FINANCE With this method of right hand drive conversions, the steering box and all steering linkages remain unaltered.

Upper Coomera – Gold Coast Consequently, we have long been involved in all facets of the automotive industry. the chain, input and output shafts, bearings and steering column connections, must be designed to withstand a minimum torque of 200 Nm.

Thanks to features like available chrome mirrors, door handles and chrome-clad wheels. All our right hand drive vehicle conversions are “full conversions”. This method of conversion, generally, is not recommended for vehicles required to comply with ADR 69/.. – Full Frontal Impact Occupant protection and/or ADR 73/.. – Offset Frontal Impact Occupant protection. – Beware of Competitors

– Shelby Detailed craftsmanship can be seen all around in features like the upgraded interior with a soft-touch instrument panel and door trim.

This also needs to give consideration to the fact that the lower section of the steering column has been disconnected from the upper portion. This is the preferred method of right hand drive conversion. Trey: 0408 060 561. FACSIMILE 02 6274 7714.

In particular the right hand steering box has been completely re-manufactured.

STEERING CONVERSIONS FOR LEFT HAND DRIVE VEHICLES – Right hand drive conversions. In particular the right hand steering box has been completely re-manufactured. Being protected on the way to work is just as important as job site safety.

Helped us to evolve into the great business we are today. Electronic Range Select allows the driver to manually limit the highest available transmission gear. Peter : Catherine : Office : American Car Company - Gold Coast, Australia, TuffBuilt Stainless Steel Nudge Bar for Dodge Ram, Stage 2 Performance Pack - Chevrolet & GMC, Moulded Floor Mats / Liners for Dodge Ram, Stage 3 Performance Pack - Ford F250 & F350, Wind Deflector Silverado / Sierra - 4 pce set. (By the way, the sheik didn't end up with a … As you know I purchased a Dodge Ram from another company four years ago. These trucks impress with more than just towing and payload. This method of modification is generally inferior to other methods and as a result is not recommended. Office: 07 5665 7546 From used car outlets, to vehicle restoration and importing classic Mustang vehicles.

It can also reduce transmission shift changes and “gear hunting.” The Tow / Haul switch is located in the center stack of the instrument panel. The drive chain shall be at least a duplex chain. WARRANTY This is so you can configure a power train that meets your needs.

GM TRUCK – Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra, Ford F250 Super Duty – Platinum and Tremor.

In particular the Dodge Ram 1500 / Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra & Denali / Ford F Series Trucks and the Toyota Tundra.

The chain drive and sprockets must be fully enclosed. BRANDS The cross shaft gearboxes must be securely mounted to substantial mounting brackets to correctly align with steering column and cross shafts. Input and output shafts of the unit are to be provided with a suitable means of connection to the respective shafts. As a result, Pitman arm length and arc of travel should be similar; Taper for attachment of the drag link ball joint also must match. > Click for Directions. Details of the steering wheel/column mounting compared to the original configuration. The exciting all new RAPTOR . Cross shafts must be articulated at both ends by means of universal joints or fail‑safe flexible couplings. Suitable reinforcing tubes must be fitted through the chassis rail at each mounting point to prevent the retaining bolts crushing the box section. – Toyota With this method of right hand drive conversion, the steering box and all steering linkages remain unaltered. As well as a tall, aerodynamic louvered hood to accommodate the available legendary 6.7L Cummins® Turbo Diesel engine.

American Car Company has been founded on the long history of our families past involvement in the Automotive Industry.

– Frequently Asked Questions The details below are copied from the “Dept of Infrastructure”  Australian Government website. Today, 28 years later, American Car Company specialises in the sales of right hand drive American pick-up trucks.

To contact our sales team. – Legal. Consequently, we have long been involved in all facets of the automotive industry. All components i.e. DODGE CHARGER IS AMERICA’S ONLY FOUR-DOOR MUSCLE CAR. – Paint Protection

– GMC As well as instrumentation, including silver badging.

– About Us

SERVICE PARTS This makes interior cleanup quick and easy after a day on the job.

Our cars are converted with tremendous attention to detail. Further, an an assessment of their performance compared to the original configuration. Its protection does not diminish with time or wear. We believe in integrity and great customer service, offering the best quality vehicles that money can buy…. When selecting a substitute steering box, the following guidelines should be observed: The steering box must be correctly located to replicate the original orientation of the steering box input shaft to the steering column and the pitman arm to the drag link. – Chevrolet That is where the first right hand drive vehicle conversions for us started. ABOUT

History that extends to owning motor vehicle dealerships going back to 1947. History that extends to owning motor vehicle dealerships going back to 1947.

Unit 20, 3 Dalton Street

Ford F-150 Range; Ford Super Duty F-250; Ford Super Duty F-350; Ford Super Duty F-450; Ram. – Legal. American Car Company were extremely obliging right through to the point of delivery and beyond. AB, Newcastle, NSW, I purchased a Shelby Super Snake from American Car Company three years ago and have had no problems whatsoever with the right hand drive conversion. – Dodge Protection

That was almost 30 years ago. Unit 20, 3 Dalton Street


The workhorse 6.7L Cummins® Turbo Diesel engine has been a job site staple for years, and for a good reason.

Parking Assistance Dodge Ram Heavy Duty trucks offer many available comforts and conveniences.

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