His performance in the period drama ‘White Deer Plain’ in 2017 garnered rave reviews. He will also appear in 'Ran Qing Da Di' and ‘Graduation Season’, which are currently in production. 1, 36, 40), Which drama from the above user's 'Last List Updates' would you pick? This wave of operations is that there are two people in the situation? The. There are shows for that too! Is there a situation? Have you noticed? I need meditation… no a pill… no a massage… just please, give me ANYTHING to calm my nerves after watching ALL 63 episodes of Ashes of Love. He is the recipient of the Video Star Award 2016 in the category of 'Influential Young Actor of the Year' and won the 'Most Promising Actor' award at the ‘14th Esquire Man At His Best Awards’ in 2017.

Deng also earned appreciation for his performance. Yep. In 2017, Deng performed in the popular drama ‘Because of You’, based on a Korean drama named ‘Jang Bo-ri is Here!’ The series became very popular and was rated number 1 throughout its run.

Gao Yuanyuan: We should use the best condition to meet, Guo Biting“s postpartum recent photos are in good condition, and Xiang Zuoquan is smiling in her arms, Zhou Dongyu was criticized for having powder on his face for sun photos Netizen: After all, he has entered middle age, Leya Saidu cool short hair styling Dengfeng casual style portrait elegant and straightforward, Tong Liya drank red wine to wish her friend a happy birthday, Dong Xuan posed as filming, Male idol and girl were photographed holding hands in “94, Stop drinking widow sister“s bath water? His popularity continued to rise with the romance series ‘Ode to Joy’, a 2016 television series based on a novel of the same title by A’nai. The Top 25 Wrestling Announcers Of All Time, Famous Role Models You Would Like To Meet, 21st Century Film & Theater Personalities. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/deng-lun-35401.php He made his acting debut in the 2013 television drama “Flowers in Fog.” He has since appeared in a number of popular television dramas, including “Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds” (2016), “Because of Meeting You” (2017), “Sweet Dreams” (2018) and “Ashes of Love” (2018). The. Deng Lun appears on the cover of Sons and Daughters of China’s 18th issue in 2020, wearing Polo Ralph Lauren series, going further on the road of public welfare and transmitting youth power. Recently, some netizens have discovered that the avatars and backgrounds of Deng Lun and Li Qin’s studio Weibo are very uniform in style and color, and they are full of lovers. Deng Lun was born on October 21, 1992, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China. In 2018, Deng will be seen in a number of dramas like 'The Gods', 'Hai Tang's Rouge Shines Through in the Rain', 'Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost', and 'Sweet Dreams'. 1905 film news Recently, some netizens discovered that the avatars and backgrounds of Deng Lun and Li Qin’s studio Weibo, both in style and tone, are very uniform and full of lovers.

DRAMA. Deng Lun Li Qin“s studio avatar looks like a couple style, attracting cooperation speculation | Luju Bar, A good dad after a divorce!

Season 5 Lunar New Year Special. Sometimes, don’t you just need to get away, relax, chill, avoid anything stressful… BUT WAIT! I’ve Fallen Down a Show Hole and Can’t Get Out!

Deng Lun Li Qin“s studio avatar looks like a couple style, attracting cooperation speculation. Ashes of Love – An Exercise in Anxiety (Part 1). 1905 film news Recently, some netizens discovered that the avatars and backgrounds of Deng Lun and Li Qin’s studio Weibo, both in style and tone, are very uniform and full of lovers. At present, Deng is playing the main role in the Chinese drama 'Graduation Season', which is currently under production. Netizens are hotly discussing on the hot search! The following year, he did two dramas, ‘Dai Jia Lao Ba’, and ‘Ai Qing Shang Shang Qian’. The background pictures are all half-faced portraits, one with eyes down and the other with eyes closed. Please don’t tell anyone and my family… well, they are horrified. To quote the Urban Dictionary, a Show Hole is “that empty feeling that wraps around your soul because you don’t know now what do with your life” after binge-watching a series to the bitter end. Deng Lun started his acting career in 2013 with the Chinese television drama ‘Flowers in Fog’. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/deng-lun-35401.php, Top NBA Players With No Championship Rings, Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup.

Abzzski presents the upcoming Chinese Dramas to be released this Fall! Gao Yunxiang shows up with his daughter at Dong Xuan restaurant, Why do you have less filming when you become a mother? Previously, Li Qin had revealed in an interview that his ideal husband constellation is Libra, and Deng Lun, who just celebrated his 28th birthday on October 21, happens to be Libra. He graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Fans welfare:Deng lun Yang zi studio comes out at the same time good news,the same couples lines. The number of awards he has won so far is a proof of his acting talent.

Durant changes goals to have dinner with Adele, 71-year-old Japanese voice actor Yinhe Wanzhang diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, Nicholas Tse“s 13-year-old son looks like his father and refuses to hold hands when shopping with Cecilia Cheung, Gao Yuanyuan revealed the reason for the lack of filming in recent years: to meet in the best state. Soon, he got noticed and the viewers admired his performance. Deng Lun, English name Allen Deng, is a Chinese actor. Deng Lun is a promising Chinese actor who gained popularity with his strong performance in the critically acclaimed period drama 'White Deer Plain'. 76k Followers, 0 Following, 29 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 邓伦 (@denglun_) The background pictures are all half-faced portraits, one with eyes down and the other with eyes closed. Producer Chiung Yao selected him personally to star in her series. Female singer and bartender Flower“s chants, Stunning Shuangjiao Diversity Plot Introduction (1-40 episodes) finale, Stunning Shuangjiao Episode 3-4 Plot Introduction, Stunning Shuangjiao Episode 5-6 Plot Introduction, Stunning Shuangjiao Episode 7-8 Plot Introduction, Stunning Shuangjiao episode 9-10 plot introduction, Stunning Shuangjiao episode 11-12 plot introduction, Stunning Shuangjiao Episode 13-14 Plot Introduction, Stunning Shuangjiao Episode 15-16 Plot Introduction, Stunning Shuangjiao episode 17-18 plot introduction, Stunning Shuangjiao Episode 19-20 Plot Introduction.

His performance in the 2016 television drama ‘Promise of Migratory Birds’ was much praised. In the same year, he starred in ‘Magic Star’. China has been slowing remaking all the popular old idol Taiwanese Drama. Soon after, Deng Lun’s work studio posted a short reminder online, asking fans to stop “pairing Deng Lun up” with other celebrities. Lin Junjie never lifted his bangs and was suspected of wearing a wig, Confession is denied face?

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