If you learn some Tahitian words from the Tahitian language you will make a good impression with the locals. real Tahiti as I can. Of all the cultured pearls available on the market, the Tahitian pearl colors are the most outstanding colors. to the Carrefour supermarket in Papeete (we fondly refer to the Signup now and receive an email once I publish new content. If you are going to eat at your Bora Bora resort, do pre-organized tours, and relax around your resort's beach or on your over water The self conscious shop-girl looked around to see if her male counterpart was noticing language (or on the menu!). Are you still looking for additional information? you will find some French words that will help you to read food items on a menu (so the surprises on your plate are good That's But, in actuality, they come in various shades of gray. Tahitian pearl colors are diverse. When buying Tahitian pearls, buy gems which have a uniform color all around them, if you’re looking for top of the line pearls. Indeed, the color qualifies the name, it has the adjective function. Language differences gave us a very funny experience on a visit These Tahitian gems are formed from the black lip oyster. colors ʻUOʻUO=White ʻEREʻERE=Black REHU=Grey NĪNAMU=Blue ʻUTEʻUTE=Red REʻAREʻA=Y English is well spoken in the tourist areas and All read our advertising disclosure. To learn more, the previous lesson addresses this topic: Tahitian adjectives – E mea – Particle I, No – Suffixe raa. 'super-gourmet-market'). and handing out Gospels and literature in the Tahitian language. The income generated through these means helps ensure They also display different intensities and shades due to their differences in nacre thickness. We're from California, and paddle outrigger canoes with our local club (Pale, Hi, I am looking to purchase a wedding shower gift. When I am on a tour or activity with a Polynesian host, I I enjoy immersing myself in the Tahitian culture even if I don't understand everything that is said in the Tahiti A touch of dark gl, Plans for this Halloween Weekend? The Tahitian language was once indigenous to the Polynesians on the island of Tahiti and it's close neighbors. But remember that you will get the rapport of the Here they are: In this third part, we will associate a word with a color. Sweep your loved ones off their fe, Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but Pearls w, Simple and chic Tahitian studs. They are very rare, and some say they’re the most beautiful pearls in the world. With this lesson, we have just learned the vocabulary of colors in Tahitian. Tahitian pearl colors tend to look black, blackish, dark green and black green. Don't forget your classic pe, What is a Pearl? So we pointed to another. Pearls should match, or at least compliment, your skin tone, as well as the colors of the attire you’ll be wearing. local dialects and other languages. Actually this is the best way to learn to speak Tahitian. Tahitian: The color: Te û: Black ‘Ereere: Purple: Vare’au: Blue: Nīnamu: Green: Mātie (means also: grass) Yellow: Re’are’a: Orange: Puatou: Red ‘Ute’ute: Pink: Tārona: Brown ‘Ute’ute huru ‘ereere: White ‘Uo’uo: Grey: Hinahina: Brilliant ‘Anaana (means also: sparkle, shine, sparkle) Striped streaked: Toretore: Brown: Rava Well-matched pearls complete one’s elegant look. We meet again for a new lesson in which we will learn the vocabulary of colors in Tahitian. The Pearl Source is a leading online retailer providing the highest quality pearl jewelry at affordable prices. : The Most Classic Gemstone, Real Pearls: Small Beautiful Imperfections, Natural Pearls: Extremely Beautiful and Rare, Pearl Types: 5 Main Ones for You to Choose From. Further down We were wanting to buy duck pate, and found that the deli assistant didn't understand English. They are very rare, and some say they’re the most beautiful pearls in the world. In desperation I pointed Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site web. Vous pouvez révoquer votre consentement à tout moment en utilisant le bouton « Révoquer le consentement ». I want to experience as much of the We may also earn commissions on some On this page you can learn to speak Tahitian words, and French phrases and words, that will be most useful. In this first part, without detour, here is the vocabulary of colors. But if you do some exploring on your own, and venture to the local's hot spots, you will come across places where The Tahitian pearl is also commonly known as the black pearl. Because Tahiti was the largest and most populated island, the missionaries chose the language of Tahiti as the main one for their work. Post Feb 03, 2006 #1 2006-02-04T01:49. Can anyone help me??? Her “oink oink” clearly said pig. You can use the Google search box below to search the site. Color & Culture in Tahiti. I'm doing a school project and need to know about what various colors mean in the Tahitian culture (like white means purity, purple means valor or red means passion in American culture). Bora Bora Island Guide invites you to bungalow, you can probably get away with just learning the first Tahitian word I learnt, “mauru'uru”! So, don’t choose a strand of pearls just because they look good in the jewelry store. Their colors are the most iridescent, vibrant and perfectly metallic of all pearls. Today Tahitian is spoken on about 100 islands throughout French Polynesia. You will want to know the Tahiti French words for your favorite fruits to ask for a tropical juice or order a Tahitian When buying Tahitian pearls, you want to be sure to choose the best color for you. own Tahitian language. Join our subscribers at Tahitian and Co and receive our latest lessons, The complement of means and agent in Tahitian – I, E, Means of transport in Tahitian – Means of locomotion, Say I wish in Tahitian – I do not wish – Ia, the wish particle, Wishes in Tahitian – Good, Happy – Ia maita’i, ia ‘oa’oa, Prefixes and suffixes in Tahitian – Faa, Haa, Raa, Hia – Tei hea, Tell the time in Tahitian – Toe, ma’iri – Ua, E, I te hora, I te hora e, Particle I in Tahitian – Location, time, object, achievement – Ia. Pearl Luster: That Makes the Pearl Stand Out! Si vous continuez à utiliser ce site, nous supposerons que vous en êtes satisfait. have fun, but we also have to keep the site up and running! This type of oyster grows quite large, making these pearls weigh more and grow to an above “average” size. They judge a Tahitian pearl’s color against a non-reflective white background to get the exact color you need or desire. the Tahitian language is still preferred by most islanders in their homes. With such a variety of colors displayed by the Tahitian pearls, there are some which are highly prized. tropical dessert! Make sure they also look good on you. Bora Bora Island Guide can devote the time to providing you They trained native pastors who moved out across the islands and archipelagos, spreading Christianity Come on, let’s go! Guest. find here. The Tahitian pearl is also commonly known as the black pearl. Tahitian Pearls Come in a Variety of Colors, Beautiful jewelry lasts forever... and so will her, Hello November. These pearls have the most magnificent, and beautiful arrays of great colors. Tahitian Pearl Value: How is it Measured? to a pate tub and said “quack, quack”. A Tahitian pearl color chart can help you choose. why you'll see ads on this site. if you visit a local magasin (store) or supermarché (supermarket) in Here are some Tahitian words and phrases to charm the locals during your Bora Bora vacation: You will find learning some basic French phrases useful, especially It is amazing how much you can communicate without words! one for their work. And also, we learned 43 words and vocabulary expressions. Also look under different types of light and observe how the pearls behave. Try it and watch their smiles grow bigger. will want to understand some French words. Tahitian Pearls Surface: Durable and Lustrous, Tahitian Pearl Shapes: It’s Not Just About Being Round, Tahitian Pearl Size Chart: Where Size Truly Matters, South Sea Pearl Harvesting: A Tedious Process, South Sea Cultured Pearls: Beauty On its Own, South Sea Pearl Value Depends on Size and Luster. Tahitian pearls have the capability to be full of an assortment of undertones, and overtones of: All these varieties of colors give the Tahitian pearls high value due to their versatility. it will make your trip easier (and less embarrassing) if you know some of the following Tahiti French phrases: And to prevent the quacking, flapping incident happening to you, here are the different types of meat, Because Tahiti was the largest and most populated island, the missionaries chose the language of Tahiti as the main Get to Know Their Value, How to Tell if a Pearl is Real? Les couleurs en Tahitien, Tahitian language (colors) - YouTube as well as some other food items, in French: One of the delights of being in Tahiti is the easy availability of delicious, fresh, tropical fruit. Although French is used in schools and business, If you would like to support us, you can  purchase our book full of over 100 pages of money saving tips or find out the best activities, resorts, dining and beaches in our Best of Bora Bora book or buy our 2018 Bora Bora calendar. Also, My fiance and I are coming to Bora Bora in June 2020 for our honeymoon. with all the free and fabulous information & resources you'll Although English is spoken and understood in most of the places you will visit, the best way to thank locals is in their We will discuss the subject in a future cultural article. resorts.

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