[31] Another step towards preserving this species is the separation of human activities from woodrat habitats to reduce human disturbance and secondary effects such as the presence of raccoons. Eastern Woodrat Recovery Plan i EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Eastern woodrats (Neotoma floridana) occur throughout much of the southeastern and south-central United States. Lowland hardwood forests in western Tennessee, or crevices and caves on rocky, limestone bluffs and brushpiles near forest edges in eastern Tennessee.

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[6] They’re also in some western locations and Piedmont areas of Maryland. Woodrats try to avoid predators by being mostly active at night and hiding in their large dens during daylight. Snakes, salamanders, mice, and quail have all been found in stomachs of Woodrats. Article title. They are recently found in Florida around willow trees. State status designations may not be accurate since there is little research done where woodrats are presumed to be common. Fun Facts: [20], Decomposition of food stores appears to be a constant challenge. [21], Although eastern woodrats are herbivores, evidence suggests that the species will take meat if given the opportunity. [1][11], Where eastern woodrats have declined, a variety of possible causes has been identified. Florida and Georgia) can reproduce all year, while eastern wood rats in higher latitudes (e.g. They can also sometimes reproduce in their first year, as they reach sexual maturity before males. Gale Publishers, Farmington Hills, Michigan. [25], The continued spread of raccoons may increase the likelihood of lethal infection of woodrats with the raccoon roundworm. [12], The species does not hibernate, even in the northern extremes of its range. Its range extends from the latitude of southeastern New York south to the Gulf of Mexico.

Woodrats seem to exhibit physiological adaptions that allow them to consume food inhabited by fungi. Description: A medium-sized rodent with long, thick fur, prominent ears, large eyes, very long, distinct whiskers, and a furry, bicolored tail that is less than half the total length of the body. Based on the historical records, it appears that extremely cold winters can cause a dramatic decline in populations. [2] Energy and perishability influence the woodrat’s diet and caching. [11], The species has been reintroduced in several areas including Pine Hills, Union County and some sites in Missouri. [5], The nest can be constructed from a variety of different materials, such as sticks and branches, rocks, dry dung, tin cans, and glass shards, and lined dry grass, crushed barked, or bird feathers, and even rotting wood, acorn fragments, and loose soil. The overall population has been decreasing since 1982. Landscape (Schneider et al 2011). Knowles, T.W. [10] Reintroduction areas need to be checked for adequate food supplies, shelter resources and absence of raccoon roundworm. [3] Subspecies are thought to be descended from one species living along the Appalachian Plateau, which subsequently spread out through the Coastal Plain. •Woodrats are commonly referred to as "pack rats" from their habit of collecting shiny objects such as bottle caps, coins, nails, and keys and carrying them back to their nests. Each 'house' contains up to 2 nests, but usually only one woodrat will be found in each home. [6], Individuals are known to stay in one location for their entire lives, with multiple generations inhabiting the same nest. Weight: 6.0 - 12.0 ounces. Acorns are a major food source for all woodrat populations, as oak trees are found throughout its range and acorns can be stored for a long time. They also have long whiskers, large naked ears and prominent eyes that allow for nocturnal activity. Once the eggs hatch, the botfly larvae penetrate the skin and lodge in the woodrat’s neck, chest, and abdomen until pupation. [5][6] Houses are efficient shelters from temperature fluctuations and rain. [27] Seed dispersal by caching and transporting seeds into dens has a great impact on the spread and maintenance of forest ecosystems, and woodrat fecal matter increases soil fertility. Females are solely responsible for the young. Diet: The eastern woodrat likes the ability to cover and get away from predators quickly.

They feed on almost any kind of plant material including leaves, roots and tubers, wood, bark, stems, and seeds. [23], The breeding season of eastern wood rats depends on the climate. The color of the fur on the back is grayish-brown mixed with some black, while the throat, feet, and underside are white.

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The young wean for 3–4 weeks and become independent after 70–90 days. Two subspecies occur in Tennessee, Eastern Woodrat (N. f. illinoensis) and Southern Appalachian Woodrat (N. f. haematoreia). 3. p.221. One field study in Kansas tracked 27 individuals, of which 6 survived to adulthood and only 3 lived long enough to reproduce. The value of food when consumed should equal or exceed the cost of gathering and storage. [citation needed], Raccoons may carry raccoon roundworms, an intestinal parasite.

2008. Hutchins, M. 2002. Additionally, 2 documented Eastern Woodrat introductions (Brown andWilliams 1971, McCleery et al. [18] Although caches do not serve as the sole source of winter food, caches examined yielded as much as 1 imperial bushel (36 l) of plant material. Best places to see in Tennessee: [11] One to six young are born in each litter, and the female may become pregnant again after a week.

In 1912 and 1918, severe winters reduced the Illinois eastern woodrat populations. [2] Eastern Woodrats eat about 5% of their body weight in dry mass each day.

The Eastern Woodrat primarily occurs in forested areas, but also uses caves and rocky outcrops. They are gray-brown to bright cinnamon-orange with black tipped hairs and have a cream belly and feet. Breeding information: [28] The eastern woodrat does not have any economic value. [11], Eastern woodrats are a common prey item for many predators. [6], Pups are born with closed eyes, limited amount of hair and immediately attached to the teat. As recently as the early 1900s, woodrats were found at numerous sites in Jackson, Union, Suitable habitats in the Coastal Plains of South Carolina are not protected at all.

Eight subspecies of the eastern woodrat are currently recognized: N. f. illinoensis, N. f. floridana (the nominate), N. f. smalli, N. f. baileyi, N. f. pennsylvanica, N. f. attwateri, N. f. osagensis, and N. f. rubida. [32], {{cite iucn}}: error: |doi= / |page= mismatch (.

While widespread and not uncommon, it has declined or disappeared in several areas. •Brown Rat has a more elongated snout, smaller eyes, and nearly naked tail. The Southern Appalachian Woodrat occurs in the southeastern part of the state, while the Eastern Woodrat occurs in the western part of the state generally.

Eruptions of the gypsy moth in the basin of the Lower Mississippi River in 1964 and 1965 resulted in poor acorn and chestnut crops and subsequently in increased mortality in eastern woodrats in the area.

Fungi can increase nutritional value of some foods by making nutrients within food more accessible by breaking down complex carbohydrates, which woodrats may exploit.

The eastern woodrat's habitat ranges latitudinally from central Florida to southeastern New York, and longitudinally from Connecticut to eastern Colorado. [16] In Texas, pecan nuts are a major food source; in Tennessee, mint and beechnuts were found to be the most cached item; in Pennsylvania, mushrooms were one of the top food items. The WoodRat WR900 The WoodRat is a unique router control system that harnesses the power of your router to make virtually any woodworking joint. Their gestation period is around 35 days and females can mate immediately after giving birth. However, woodrats will cache carrion if given the chance.

2 0 obj Similar Species: The Southern Appalachian Woodrat is found in forests, and it occurs on talus slopes. The shape depends on the location and may be pyramidal, conical, or domed (if sufficient structural support is present). While some range maps depict N. floridana in southern South Dakota, recent inventories have failed to locate N. f. baileyi in SD (Graham et al.

[30], While woodrats forage on many different food items, they are they are largely depended on cached acorns and nuts during winter. Tail: 5.0 - 8.0 inches They are primarily vegetarians eating herbs, grasses, seeds, nuts, fruits, and most parts of a tree (buds, leaves, roots, stems, and bark). Of these, the Key Largo woodrat (N. f. smalli) is classified as Endangered by the IUCN. Females and males fight when they come across each other. [1][15] While the eastern woodrat's nest is typically found on the ground, it is a capable climber and may forage above ground. Those in warmer climates (e.g. and J.R. Burger. [25], Eastern woodrat nests provide homes for a number of other species including, but not limited to, other rodents, insects, reptiles, and frogs. The primary cause for this decline in the South-Eastern United States has been habitat due to human development of the Coastal Plains. [2], Eastern woodrats are aggressive towards conspecifics.

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