This is a high-risk but necessary move to take, and some pawns may need to be sacrificed. If you want the insect trap to automatically kill insects, put an IED incendiary trap inside the room, next to the flammables. If you have good shooters that are fast (moving >140%), you can easily kite the faster animals. The preferred sidearm of ISA Shadow Marshals, the M66 has a very high rate of fire but not much accuracy unless fired from a crouched position. To surround them, attack from all sides. Some can explode upon death for devastating results. They tend not to use cover when doing so, so you can catch them by surprise. Miniguns, while effective at shredding the tightly packed enemies behind the chokepoint, are generally not recommended due to the collateral damage to the walls. This can be used to negate the range advantage of enemies. Constantly outrun them while staying within their attention range, if not the enemy will engage other targets instead. This requires you be already allied with some factions, so that they will send help of meaningful value; otherwise they may just send a few people who will quickly get downed and serve no purpose other than distraction. Short range weapon with small mag. If the defoliator ship part lands on the opposite side of your base at a map border, it is possible to leave it there, as they will also react to incoming raids and you may as well solve two problems at once. The insects will rush for the exit of the burn room in a panic when they realize what is happening to them, and will quickly attempt to dig out to escape, so make sure the exit door is made of rock which is durable and nonflammable. EMP mortar blasts are able to stun a large number of mechanoids caught in its blast. Pirates or Outlanders can come with all-melee charges, with most enemies wearing shield belts. Once someone receives an injury, everybody will wake up, so be sure to have everything in place. Class: Rocket Launchers This is extremely hard to treat, especially if you're low on colonists. This continued somewhat in Insect Armageddon with only about 100 of the 300+ weapons unlocked by weapon drop. Upon waking up, they will put forward their futile efforts in controlling the raging sea of fire around them, eventually giving up and attacking. Previously in 1.0, you can lure the mechanoids simply by triggering at range. Despite their high resistance against sharp damage, shooting them is generally the best option. Remember to take into account the animals' food needs; grazing animals work best for this reason. You need to lure the insects out, then defeat them to buy time for others to enter and destroy the hives. Though it has troublesome recoil in the long range, but its manageable if you can fire in bursts – it will also increase its accuracy. Ranged mechanoids have a long attack range (at least 27 tiles), making them troublesome to deal with. If you've accidentally left a hive or two behind or totally ignored an infestation, after a few seasons you will have a giant hive community sprawling. Close quarters are not the best suited situations when equipped with this gun so keep yourself in medium to long range combat. The mortar camp will generally have 2 mortars and sandbags as cover. One good thing is that their large size makes them much easier to hit. The StA-3 is an LMG with a sizeable ammo drum and a tremendous fire rate. Faster, more well-protected colonists can be used to lead enemies into traps or ambushes. There is a large variety of assault rifles, some with a very high rate of fire and low damage, and others that slowly do massive damage. Sights: Holographic Reflex Sight If there are unopened ancient shrines you can open them, which may contain artifacts, mechanoids, confused spacers, all useful against raiders, or none of the above. You will need sufficient mid-long range firepower to take down tribal archers from a distance, for getting close to them in order to fire your guns is pretty much suicide. Alternatively, fill it with spike traps to weaken them before they strike your base, giving you the advantage. You may even stand a chance against massive infestations if for some reason fire isn't viable, but don't get cocky.

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