At present, she is breeding the tiny males to standard outcross females to broaden the gene pool.

by selective breeding, and where the cats are a consistently

Print.) (In general, a signed and notarized statement from the examining veterinarian containing his professional opinion that the Cat is unhealthy, including his description of his diagnosis is required to support claims of serious health issues. This article is dedicated to clarifying the all too popular “Teacup phrase”, which has almost became an Internet. In 2004, Toybobs were imported to the United States by an American Burmese breeder, Mila Denny of Sacredspirit cattery, and four years later, the cats entered Experimental status within The International Cat Association (TICA) under the general name, Toybob. discovery of this genetic mutation has caused popularity of the The second breeding of the same pair resulted in some kittens having missing limbs in addition to the tail mutation as well as stillbirths. Beware of online Pet Scammers! Where the cats consistently produce normal-size offspring, it is most likely because the small stature is due to non-hereditary causes such as environmental effects or a birth defect. The Munchkin's short legs are due to dominant gene achondroplasia (or, more likely, one of the mimic conditions pseudochondroplasia or hypochondroplasia) which stunts the growth of the long bones and causes them to bow slightly; they are therefore normal-sized cats with short legs. Prices – Our kittens are priced on three contributing factors: 1.)

Adorable colors with beautiful eyes. animal, take caution, as most primordial dwarf cats are born with

Dd x Dd = DD, Dd and dd (DD are normal size, Dd are normal size but carrying a recessive gene, dd are dwarf)

Miniature cats do not "always stay kittens".

There are subtle differences between them, but They were part of a litter of five, and the remaining three grew at the normal rate. Look at pictures of Munchkin kittens who need a home. Are they real? By her accounts, this cat looked very much like a Traditional Siamese cat, except for its shortened tail. In the wild, dwarf cats may be at a disadvantage when competing against larger, more robust, cats for food or mates so the trait might not get passed along. Documentation: Thorough testing and analysis of this mutation by veterinarians and feline geneticists over the past seven years indicate that these Cats appear healthy and normal in every way except for size. MODERN DWARF BREEDS.

dd x dd = dd (all normal size) Let us take your advertising woes off your hands or add us as another avenue for advertising your cattery. In 1993, I encountered shortened forelegs in a Mexican stray cat imported into Britain by a couple who took pity on his deformity. with an adult Teacup cat standing no taller than 5-6 " at the shoulder while a Toy is up to 8" at the shoulder. Pet Assure powers DVM Network, a brand built to support our participating veterinary professionals and help them grow their practice.

When you buy your Ragdoll kitten from us you can count on us for many years to come for support and know that we are available to you seven days a week and almost every day of the year.

Purchaser understands that the Breeder has carefully evaluated this Cat with respect to its ultimate anticipated mature size based on her experience in the past seven years of working with the gene and tracking the growth rates of Cats produced by this line, but there is no guarantee with respect to size. Through a selective breeding program begun in the mid 1980's, a breeder from Staten Island, New York, USA progressively "down-sized" Persians and Himalayans to consistently produce genetically smaller versions. In other cases, the miniature stature is not always apparent from birth - normal size kittens may grow into full size cats or may grow at a reduced rate and become miniature adults. Genuine miniature cats come from breeding lines where the size "mini" or "teacup" to differentiate them from the short-legged Some unscrupulous breeders (and remember for many breeders their Several were treated with the Levaxin (a drug used to treat congenital Hypothyroidism) and showed increased growth and activity, but died before 6 months old despite treatment. She was also solidly built and hefty for her size. MiniPaws Tea Cup and Miniature Persians and Exotics, developed by My Tea Purdys Cattery carry both pseudochondroplasia/hypochondroplasia and primordial-type dwarfism; they are proportionately small except for their shortened legs.

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