Finally, the onboard soft-touch user interface is IP65-rated and certified as weatherproof. These abilities do come with a cost as the CFX3 line comes with premium pricing. Prepare serving plate(s) with a bed of spinach, layer with couscous and cauliflower.

We highly recommend the Dometic PLB40 lithium battery and Dometic PS120A portable solar panel. Dometic’s CFX3 line comes in six sizes, each equally well designed and suited to a variety of travel needs.

Whether controlling it via the app or color display, the CFX3 features temperature settings down to -7° Fahrenheit, suitable for keeping your filets deep-frozen. CFX3 35 (36L, 37.26 pounds, 50 cans) CFX3 45 (46L, 41.23 pounds, 67 cans) CFX3 55IM (53L, 46.97 pounds, 83 cans) ... For our review, we got our hands on Dometic's CFX3 45 to … These three models now also feature the same lid gasket as the dual zone models, which ensures low power consumption!

The electronics on the Dometic CFX3 range have received a Sterling and I would return to Bisbee and put in a couple days of work at the motel. Required fields are marked *. Support us! Dometic equips the CFX3 line of coolers with high-end conveniences that contrasted their ruggedness. Gathering the ingredients for my appetizer spread, I reached into the CFX3 for olives and feta. The CFX3 line represents the pinnacle of design by a company with a proven track record of producing reliable and efficient 12V thermoelectric coolers.

We were appreciating the sweet simplicity of a well-fed night and perfect mountain air. To those who haven't been here, Arizona might seem like a vast swath of sand and saguaro, but this junction of Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts is truly unique. He has done some stellar interior upgrades to the original build over the years and taking it on One-Tank Adventures and multi-week trips is a regular practice for us. And the internal temperatures held steady in the widespread temperatures of Baja: direct and blazing sun, misty and windy cold, and everything in between. The most significant new feature presented, which also happens to be an industry first, was the ability to make ice. The new Dometic CFX3 controls have us impressed! Knead thoroughly and let marinate until dinner time. We get out regularly for a couple weeks at a time, but frequently we ae sharing our little corner of the world with the wonderful travelers that truly appreciate it.

The CFX3 55IM model has a rapid-freeze plate that formed ice in a few hours in included silicone ice trays. Users can also rest easy knowing this data is stored and can easily be accessed in the unlikely event something does happen to their fridge. The performance, efficiency, and durability was proven during our Baja trip and left me with no doubts that this is the cooler I wanted in my van. The Dometic CFX3 35 Coolbox from the brand Dometic is on sale from the retailer Camping World with the unique product code 25926826907.

The new XOS frame is a lightweight thermoformed plastic shell for protection and is combined with structural insulation for tough outdoor conditions. The lengthwise-hinged lid and clean, straight lines of the fridge’s interior give it a much roomier feel than what its 36-liter capacity suggests (that’s the equivalent of 50 12-ounce cans, for those of you on a liquid diet). This global leader in RV products has just released a new portable fridge freezer range that has the entire industry talking. Whether on extended epic journeys or slipping away for fly-by-night nano adventures, we travel because that’s what makes us come alive. — anywhere your wheels can roll. Okay, drumroll please…. including AC, DC and solar. This app allows users to remotely adjust the temperature of the fridge and track energy consumption – so you don’t have to leave your camping chair (unless you want a beer).

This improves the temperature consistency of the fridge, cools the compartment faster and optimises the internal fridge space. Read more of his musings at An ExoFrame with protected edges defended against impacts while aluminum-alloy handles kept all CFX coolers bound and intact while bouncing down washboard and stone-laden doubletrack. I live in mile-high Bisbee, Arizona.

One of the secrets to eating great on the trail is prepping your food ahead of time. This CFX3 35 is the perfect size for our weekend escape and is a welcome upgrade from a cooler full of melting ice. It has an extra-comfy custom bed, hand-built kitchen, solar galore, and ample storage.

Finish with salt, pepper, and cayenne to taste. Dometic’s proprietary variable motor speed optimization (VMSO3) compressors never faltered regardless of boulder-strewn terrain or constant dust and sand. It is almost old enough to qualify for vintage plates and runs like a champ. I loaded up the van with food, drinks, and supplies. I fully believe that everything tastes better when you’re camping, but the cauliflower curry I had planned holds its own indoors or out. And what’s new about this range? You’ll need at minimum, a 40 Ah battery and a 120W solar panel.

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