His biological father Jesse was Roxy's high school sweetheart. She is from The Bronx, New York City and married Hector after meeting online. When Roxy first moves to Fort Marshall she befriends her and the two become best friends, as do their children. She moves down to Fort Marshall to join him. Lenore is arrested by MPs when she makes a reference to the project to LTG Grayson. Having befriended Roxy, she offers some tips to help boost business at The Hump Bar. Viola Crawford (portrayed by Tonya Pinkins) is a former employee and Roxy's assistant at The Hump Bar.

Cherie Blank, Lori Anne Adams, Brian Kittelson, Rebecca A. Connors, Diane L. Padden, Coping behaviors used by Army wives during deployment separation and their perceived effectiveness, Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 10.1111/j.1745-7599.2012.00766.x, 24, 11, … Roland is the only man in "The Tribe". Betty Camden (portrayed by Patricia French) was the former owner of The Hump Bar. The character first appeared in the episode "Viral". When her division is recalled, she returns to Fort Marshall to await her next combat deployment. He served under COL Frank Sherwood when the latter was a company and later brigade commander and as an assistant to then-LTC Joan Burton for some time and is highly regarded by both of them. In Season 1 she has just returned from a deployment and her PTSD causes a breakdown between her and Roland. She has difficulty dealing with Chase's commitments to Delta Force and the secrecy of his deployments.

He was assigned as her Field Training Officer during her six-month probationary term and was also her evaluator. Claudia Joy Holden (portrayed by Kim Delaney) was the wife of Lieutenant-General Michael Holden. Roxy considered telling Trevor but Pamela stopped her, stating that Army wives are bound by an unspoken code to protect one another. The children are close to their father and his frequent and often abrupt deployments frustrated them.

Much to Roxy's dismay, Marda and Trevor were already on friendly terms by the end of her short stay. For example, at a dinner party for senior officers the night after Jeremy attempted suicide, she intentionally brought up the subject, much to Frank and Denise's embarrassment. After being discharged during the time frame between the conclusion of Season 5 and the beginning of Season 6 he takes up a management position in San Jose, California. As such, he is the lone "Army husband" among the main characters, which include four Army wives. She runs the Youth Activities Center at Fort Marshall and befriends David Burton. Gloria struggled to adapt to life as an Army wife and at Fort Marshall and it concerned Hector. Joan is a native of the projects of South Side, Chicago. After much persuasion from Nicole, Mrs. Galassini agrees to attend the ceremony and she is seen at Nicole's Bronze Star presentation ceremony. She is an enigmatic figure to the other Army wives, especially Claudia Joy Holden, whose husband replaced BG Baker as garrison commander. [11] He met SPC Tanya Gabriel, a nurse/medic, at the aid station when he brought in SPC Giron who had dislocated a shoulder playing football during down time. Officer Clayton Boone (portrayed by Lee Tergesen) is a colleague of Pamela Moran at the fictional Columbia County Metro Police. He was an enlisted man and worked his way up the ranks before attending OCS and gaining a commission. They were initially based at Fort Hope but due to massive damage from Hurricane Nina and minimal damage to Fort Marshall, her husband's division is relocated to Fort Marshall in the first few episodes of Season 6. In season 6 he took the news of his father's PCS to Fort Lewis badly as it meant that he would be missing his school science fair. Six years ago, MG Kevin Clarke was with the 173rd Airborne Brigade based in Italy while MG Whitaker was attached to the V Corps, the 173rd's parent formation. She and her sister Emmalin are best friends with Jeremy Sherwood as their families have known each other for many years.

Due to the hurricane and structural damage to Fort Hope, the 32nd instead moves south to Fort Marshall and he and Denise remain at Fort Marshall. In Season 7 they begin to reconcile. She is manipulative and has her own agenda, frequently doing things behind Claudia Joy Holden's back during FRG activities and doing things to sabotage Claudia Joy's credibility. When Pamela angrily retorted to Marilyn to "do us all a favor and get a divorce", Marilyn confided to her that she was extremely unhappy with her marriage but lacked the courage or resources to get a divorce. Towards the end of the season the couple reconcile and drop divorce proceedings. The elder of two girls, she was born when her father was deployed in Kuwait during the Gulf War, suggesting that her birth date is between August and December 1990. Captain Nicole Galassini (portrayed by Kellie Martin) is an Army intelligence officer assigned to the 32nd Airborne Division. He is HIV-Positive. She was assigned to COL Frank Sherwood's brigade as an intelligence analyst for the Narubu mission as her area of expertise was Africa and rescued 2LT Trevor LeBlanc's platoon from a potentially catastrophic hostage situation through negotiation. Frank had hoped he would take up the offer at West Point but Jeremy refused and it created tension between father and son. In later seasons he began working with veterans suffering from PTSD and depression at a private clinic off post. After seeing that Viola's new improvements were effective, Roxy apologizes and asks her to come back to help. In the beginning of Season 6 her apartment is so severely damaged by the hurricane that it had to be condemned and their possessions are too damaged and ruined. Holden is surprised by her decision but also admires it.

Between 2013 and 2014, he played the recurring role of Young Marcel on the TV series The Originals.

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