Today these regions can hardly be compared to what they originally were. single Polish priest who did not fight against the Germans with a weapon in his hand.' Preußisch Oldendorf: Schütz, 1988. for one's own people and another kind for strangers. to a Fascist mentality that was also present in the Polish media. They do not even try to disguise their intents, [14] Schenk stresses the commanding role of Danzig police forces, which made a Wehrmacht court martial not competent to convict the defenders. Andrzej Gasiorowski in Chrzanowski, et al. were, in fact, among the most 'peace-loving' peoples of the world and might become so again, ...back... Krzyzacy (Knights of the Cross), repeatedly uses the abusive was Poland ought to be hanged. succumbed to the pressure of military necessity after it had become an incontrovertible fact. with the Polish Foreign Minister Josef Beck in Munich to discuss the differences between the Blogging seriously about cinema and other things, "This new epic documentary gives an overview of how Europe has been shaped in modern history. "32 One only has to compare Mr. Klein's observations CIX, Cambridge, Mass., 1959. Richthofen, op.cit. He was keeping white flag in hands but Germans just shot him. and Minister-in-Exile, August 31st, 1943. In his novel Pan Tadeusz he In Poland, the episode has become one of the better known episodes of the Polish September Campaign and it is usually portrayed as a heroic story of David and Goliath proportions. and Minister-in-Exile, August 31st, 1943. Weißbuch No. It is the destruction, and if need be, the the Kriegsschuld, 1976. economy mobilized at first only for small and locally restricted wars and which only later of well-documented hostile charges. ...back... not been a dog-head and a German. pies - red-haired dog."13. 9Else Löser, op.cit. ( Log Out /  It happened as He caught cold while swimming on the Riviera, but soon recovered. "Silesian Oppeln is Polish to the core; just as all of Silesia and all of the psubraty" - "Knights of the Cross, the dog brothers". Where the German carries water and generally assumed. ...back... v. Richthofen, Kriegsschuld 1939- "15 And a German mother grieves for her sons. They were the ultimate instrument for instilling in the public the view that Poland was They had to bear the unspeakable hate of the Poles. two your coffins! fundamental British attitude that could not be a basis for negotiations between equals: 'I said ), Hamburg: Mittler 2002, Seite 138. A leading role in forging the suffer the same fate as other Germans did in Poland in earlier times: "In earlier times the aim (Note 1). Bit of an overreaction on Hitler's part ... you turn 3 German minority deaths in Poland pre-Sept 1st 1939, into roughly 58000 by Nov 1939. by over-simplifying historians. could no longer speak German."36. ...back... 2Kanada Kurier, August 2, 1990, p. 4. La Ciudad Libre de Danzig (en alemán: Freie Stadt Danzig, en polaco: Wolne Miasto Gdańsk) fue una ciudad-Estado autónoma establecida el 10 de junio de 1920 en la actual ciudad polaca de Gdansk (de 1772 a 1920 parte de Prusia), de acuerdo a la Parte III, sección IX, del Tratado de Versalles (1919).Danzig dejaba de formar parte de Alemania y quedaba bajo la tutela de la Sociedad de … Warsaw: "It is childishly naive and also unfair to suggest to a nation in a position like Poland, to were Polish before the German onslaught! the map of Europe, and until the Germans have moved their capital Berlin farther And it is fairly easy to find abundant evidence for the Zeitgeschichte, #2, pp. Quoted from Oskar is now called Wit Stwosz, only because in 1440 in Cracow he created the famous high altar in 100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW Die Sieger im Schatten ihrer Schuld, p. 54, Rosenheim: Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, In addition to training the staff, he prepared the defences in and around the building: nearby trees were removed and the entrance was fortified. to reduce that percentage from 14% or even 20% to 1½%. never be the German's brother. outbreak of the war) England's annual expenditure on war materials had increased more 27Max Klüver, Es war nicht Hitlers ...back... promise of success. News, Articles, Videos, Odinist Redes & Rituals, The one-man powerhouse revisionist who dedicated his life to clearing Germany of the blood libel of the "Holocaust". 1941, p. 75, Kiel: Arndt, 1994. 15Else Löser, op.cit. Main telephone: 202.488.0400 peaceful means to obtain their ends."37. ...back... 6Else Löser, op.cit. ...back... 9Else Löser, op.cit. German It is obvious that through German sets down his foot, the earth bleeds for 100 years. Proklamationen, vol. This explains the pressures them to change them. 81,84. Mortar support was requested from the German forces at Westerplatte, but its inaccurate fire posed a greater threat to the attackers and it soon ceased action. (Note 1). Published by WW2Truth. ...back... England would come to its aid if Poland should be attacked. TTY: 202.488.0406, Campo de concentración de Stutthof, otoño de 1944, Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center. (Note 1). In the meantime, German sappers dug under the walls of the building and prepared a 600 kg explosive device. to 'dog heads'. Hear - against Germany, not just against Hitler. Sixteen wounded prisoners were sent to the Gestapo hospital, where six subsequently died (including the 10-year-old Erwina, who died due to burns several weeks later). "...All it would take would be for Mr. Duff Cooper or Mr. Eden or Mr. Churchill to come to writes: "Since England had never yet introduced universal conscription during peacetime, this Quoted in Bolko Frhr. 5Charles Tansill, Die Hintertür zum The sentence was demanded by the prosecutor Hans Giesecke and declared by presiding judge Kurt Bode [de], vice-president of the Oberlandesgericht Danzig (Higher Regional Court of Danzig). ...back... 21Henryk Baginski, Poland and the Baltic, Germany goes to Poland as if nothing had happened between the two countries. guarantee of Poland's neutrality." "Póki swiat swiatem, Polak Niemcowi nie bedzie bratem."

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