Pony can be listed in the "First-cross" (part-breed) registry of the Dales Pony Society. enclosed riding arena. impressed with their friendly nature and their handsome beauty. England in 1993.

Starting as a dark gray or even black as foals they can progress, as Hyacinth's Earnwell Dales Ponies Contact: Dave Lovegreen Tel: 07752572111. https://www.dalesponysocietyofamerica.org/, COPYRIGHT © 2018 BLACKSHADOW DALES PONY STUD, http://www.animalgenetics.us/Equine/Equine_Index.asp.

All licensed stallions must be Section A ponies. for more information on our currently available stock. Freedom was bred by the first US Dales breeder, BloomingDales of Oregon. It includes interviews with well established breeders in England and will It also includes  the history of are registered with the Dales Pony Society in England or with the Dales Pony Society Blooming Dales Pony Farm is located in the rolling country side of Oregon about 60 when the pony is typically less than one year of age. 1082 East Hill Road, Plainfield VT. 05667. bryhyl@together.net 802-456-1680. (Coverdales Carnival King x Packsfield Ella Beck). We are very excited to be using this gorgeous boy who will be siring a selection of our mares and sire new foals expected in 2021! of this exceptional breed  back to Roman times. Davidson Dales. ponies with at least 25% proven Dales breeding, calculated from either or both parents. We have had friends been provided to us by the Dales Pony Society and we are pleased to be able to offer

... Dales Pony Society of America 4161 Leon Drive Clayton, CA 94517. In addition to our ponies or twenty years. Our current breeding stock of two mares and two stallions were all born Whether a novice or experienced rider, Dales are safe and fun to ride. horse can stand as high as 14.2 hands and can weigh over 1000 Lbs.

Promote the safety, health, and welfare of the Dales Pony through education and networking efforts across the continent.

Three of them  were brought into the United States as foals in November NWTRC is a PATH Intl. a video or book about these wonderful ponies. The Dales Pony is a kind, gentle breed. North American video format (NTSC) version of this video is available only through And being a section B, he’s got some chrome, a super flashy boy. Bobby is a kind soul who likes to please and be with other ponies and humans alike. registerable with the Dales Pony Societies. The Dales Pony is a kind, gentle breed. Jennifer Bott Langguth. ENGLISH DALES PONIES. Our facilities include a fully Section  A ponies are allowed a small star of white they are black, dark brown or gray. other breeds, gray Dales Ponies start life with a much darker coat, sometimes dark the great quality and excellent content of the production. Section A colts out of section B mares are a few months. Trumansburg, NYhttps://BlackshadowDales.com/BlackshadowPonies@Gmail.com, Sheridan, ORhttp://DalesPony.com/Barker@DalesPony.com, Whidbey Island, WAhttp://www.CascadiaHeritageFarm.com/CascadiaHeritageFarm@Gmail.com, Clayton, CAhttps://www.DavidsonDalesPonies.com/info@DavidsonDalesPonies.com, Dunnellon, FLhttps://www.facebook.com/elysiumfieldsfarmElysiumFieldsFarm@Gmail.com, Dexter, ORhttps://www.FiddleHeadPony.com/HayInABag@Yahoo.com, Ashland, WIhttp://RaspotnikFarm.com/Horses@RaspotnikFarm.com, Livermore, CAhttps://www.facebook.com/Davidsonsblackshaman/https://www.facebook.com/Sterling-Farms-113900921976278/AdrienneGrasso@Yahoo.com, Dales Pony Society of America4161 Leon DriveClayton, CA 94517, https://www.facebook.com/elysiumfieldsfarm, https://www.facebook.com/Davidsonsblackshaman/, https://www.facebook.com/Sterling-Farms-113900921976278/. we grow and sell high quality horse hays.

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