBC resetting itself after it's been without power for a while. If I leave my battery charger plugged into my 48V Club Car, will the OBC automatically tell the battery charger to come on after several days? It is running at lower amps than with the old ones. I Verve Inc If you plug your charger into the wall but not plug it into the receptacle on your golf cart, you will not see any  signs of life from the charger, (i.e. They need somewhere in the range of 20-35 volts in the batteries to allow the chargers to know that they are connected up to batteries and to kick on. Read on for a list of symptoms and solutions for your battery charger. Sat: 10:00am – 1:00pm, How to Troubleshoot Your Golf Cart Battery Charger, Choose Powertron for all Your Golf Cart Battery Needs, Here’s Why Sulfation Is Bad News for Your Battery. They do not have the internal automatic shutoff, the Club Car onboard computer actually controls the shut off. If you have 5 year old batteries that are very discharged and you have a lightweight 2-5 amp charger, it may take a very long time (10 hours or more). It depends. A cheap extension cord can cause the, With that said, if the golf cart charger is always hot and always giving off a bad smell, you should contact the manufacturer to confirm that everything is functioning prop, No. If the charger makes a loud clicking noise, this is likely a battery charger issue. They are always happy to help our customers troubleshoot their issues. For more information on Club Car OBCs, check out our Club Car On-Board Computer (OBC) Frequently Asked Questions. Often we hear customers say that their. If golf cart batteries are properly maintained they generally will last for around 5-6 years. And several of these better golf cart charger options are less expensive and last longer! Using a car to jump deep cycle golf cart batteries can ruin them. This step may be skipped. How long does it take to charge a golf cart? It will lurch forward then stop again, or it may work normal after changing the f/r switch, key switch, or even the run/tow switch. Grey is the On-Board computer control wire. If you must use one, just use a heavy-duty extension cord. A 36V cart requires a 36 volt golf cart charger. the next step is to give Lester Electrical (the manufacturer) a call directly to troubleshoot. . It really depends on the battery charger and how long it's been running and how hard it has to work. Leaving on the lights or accessories of the Club Car could result in the battery draining, leaving the Club Car without power when it comes time to start it. An automatic golf cart battery charger needs a minimal amount of voltage in the batteries to even start working. Yes. This is a VERY common question. Sometimes there may even be an odor. If I have an offboard charger, can I switch to an onboard charger? At a minimum, this process will eliminate low battery voltage as a potential issue. These red and blue wires are plugged into the smaller two posts of the relay. The only other reason the relay will not click is if it is a bad relay (a failed "open coil"). Ok, I have only charged it twice since I put the new batteries in. You can clearly see three sets of batteries each of which is 8 volts. Does the Club Car OBC control any other parts of the golf cart besides regulating charge? No, all golf carts do not have OBC’s. With that said, f, "Storage Mode" is a feature that comes with every Lester Electrical golf cart battery charger that we sell (except for the 48V Club Car Charger - That battery charger is ONLY automatic, meaning it will charge to full charge and then shut off. Make sure you check each battery terminal for corrosion; any buildup will impede the flow of electricity, and could likewise cause problems. Why is my battery charger is showing a red flashing light? This power adapter charges the battery on the inside of the Club Car. In the lower right corner you will see all the wiring running through the on-board computer. Does the On Board Computer (OBC) disable the golf cart (not letting it move) while it’s charging? Plug the cord into the golf cart. If the fuse is bad, replace it with a 3/8 amp fuse. Contact me for further instructions on how to do so. Generally the Power Wise / Power Drive chargers do not have storage modes. Automatic golf cart battery chargers are not able to charge batteries that are completely discharged or dead. There are numerous reasons for the Club Car controller repair and replacement including customization of Club Car, upgrade of motors or Club Car controller upgrade with respect to the needs. No. When comparing 110V with 220V AC inputs, you have to keep in mind that they both essentially do the same thing. What’s important to know is that different countries run on different voltages. Run. Other chargers work as well with GFCI outlets, but you may want to confirm with your manufacturer. Should the golf cart charger make noise while charging? Two large posts, and two small posts. If hooked up to the motor controller it will not allow you drive the golf cart while charging it. If the fuse is bad, replace it with a 3/8 amp fuse. The OBC has a long term storage mode of sorts and will activate the charger every 15 days or so to keep the batteries charged. As you use and drive your golf cart, the OBC records the amount of energy consumed and then directs the charger to replace exactly the amount of energy needed to fully replenish, If you have questions about your OBC and whether or not it’s functional, feel free to email us at, You can also check out our other FAQ's and Buyer's Guides in our. Your golf cart should be switched to "Run" anytime you are using the cart or charging your batteries. I replaced my batteries and want to know if I should of reset my OBC after putting the new ones in. On the flip-side, if you currently own an on-board charger that is wired into the cart, you can take that on-board charger and affix a DC plug and use it as a portable charger (off-board). They require a minimal number of volts to begin charging. No. It's really where ever you are able to find space for a shoebox sized charger on your golf cart. So you don't want to use regular car batteries on your golf cart. It is located inside a yellow rubber fuse holder. Check out our 36V vs. 48V Guide for more information. Club Car Controller Replacement. However, it really is a balance between getting enough amps that your battery charger charges quickly, and not putting too many amps on the batteries so that the batteries have a shorter life span. Wet-cell batteries generally have a more favorable cost/benefit ratio compared to sealed batteries, and although their maintenance needs are higher, they have a history of proven performance and industry acceptability. So you either can’t charge your batteries at all or you continuously charge and fry your batteries! to get them to start charging. The OBC is unique to the 48V Club Car only. The first question we always ask is, how long has it been since you've charged your batteries? So, if you are trying to take the round plug and put it on a 48V EZ-GO charger, that will not work properly with your Club Car. After you've charged up your batteries and checked every connection and you are still having issues, it's probably safe to say you've got a golf cart battery charger problem and may need to service it or buy a new one. This means that you'd need to unplug them and plug them back in if you want to re-charge your batteries. Go and find someone to help before attempting this wiring change. The Delta Volt charge technology utilized by the Eagle is in a league of its own. The quick answer is no. We do not service older chargers, but here's where you can purchase a new battery charger. Whenever you see the same voltage back to back, that's how high your batteries' voltage will go and will give you an idea how good the batteries are. Golf Cart Garage © 2020. But, the key reason is the degradation or complete stalling of the controller. Again, please see our Golf Cart Battery Maintenance article for further details. For older models the attached charger will become a slave to the OBC and abandon its own charge profile in favor of what the onboard computer determines. Even though he talks about cutting a black wire (which you do not need to) the concept is still the same. If you’re located in the US or Canada, your home is wired for 110-120 VAC, and as a result you’ll need to make sure that you choose a battery charger rated for.

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