Check out this selection of KS brand hard liquor also from the DC warehouse. Would you Support your Financially Negligent Parents? In fact, it is now one of the benefits that makes Costco membership worth the cost for me. “I cried when the anejo disappeared from our warehouse. (Check with your local Costco to find out if that’s the case for you.). The Kirkland Malbec from Argentina is $6.99, produced especially for Costco and, according to Business Insider, their best red. Member Terms & Conditions Your email address won't be sold or shared. Costco Shop Card Liquor act 2007.

The Kirkland Signature® brand stands for quality above all else.

Illinois , Just attempted to purchase a case of wine Kirkland Cab ,but arrived at register and they REFUSED to sell the case of wine to me at the age of 64 unless For years Marylanders & Virginians in the DC Metro Area have suffered, but the opening of the first. Of course, that’s not all, Costco also has its own line of fabulous Kirkland Signature distilled spirits you can enjoy at a fraction of the cost of their brand name competitors. But rumor is they are not made by the same manufacturer. If you see this tiny star (*) in the upper right hand corner of a sign, it means Costco has the item on clearance. Also, anywhere in California sells beer, wine, liquor. Try calling the Costco where you purchased the alcohol from and ask if you can return the unused/unopened bottles still in their original packaging before you load up the car Good luck! Costco could not share pricing, so average U.S. retail prices below are sourced via Wine-Searcher. Thanks for your comment! This particular bottle is one of the barometers that my husband and I use to judge whether a wine store is overpriced or well-priced. About Us To inquire about working for Costco you will need to talk to someone in the warehouses. Location & Service Kiosks The only downside I have had is availability of some of the items. This blog was really helpful and informational!! Thanks for the article.

Tell us more. Great article on fine wine, liquor, and beer for sale at certain Costcos. All of their spirits are excellent and a good brandy would be great. A 1.75L bottle of KIRKLAND Irish Cream that sells for $ 15 at Costco in states such as AZ and even HAWAII may be PRICED low in the stores but..WA adds gouging 20+% sales tax and a scam like “Liter tax” to these items..over $ 10 tax PER bottle. I notice that your listing of Costco liquor fails to include Costco’s Kirkland Irish Whisky. Note that product availability and prices vary by region and that some listed prices may be sale prices that have since expired. Fuel Station District of Columbia

Thank you for sharing. A litre of Buillet bourban or rye is $20 less than even Trader Joe's, Campari or Fernet Branca is $18.00 to everyone else's $25-$30; same is true of all the best whiskeys, wherever they are from -- Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Kentucky.

Charitable Contributions Unfortunately, there is (was) really no easy way to find out online what alcohol Costco sells and how much it costs.

Food Court Vendors & Suppliers Other great Kirkland liquor buys: A 1-liter bottle of aged Kirkland Signature Anejo tequila (possibly made in the same place as Ed Hardy tequila) is $19.99; a 1.75-bottle of blended Scotch whisky is $22.99; a 1.75-liter bottle of London dry gin is $25.49 (it’s still gin and tonic season! Costco best buys are the highly discounted, high quality "good stuff" averaging $10-50 less than anywhere else. All them peoples leaving a case of wine at $100 at the register and on the belt is just fine with me. what ever happened to the Kirkland Silver Tequila . We use essential cookies to make our site work and, if you consent, optional analytics cookies to understand our website and improve your user experience. Why wouldn’t all liquor stores sell it then? (Ideal for making an easy Chicken with White Wine Pan Sauce on a weeknight, a pot of Lamb Stew with White Wine, Orange and Fennel on a weekend, or a Chicken Marbella for the holidays.). We will be hosting a large reception following our son's ordination to the priesthood in DC and will be purchasing the wine, beer, and champagne. Bought Kirkland Spice RUM, WOw smells good, I am sure there is a smoother way to palate it, so goes with all the Tequila's, I would love to try all the Drinks but want to know how well it can be enjoyed with mixing what. They HAD a 3L box of Merlot that was good, but it disappeared ($14?).

I have been searching for prices for the Orlando Costco and this was very helpful. The Costco price is an astounding 45% cheaper than the retail price! Warehouse Opening Hours 1080P LED HDTV**, SAMSUNG PN51F5300 51-IN. How Much Should you Spend on an Engagement Ring? I currently drink members mark American vodka from Sam’s, but thanks to the comments… I think I will be trying the Kirkland signature French vodka from Costco. You team has put in lot of effort to make it happen, well selected, good price(goes up is quality, goes down is the price- love it).

Knob Creek Kentucky Bourbon: a 1.75L bottle retails for $69.90 while Costco sells the same bottle for $49.99.

instagram Good luck! Information & Guides Sparkling Rosé Berry Sangria or Cranberry-Orange Shrub). So we make the occasional special trip. Having a great price isn't the only thing that makes Kirkland's American Vodka a good choice. THIS IS LITERALLY WHAT THE INTERNET NEEDS. Very useful information. All them peoples leaving a case of wine at $100 at the register and on the belt is just fine with me. The Kirkland is different in flavor from Jamison. For instance, Don Julio 1949 tequila is $120, but $160 everywhere else; 1.75 litre of Patron silver $70 at Cosctco, $104 at BevMo.

I know Costco has accepted returns on alcohol in DC and Virginia, BUT the laws on alcohol sales and returns vary from state to state. So no liquor sold in Costco. There could be a few possible factors at play, but I’ll leave the punditry to your imagination. The Washington State Liquor Tax of 20.5% was only applied to the $15.49 cost of the liquor. Clothing Size Guide On 7/16/19 I made these purchases at Atlanta store on Peachtree Dunwoody rd, priced as follows:

I live in Toronto and I dont imagine any Canadian stores selling, but I’m close to the border. No longer at the Perimeter store in Georgia. They are of high quality, and priced to move. Same goes for any empty wine cases you see in the aisles.

Can you buy liquor on Sunday’s in Myrtle beach Costco? I haven't seen it at my local warehouse. This Kirkland Signature spirit provides an exceptional taste taste with an ultra-smooth finish”.

❤️Love❤️ Costco's wine selection #wine #igwine #costco #costcowine #redwines #winelover #instawine #ilovewine #vino #duvin #vino #vinotinto, A post shared by Heleninaustin (@heleninaustin) on Jul 28, 2016 at 1:12pm PDT. Wow! I recently bought one liter bottle of Kahlua for the first time at Costco. As for whites, they don’t measure up quite as strongly—but those prices! Call me crazy but I think the American vodka is almost on par with Grey Goose at a fraction of the cost. 'd like to thank you for your efforts you've got made in composing this post. AL.

I am not sure what the non-Costco brand is (or, if there is one). #fnwedding #costco #kirklandalcohol, A post shared by Mike Nguyen (@mikecantnguyen) on Aug 31, 2017 at 8:16pm PDT. Most of their liquors get amazing reviews, too, and for good reason. Special Events Hi thanks for your question. So, smooth vodka that disappears into the mixer is important for me.

i have had a chance to sample some of kirkland wines which have been very nice.

Good luck! Why does Costco not have a Kirkland brand brandy? o.O, This is amazing! You save $24.56!! I’m in Arizona and my nearest Costco is in Henderson, Nevada. All Rights Reserved. Now, you can buy nearly every spirit under Costco's signature in-house label: American and French vodka, Scotch, whiskey, bourbon, rum tequila, and gin. I do enjoy inexpensive/quality spirits though.

Moving back into the non-Kirkland name brands, and also up into higher ground, there are some dramatic savings to be found. Every retailer is going to have slightly different prices. So there you have it. Great prices. Pinot Grigio from Fruili, Italy is $5.89, the California Pinot Grigio is $7.89, and Prosecco is $6.99 (hello, pretty pitcher of The Costco price is 42% less than the retail price! Deleware, Is there a location and Georgia that sells alcohol at Costco.

$45 for a liter of Jameson’s).

You used to be able to buy liquor without a membership in Florida but this has apparently recently changed. We value privacy. To be sure you could call a specific warehouse and ask. I’m planning a wedding and this is exactly what I was looking for when Googling “Kirkland Liquors.” Regardless of what prices are in anyone’s local region, you’re giving everyone a baseline they couldn’t otherwise get without physically traveling to places. Hi!
Costco is the largest wine retailer in the U.S. Wine makes up nearly half of the big box store's yearly alcohol sales. I am not a ‘drinker’… what I mean is, I do not like the taste of alcohol. thanks of your comment. Made from a blend of 50% Pinot Noir, 35% Pinot Meunier and 15% Chardonnay”.

Costco products in the US and Canada. Because the District doesn’t control the sale of liquor the same way MD & VA do, they allow retailers, like Costco, to sell hard liquor, which means you can purchase not only Costco size bottles of your favorite booze, but you can enjoy Costco size prices too!

My son is in Denver, there is only one Costco in Denver that has Liquor, the closest to him has beer and wine just no spirits. I just want to thank you for taking the time to make this post. I listed everything they had at my store (whiskeys included).

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The Costco price is 23% less than the retail price! Would be easier if there was a search box. Have you heard anything about that? ), and a 1-liter bottle of small-batch bourbon is $29.99 (hot toddy season is coming soon). Notes & Description: “rich and ripe fruit flavors of apple, pear, and citrus notes with hints of vanilla and spice. Haha, thanks, that’s why I put this together.

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