The number one concern for most turkey hunters is the right turkey shot placement bow. Every successful person has a mentor, a coach, someone they can trust and turn to for guidance. IF you are field dressing the animal due to having more time span between the kill and the beginning of the processing, use two knives, or one with two blades that are easily interchangeable. Amazing Father Son Hunting Moment! Additionally, since boars are always moving about, aiming for the center of the neck reduces the chances of the hog surviving the shot. Heart Shot – The Hottest Pig Shot Ever !!! So do not believe the notion that hogs are blind, it's just that their vision is not as good as that of other animals. Pulsar NV: If you are using AR 10 or 308 rifle  then the best scopes for 308 will be a great choice and compliment for your 308 bolt action or AR Style rifle. However, the Winchester 30-30 cartridge is also sufficient for taking down a feral hog. The shot placement has been another subject of debate among hunters. Of course, there are hunters who feel that the answer to the question where to shoot a hog for slaughter is the head. This is a question that has been the subject of a heated debate among hunters all over the world. Tag along with Keith as he hunts across America and around the world, providing tips, how to’s, and incredible hunting action with one goal: to help make YOU a better outdoorsman. Additionally, there are the common misconceptions about hogs being bullet proof or impossible to kill. Therefore, unless you understand the anatomy of a hog and where to aim, killing one can be challenging. UVC Powersports: However, from 100 yards and beyond taking down a boar with a 22 rifle can be challenging. Hunters also can consider the object behind the air of a pig. I was using a .44 magnum with .44 specials load to try to preserve more meat. This makes it even harder to pull off the head shot. Using a heavy caliber rifle can lead to meat loss and even contribute to meat destruction. One thing I would also encourage all to do is from having been on hog farms every summer with my Uncle, in my formative years. On the contrary; taking down a wild hog is very much possible. Lungs Shot – 2nd Big Opportunity for Hunting Hog, Headshot – Hunting Hog with Rifle (Clean Hog Kill), Best Bow Draw Weight Scale 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide, Best Bow Stand 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide, Best Turkey Vest 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide, Best Arrow Squaring Tools 2021 Reviews & Buyers Guide. I gotta get the cash for the trip down there!!! By the time I climbed down though, the pig was beginning to come to. See more ideas about Bow hunting, Hunting tips, Hunting. The .22 rifle is what many of us use especially because it is a cheap ammo. And while a brain shot will kill a hog with minimal meat loss, it is hard to execute. I have been able to hit a hog with a 22 rifle from 40 yards away, which is pretty close. The ear hole is a gateway to the animals neck area. This is one of the many misconceptions some hunters have about hogs. Don’t forget to visit our website where you can register to win great outdoor gear and hunting trips. Facebook: Also, I will highlight the areas that you should never aim for. We hunt for the sport but primarily for the meat for our families, and not to risk going home after hospitalization, injury, or worse. However, this is not to say that taking down a wild hog is impossible. We promise to keep your email information confidential, Click here to Subscribe! Also, keep your eyes on blood on the brush and not on the ground. Thus chances of you hitting the brain are minimal compared to the other parts discussed above. The target area will depend on whether the boar is young or older. Pyramyd Air/ Air Venturi: In summary, if you are a deer hunter, forget everything you know about deer hunting. However, as already stated above an AR 15 can be all you need to take down a hog. Thus, you will need to be positioned at a distance of 200 yards and over to make a kill. Once you KNOW the hog is dead — and please, be VERY SURE of this — cut the throat to immediately drain the blood quickly, and as much as possible. Nonetheless, with sufficient scoping and some patience, an ear shot is the easiest to accomplish. Hog offers a very small target for taking down them but it is very much possible. If you’re new to hog hunting we suggest a broadside attack. To do that easily, you will need to know where to shoot a hog perfectly. When a small meat hog finally came by, I shot him once right in the head. Pro Staff; PRODUCTS . By Budget. Instagram: Beside the best archery target there are some dedicated hog targets for practice you can try them from below. Nonetheless, hogs can spot movements from 200 yards. Wildlife Research Center: The reason why some are weary of hunting mature boars for slaughter is the smell. For younger boars aim at the mid-point of the chest or the front shoulder. This will kill the hog and retain considerable meat. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When a boar is facing you, the forehead is the right place to aim for. Pro Tip For Better Aiming: It is advisable to use great scopes for hunting for a clean humane kill. Today, the AR 15 rifle has several cartridges you can use. The common misconception is that meat from a mature boar is not good. This makes it difficult to get a well-placed shot. For better accuracy I would recommend to use some of the top single pin bow sight or the best crossbow scopes. Lions Hunt Baby Gorilla, Herd Gorilla Panic Carry Baby On His Back Run Away, Baboon vs Wild Dogs, Arkansas Wildlife – S5.E3, Rabbit Hunting, Arkansas River Kayaker, Electric Island, Self Guided Alaskan Giant Moose Hunting / 4 Moose Shot / Kent Kaiser, Hog hunting Night Time | ATN Hunting Rifle Scope. Thus, the notion that you need a magnum caliber rifle to kill a hog is a misconception. If you apply the same techniques in hog hunting, you might end up hitting the gut of a feral pig. I hear they have pretty thick skulls. Keith has hunted everything from deer, bear, and hogs with air guns, pistols, rifles, and thermal gear. Fortunately, this is what this informative article is here for. Uploaded by czb1972 on June 22, 2020 at 12:43 pm, Keith is in East Texas hunting Feral Hogs at night with his Stryker Crossbow. The broadheads to use FOR HEADSHOTS. Finally, if I may please, once ANY hunted animal is down, and especially something like a feral hog that can be down right aggressive and mean, IF IN DOUBT, shoot the animal through the ear or another head shot. Timber Creek Outdoors: I will share that, on a hog hunt three years ago, I shot a huge monster hog that was, due to state regs in Michigan, in a large fenced area. Warning! The old scout saying, be prepared, is true. But the best spot is at the center of the neck and on the front curve of the shoulder. This has contributed to the misconception that hogs have an armor like plating. Did you aim deliberately for it's head? Also, a boar's brain is small. And for that good reason a good hunting boot comes in handy in that kind of situation. Keith is in East Texas hunting Feral Hogs at night with his Stryker Crossbow.

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