The order the rank items are unlocked in is top-downwards, meaning you will unlock the Novice Goggles before the Novice Helmet, and so on. TABOR: Sam Tabor Gaming Jersey: WARCHILD: War Child Jersey* WARCHILD: War Child Shorts* *SPOOPY gives both the Skeleton Jersey and Pants with one code redemption; also, the items are classified as Uncommon instead of Limited.

The Action Henk masks are of characters from RageSquid's first game, and initially existed in the game files as Limited rarity (but unattainable) items. Log In Sign Up. Each of the three teams, Kinetic, Enemy, and Arboreal, have their own sets of skins. Sam Tabor Gaming Spray Tee. The Gold Horn used to be simply called Horn and was red. The channel is awesome because you are all awesome! 97M+ views. However, they cannot be obtained during a run., Browse the list of mods and/or download a mod, Ride to the candy bar grave in the hub and press F to pay respects, Complete the Highlands boss jump for the first time, Complete the Forest boss jump for the first time, Complete the Canyon boss jump for the first time, Complete the Peaks boss jump for the first time, Placed high enough in a Community Challenge*/Played the game on April Fool's Day 2020, Participated in the October 2017 Test Sessions (beta)*, Won the One Shot Community Challenge (circa October 2018), Won the Haybale Challenge* (circa May 2020), Participated in a Discord challenge won by Team Kinetic, and had a winning entry*, Submitted a Replay in the September 2018 Replay competition*. These items were previously obtained by playing the game during the War Child Sporting Champions event. I upload 1-2 times a week, so keep your eyes peeled ;) Don't forget to subscribe! In this version of the game, there is all new gear and graphics kits to choose from, over 60 professional riders, more than 80 licensed motocross companies for authenticity, and a comprehensive tutorial section with tips for newcomers from the pros!SUBSCRIBE - TWITTER - I have said it many times but thank you for everything everyone of you does for the channel! Sam Tabor Gaming 2,538,245 views. You wouldn't miss out on anything then!

This continues until either an item is gained, or there is no more item in the lowest rarity left to unlock. These items were most likely a test for rear wheel-mounted accessories. Page generated in 157.5758457184 milliseconds, THE MOST DANGEROUS CAR OBSTACLE COURSE! The following items were designed by winners of the Descenders Mod of the Year 2019 competition. There are 4 skin rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Extraordinary. (Descenders), The Smartest Criminal Of All Time. These items are PC-only and were obtained if you had more than the specified amount of Rep at any point before May 15, 2018 (even if you lost Rep and dropped below the values required). The following is a list of items in the game, separated by rarity and unlock method.

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