I'm lost. I honestly don’t think you can be a “casual” glass fly rodder. I would agree with you when it comes to medium streams and up. The rods live up to their name, as they are painted dark yellow, and they'll add flavor to any outing. I've casted both rods a decent amount, and I've fished the echo a couple times. Built using T-Glass construction on our Heritage Taper, the BUTTER STICK is a slow action glass rod that will delicately present a fly even in … I would say as a general rule echo makes better products than redington, so anything that is priced similarly I would give the edge to echo. I've fished the butter stick, nothing wrong with it, and only messed around with the glass in a shop. I've only used graphite, but I'm very optimistic on glass. The more accurately you place your fly, the more and larger fish you’re going to catch... Redington's fiberglass offering is a joy for small-stream angling, Review: Redington Butter Stick fly rod (2019), Redington Breaks from the Norm with Three New Rod Families.

if they were any longer it would be to flimsy to throw the fly line. First, I love the 70s-themed, cream-colored blank with Redington’s self-described “retro cosmetics.” Its appearance conjured up old episodes of Schoolhouse Rock, disco balls and bell-bottomed jeans. Cordura is a phenomenal mid-priced alternative to aluminum and keeps the Butter Stick safe during transportation and travel. Are you helping other anglers? There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. 1 color available. Related: redington butter stick 5wt fiberglass fly rod fly rod redington zero redington butterstick redington fly rod orvis superfine echo river glass redington butter stick … Had my local shop order me a butter stick with a zero. The butterstick is amazing and casts much better in my opinion. The Hollow Fleye Squid is a phenomenal pattern for Stripers keyed in on schooling Squid at night and during the day. The North Country’s grayling aren’t slouches. Disc, conical, or other gnarly modern drag systems are great in many situations, but you don't need that stopping power on a 3-wt glass rod. That little implement isn’t too far out of reach, and, frankly, it’s not nearly as pricey as you might think. Also bomb proof. Honestly, if you’re a devoted graphite angler, the Butter Stick will feel a bit foreign in your hands. 2 colors available. fiberglass rods can be shorter since they are a much slower action which makes them more flexible at a shorter length, compared to a graphite rod. Such is the case with Redington’s new Butter Stick. Press J to jump to the feed. Cordura Rod Tube - The Butter Stick comes in a fully protected Cordura rod tube with dividers for easy storage. The cork reel seat pays homage to glass rods of old and helps keep overall rod weight low. The Butter Stick is no slouch, and if you get your hands on one with one (you know what to do with that gift card, my friend), you won’t be disappointed. Redington Butter Stick ($250) Action: Slow Weights: 2 to 5 ... see the Echo Glass or pricier Orvis Superfine. It gives a trout a bit more heft … a bit more … honor. It falls extremely short on long distance (>20') accuracy compared to other's I've casted. Titanium Oxide Stripping Guides - Titanium oxide stripping guides allow fly line to shoot through the Butter Stick effortlessly and efficiently. If you "want to have a sleek rod to use drys on with precision. Thoughts on weight and size? You still need a rod that is an all around tool. $750.00 . They fly from the water when they know they’re hooked. Redington’s T-Glass construction and the rod’s retro color scheme make the Butter Stick as much a work of art as it is a fishing tool. My go to rod right now is the 8' 6wt. The Butter Stick II is new and improved and keeps the traditional feel of fiberglass without sacrificing the benefits of contemporary innovation.

thkfish Fishing Rod Guide Repair Kit Spinning Rod Guides Ceramics Stainless Steel C... Aventik IM12 Nano 2 in1 Fly Fishing rods 9'2'' LW3/4 4pc into 10’6” LW3/4; 9’ 5/6 4... Moonshine Rod Co. Your intuition is correct, it's a big drop. I likened it to slipping on a comfortable pair of old sneakers—familiar and dependable. Given its above-mentioned “goosey” nature, it’s not as forgiving as graphite. Yeah, you asked for a tight little backcountry rod — a supple, glass number that’s almost as intuitive as you are when it comes time to read a little hidden stream somewhere well off the pavement. I bought mine over the summer from stillwater fly shops website, it was $220 and came with free line. With a mend or two, I got good drifts over truly big grayling with the usual attractor dries (think Royal Coachman, Stimulator and the like), and when fish came calling, a slower-than-graphite hook set did the trick. I have an Echo glass, and it's pretty nice. Well it seems like you already have a 5 weight so you probably don't need another one.

If you’re looking for your next small stream fiberglass rod the Butter Stick is one of the best in Words: Chad Shmukler. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. The fit and finish on the rod was good, but I did notic that if you use the alignment dots between the different sections of the rod the eyes wont be perfectly aligned. These guides are small to accommodate freshwater specific fly lines and durable to stand up to weathering and wear. The Butter Stick’s bend starts just above the cork grip, and for grayling pushing 20 inches, it really bends. I would argue that it’s much more reactive—glass takes its cue from you.

I like the blue halo but it's a bit more than I wanted to spend, they won't have the specific color I want in stock till mid April, and I'm really looking for a 7 footer. Orvis Superfine Glass. Can't speak to the rod, but I bought a CGR #4 recently, and just got a Battenkill Bar Stock II for it. When I casted either I had an Orvis Batrenkill I with their hydros superfine line (underlined with 2wt line) to make the glass a little faster than usual. Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2020. $249.99 . Modern glass is mostly unidirectional, but still doesn't recovery nearly as quickly as similarly priced graphite rods. i have 6'6" 4 weight cheapo eagle claw glass rod (the featherlight) and it throws a dry fly 25' easily. The new Butter Stick is a throwback rod when it comes to both appearance and performance. The trip’s main attraction were Russell Lake’s trophy pike, but grayling were on the menu in the river. My first impression is that the case seems bomb proof. Butterstick all the way. The T-Glass construction gives the blank of the Butter Stick superb short-range accuracy and a dynamic full flex rod profile. Steve vs. Steve: Montana hunters and anglers weigh in on the Daines vs. Bullock Senate race, Living the Dream: 2011 in Black and White, 5 great small-stream fisheries for your Yellowstone road trip, The dark side of social media influencers, Anglers everywhere need to stand up for restored protections to America's rivers and streams, Review: Thomas & Thomas Contact II fly rod, Book Review: The Classic Sporting Art of Bob White, The future of the Republican party can't be rolling back regulations to own the libs, Redington's new i.D. But it’s a commitment. I'm biased toward echo though because they are a smaller company and their customer support has always been great.

Tune in as Jared provides step-by-step instructions to tie this productive wet fly. Accuracy is bolstered by rods with less side to side motion (more unidirectional material) and quicker recovery. Great review and fabulous price on that Butter Stick! Just sayin’. Great for casting dries.

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