Known possible hit point ranges for Loser and its parts in various difficulty levels are as follows: 1st teleport - 67659 to (180000? The shockwave thrust can be avoided by simply moving away, although the range is large, so it can be difficult or impossible to avoid if the player is between the centre and the edge of the arena - the player must not lure Loser into attacking until they have adequate room to evade. If the Darvants are close, Barta them. Just stay in the middle. Overhead Swing: Loser swings downwards and causes shockwaves to pop out at intervals away from him. This is not the case if Loser's previous attack was a homing attack, and Loser's homing projectiles must be nearly depleted before it is safe to use slower Photon Arts again. This is your chance to inflict mirage on the clock with mirage weapons or wind Techs. This form grants [Loser] an incredible boost in speed and accuracy along with bolstering his strength. The most annoying part is that he makes Banish Arrow and Volgraptor marks go poof when he teleports. After breaking this he will go into phase 3 blue mode. Phase 3 is when Loser teleports into the background and sends out four swords. However, it turned out that he's still alive, and was found by Double, which proceeded to assimilate him. When this occurs, the situation is similar to that of a new manifestation, in that the Dark Falz will inherit the personality and physical traits of the host and will change their goals accordingly. It is almost impossible to effectively hit him. At 3/8 (62.5%) HP it'll enter phase 3 and add element effects to its attacks.

Even though he’s an old boss, he has a lot of interesting attacks and layers without being overly annoying insert death stare at Double. Breaking the Forearms while the Clock is affected by Mirage will not take effect until the Clock is repaired. However, [Double] appears and consumes his body thus allowing them to replicate him. Currently, the identity of their hosts are unknown. Had he not been consumed by [Gemini], his essence would have sought a … With a proper strategy, this fight will be over in about 3 minutes or less, but … Most of the fight after the first phase will be similar to this one. He could also transform into a large winged humanoid form known as Falz Angel. His mastery with photon manipulation allows him to perform feats such as teleportation, possessing bodies, manipulating time, controlling space, and various other abilities. However, everything is linked to a single Apprentice. NoScript).

Many who have challenged Dark Falz Luther already know he's not a walk in the park like Elder the Gargantuan. Unlike with the Elder and Apprentices we see in the story, Luther was not possessed by the spirit of a Dark Falz, rather he himself manifested it due his corrupting desires for knowledge, essentially meaning that the personality of the Dark Falz is an amplified version of Luther's normal personality.

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. This topic has been deleted. The core can be stunned when hit by mirage effect. Gender When a Dark Falz manifests, it usually takes the personality and traits of its progeny. Breaking a wrist guard will unveil some arm tendons to break. Dark Falz is an enemy group appearing in Phantasy Star Online 2. Esteemed members, our final battle is at hand. Afin was even able to Un-Falz his sister with your help due to her not being a complete Dark Falz, since Apprentice was split before then. Each sword only covers 1/4th of the arena so only breaking one sword is needed to avoid the damage. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled (i.e. While Dark Falzes are created from the Profound Darkness, in reality, very few Dark Falzes are born directly from it; rather, due to the Profound Darkness' nature as catalyst of negative emotions, they can be manifested through intense an intense amount of such emotions, such as hatred and vanity; Loser and the first Apprentice are examples of this. During Episode 3, Luther is encountered yet again by the protagonist and Matoi after they have been swallowed by Double. In their despair, they decided that they should fulfill Matoi's wish and kill her, thereby setting the stage for PSO2. With a proper strategy, this fight will be over in about 3 minutes or less, but you know how random parties always end up.… used in PSO2 are owned by SEGA Corporation. Loser is my favorite boss in this game! Rina was successfully freed; however, Matoi was forced into a cold sleep again and the damage left a permanent purple tint on Aika's hair. Luther has his own set of obtainable chips in Phantasy Star Online 2 es. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Now, like other bosses, Dark Falz has that nifty Gizonde trick going (just like the Dragon, De Rol Le, and Vol Opt, Gizonde can hit multiple areas of their bodies). Ship Apostle Defeat % - any % above 100 becomes added as rare drop boost, ie 120% = +20% rare drop boost. Phase 3 Loser is just like Phase 2 except this time the jewels will become breakable. Normal If you don’t the sword will kill everyone in that quarter of the arena. This topic has been deleted. The rest of Loser's new elemental attacks will have their presence indicated in advance by floor illumination (during the fast "red" mode) or an apparent burning carpet covering a portion of the arena.

But ultimately his plan was foiled by the protagonist, Matoi, and Xion.

Luther appears at the beginning of Episode 2 during the protagonist's meeting with Xion in which he displays an uncanny obsession for her. Therefore any Dark Falz being destroyed doesn't follow the same logic as presented in PSO2. Loser goes through multiple modes and 4 phases. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Given the elemental gems as being numbered, 1 through 4, from our left to our right (while facing Loser with Loser facing us; that is, starting with Loser's right and numbering toward its left), the gems on Loser's cloak grant him the powers of these elements, respectively: Interestingly, the beak gem can be broken as early as desired. OUTER HAVEN PSO2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. But once again, his plan was thwarted through the combined efforts of the protagonist, Matoi, Quna, and Zeno. PhotonersARKSDark Falz. During battle, Elder could use Gettemhart's proficiency with Knuckles. They may also find time to attack during the ice pillars or bouncing fireballs, especially if they are positioned far away and/or the Ice gem has been destroyed. Luther possess an extremely high level of intelligence and cunning allowing him to manipulate ARKS and keep the organization under his thumb for decades. STRATEGY He would later be defeated by the player character and Matoi, after which his dying self would be executed on the spot by Regius. Loser's Clock has approximately 80k (80000) hit points in Normal mode and 325k (325000) hit points in Hard mode. In Episode 5, Luther's record is absorbed by the protagonist after the death of his Omegan counterpart. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, before their end, they attempted to transfer their negative photon to Matoi to turn her into the Profound Darkness' vessel, which is blocked off by the player character, only to be redirected by Matoi who took the bullet with Clarissa's power.

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