I'm sure I've read somewhere that heli crashes spawn and despawn every 30 minutes, so, maybe when the crash first appears, the smoke is white or light gray, after 15 mins dark gray and then as it approaches 30 minutes, gets increasingly darker until it is black and then stops entirely, indicating despawn. Press J to jump to the feed. Get back in your car and continue the loop, still looking all around you. 1.1k. distance radius is how far an event can spawn from another of the same type.

Its showing what appears to coordinates and either a -1 at the end or nothing.

Just so I can test it, nominal is still 3, and I changed the coordinates for them to spawn at. from the site, carry it with me, dump it off further away, and come back to the crash-site in hopes something else would be generated there?

and what I might be missing in order to fix this issue. This may apply to the bleed over effect as well since military locations could have military loot in non military buildings. cleanup, how far someone needs to be away for it to clean up the stuff inside?

It might not hurt to change the radius values back to default as well.

from the site, carry it with me, dump it off further away, and come back to the crash-site in hopes something else would be generated there? Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). The locations of the crash …

... helicopter crash sites change every four hours - respawn somewhere else.. Ugh.

(Loot will despawn with helicopter despawn.) Thank-you! so i turned around to check that first one and it was also one.. actually that was good experience and atleast i know they are (probably) respawning all at once, but i guess they didn't spawned with new exp build huh so we could know the timer edit after 5-10minutes: lol and now i found another heli.. too bad loot sucks, not sure if this not not respawned,or i'm just unlucky with loot or somebody already looted it :D, sorry for bad english, greetings from Czech o7.

Link to post Share on other sites. When event life timer ran out it despawned.

Some loot is specific to helicopter crash sites, and cannot respawn in other civilian or military locations.

I had a server going for a while and for performance reasons, I had it set for scheduled restart every 2 hours. was that just smoke granade or something?

Got lucky and came across a chopper crash site. A little immersion breaking but better than having to wait 12 hours. All we did was change the nominal to 50 so 1 in 2 sites spawn we didn't have much luck trying to cherry pick the sites.

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