There is no one that can tell you otherwise. Prodigy A2 is very popular for this shot as well, but I have no experience with the disc. I'm looking an overstable apporch disc and i was going to buy Harp but then i run in the Zone and i'm confused which one ia better. Do you notice any other takeaways from the chart? Not by much. 16. You see Ricky parking the basket with a harp, you buy a harp. So which one is better? The Zone was suddenly a harder commodity to purchase. DD Suspect is similar to a straighter Zone/Harp at high speeds but thrown at low speeds behaves similarly. MVP / Axiom always get a huge surge on Black Friday, with everybody buying new limited edition stamps and discounted discs. The Envy has always been a consistent seller; it is a go-to disc in most MVP/Axiom bags. Envy vs. DD Suspect is similar to a straighter Zone/Harp at high speeds but thrown at low speeds behaves similarly. It has sold well for years, and when Covid-19 hit, it took a rise in sales (along with every other disc golf disc). Disc golfers are sheep. This article shows that impact on the Zone and Pig. Get it in soft and it will be the most overstable. That’s it! The pig gets more usage, but the harp having the glide it does comes in handy once in awhile. We would get them in stock and they would sell out the next day. 400 is not as overstable and skips a little more. Zone is slightly better in my experience. Zone and Harp are comparable. Having said that, I bagged a harp for three months, and shelved it the first time I threw a zone. I bag a harp and a pig. I’ve just purchased a Vapour Tactic which I’m hoping will be more similar to the Zone in profile, but with plastic more like the Harp. Harp. It just feels so great to me when I throw it and it … Wish DD hadn’t discontinued it. Disc War Thursday: Team Zone vs Team Harp. Let us know in the comments below! The Pig stayed silent for years… barely making the sales charts until the summer of 2019. Your email address will not be published. Zone is shallower, Harp is deeper. The answer is Ricky Wysocki. Stability is about the same, but the Jawbreaker Zone is def less overstable than any Harp or Zone in a different plastic. Haven't tried the others. You do you! Let’s see how it all panned out: The Envy (yellow line) started off strong, with a big surge during 2017’s Black Friday sale. This is a very overstable putter that is good for headwinds, strategic fades, forehand throws, flick putts, and slamming into chains at just the right angle. Close. The Harp (blue line) was a staple in many peoples’ bags for years.

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