But she doesn't want to tie up the money for 8 or so months, so she wants the majority of the deposit back. This is where deposits or money down comes in handy. The customer has an endorsement stamp that reads the name of the business and "for deposit only". Why did you take so much up front? Unfairly ,if not downright falsely, adverse reviews is a fast growing problem. t: Banks should not provide or order deposit slips for their business customers, including sole proprietors, with any provision for cash back. To cut the long story short, this is how we’ve made our contract protects us: If the client cancels work for any reason that has nothing to do with our agency violating the contract, at any time after we’ve signed the contract, we get to keep 100% of the deposit, no matter how much work, if any, our agency has delivered. Now he's threatening that if I don't give him the 3k back that he had his lawyer look at my contract and it would "take him 20 seconds in court" to get an order issued for me to return his money. I’d pay the money back, even if I was completely right and the client was completely wrong, and consider this an expensive lesson on the topic of the importance of contracts. I only begrudgingly accept cash-back provisions on personal account deposit tickets. In order for this clause to protect us, we make sure we start work only after receiving deposit which is 50% of the total project value or project phase. Please help us keep BankersOnline FREE to all banking professionals. If you haven't already, read my most popular blog post by far, "I will not start a project without an agreement.". Move on, go and look for new clients. How have small businesses adapted to lockdown? We always aim to get some reply from the client and we make them at least confirm that they’ve seen our work. A “non-refundable” fee may end up being quite “refundable.” See also the great debate on deposit/retainer here. I’d let him sign the papers first and only then would I pay him back. He then decides early December that since I didn't have the job done by Thanksgiving which would have been a possibility if we had colors in a timely manner that he would like for me to return his deposit check and cancel the contract. What would you guys do? I told him that I will not start the work until colors are chosen. VAT basics: registering and choosing a scheme. Few days later, she txed me and said her neighbors friend could do the landscaping for under 800 dollers total and she wanted to hold off on me doing it. JavaScript is disabled. Im going to send the deposit back but wtf? If you do you need to read about how a customer contract is worked out. Now is the time to stop digging the hole I found myself in, and get all future agreements with the client in writing. Thanks guys, this is something i can learn from and do things differently down the road. This is exactly the case we protected ourselves from. Why waste money with an attorney & then end up giving him his 3k back & wind up with legal fees that come out of your own pocket. A forum community dedicated to professional construction and remodeling contractors. It’s ok. Contract or no contract, pay the money back as soon as possible, forgive yourself and move on. 11 0 I offer training and offer split payments to help make it easier for people.

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