<> They were given land for reserves and given the right to hunt and fish on the land they used to own unless the land was sold or occupied.

During the Feb. 7 … 8 0 obj One of the selling points of the treaty was that a medicine chest would be kept at the home of the Indian agent for use by the people. [13] The smoking of the pipe was conducted at the negotiations of Treaty 6 to symbolize that this treaty would be honoured forever by both the Indigenous peoples and the Crown. Public Board Meeting Agenda 2015-2016: #6 Date: November 24, 2015 Time: 4:00 p.m. endobj The idea of giving the Indigenous peoples an education was an attempt to help them become more successful in terms of communication with the settlers. Lieutenant Governor Alexander Morris advised the government in 1872 to negotiate a treaty with the Indigenous peoples in the North-West.

The Crown, recognizing the right of Natives as possessors of the land because of occupancy and possession, wanted access to the land to open it to European Settlers (farmers, businessman, and missionaries). Key figures, representing the Crown, involved in the negotiations were Alexander Morris, Lieutenant Governor of the North-West Territories; James McKay, The Minister of Agriculture for Manitoba; and W.J. The treaty signings began on 18 August 1876 and ran until 9 September 1876. Treaty 6 is the sixth of the numbered treaties that were signed by the Canadian Crown and various First Nations between 1871 and 1877. ^�լ�YE ~�X6�d�+�} OoP�{������̔���V��ςg`�M�-���0m���I�S�,,ۢd�,�f���q}?��V�&����&�ewN31�~°�_S�7���,:�,�Ģ;�H��Mv��k6�1u ���@7A]U�� ��/�c����O8�0v)Bu��Pf�`�Y��\�tm���4�'���m�ypdw�¶i�¼�նcw�)��j�^X'oЩ�s�_o#�D��@؛�$��:�Q �)ٶ��T�����4���M�{{�ĩ�ͤ"��� ��f:�$�H��2/�!#IG�8:�0���!h&>�4:u�B��(�"J]�,N*�F��$w5:X�u�d�3� u�X�r�����\�t.�����Yc?��8��ѽ3�No�$�R(&>Yc�+�5+3����S�����u�C��]�� ;6t�z�{��Y � ^��y&�#�V��@�^��y0'�j�|V�V-�����q����2Z�n���n=Li�җ�$�kĎ�g���,�j ��=�k�zJ2�7�}) �F���[��j����C)�������l;L����A��K¸~ꏃ�ʦJ$�+;��� �|Ɯ�I�#�S��/��ӫo�P��v�(��(�=ӑ}Ę1�o]�D�W��N\�5����W�+�%��92��4�c��.��Q~a���ws���ˊT1 *Gv��y��%k����%���M�Dl�� It is believed that the truth must only be told when the pipe is in attendance. 4 0 obj

Alexander Morris and his team arrived at Fort Carlton on 15 August, and met with the chiefs of the Carlton Cree, Mistawasis and Ahtukukoop. A maximum of four chiefs and other officers per band would receive $15 each and a salary of $25 per year plus one horse, one harness, and one wagon[18] or two carts. • Treaty 6 Acknowledgment – Ms. Mills- The ‘Treaty 6 Acknowledgement’ can be found HERE • Grade 5’s Fieldtrip today • Grade 2A Fieldtrip today • SAC Meeting tonight 6:00 pm in the staff room : Thursday - 12 • Drama Club morning recess • Basketball in the gym morning recess • Ms. Wandyka at training session pm 10 0 obj Another of the selling points was the guarantee of assistance for famine or pestilence relief. Due to the contrast of beliefs between the Indigenous and the Crown, the Crown did not see this ceremony as significant as the Indigenous people did. Call to Order 1.1 Board Chair Bergstra called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. [13], The government used the Robinson Treaties as an outline for Treaty 6 and all the numbered treaties. Edmonton Catholic Schools provides quality education surrounded by the love and faith of Jesus Christ. It was also an attempt to help the Indigenous community understand how the Europeans lived, and to use their ways of living to help the Indigenous population thrive.

<> 4. However, despite the Robinson Treaties serving as an outline, the Indigenous peoples of Treaty 6 negotiated additional terms into their treaty which the government did not intend to include.[5].

By 1873, thousands had caught the disease, hundreds, in eastern cities, such as Boston and New York and it had spread into Canada. 5 0 obj

Provisions in the Treaty recognize the notion of the medicine chest as well as the right to education. Red Deer College – We [I] would like to begin by acknowledging that the land on which we gather is located in the meeting place of Treaty 7 and Treaty 6 regions. Committee Updates a.

Morris was joined by W.J. [20] It is also the Indigenous way to signal the completion of an agreement between parties to guarantee each other's words. Edmonton is within Treaty 6 territory and has the second largest Aboriginal population of any municipality in Canada.

13 0 obj Because of emigration, smallpox had been introduced to America over the centuries. The Royal Alberta College acknowledges that we are on the traditional land of Treaty 6 and home of Métis Nation of Alberta Zone 4. [24], Alexander Morris emphasized that the Queen had sent him as she wanted peace within Canada, and for all her children to be happy and well taken care of.

Courses in our schools are taught using the Gospel values of dignity and respect to ensure the best possible learning environment for each child.

2 0 obj Treaty No.

They believed the Queen, as a woman, was not taking away their land but only sharing it. 6 between Her Majesty the Queen and the Plain and Wood Cree Indians and Other Tribes of Indians at Fort Carlton, Fort Pitt, and Battle River with Adhesions, Portal:Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, The Canadian Crown and Aboriginal peoples, "Copy of Treaty No. x��X�N�H}G��ёH�nw�"�H\G3ZfFC�}�}0q�xI��N����[U�[gh�ı��u9u���������k�C���������6�H�"H���4T"�'�ӓPd��P(I�8��>������w���rz��ZӋ�b���� �X�/Ӷ�iڞ�۽`����"�6nDY.RǍ��1��Up_t/d3��>#K������K�_��|oH�EW��.�:cq3i�����:#I��#��_3vଡ଼�يl�ݒ^�/ց������X�ĵX6�>��B������v�_7wW {����q�L�4"�Ft��D�QI�x�X^�NΘ���W

The epidemic spread to the northern plains tribes, killing many of the Cree who had no immunity to this new disease. This belief is implemented into Indigenous people's political roles which is the reason why women do not negotiate as the land is seen as the women's, therefore if women do not negotiate then the land can never fully be surrendered. Religious practices are just as important to the Indigenous people as the serious discussions and decisions made. endobj

In particular, the Assembly of First Nations considers the funding of the Non-Insured Health Benefits program as one aspect of this responsibility.[27]. In addition, the Indigenous peoples asked to be able to change the location of their settlement before the land was surveyed, ability to take resources from Crown lands such as timber, cooking stoves, medicine, a hand mill, access to bridges, and in the event of war the ability to refuse to serve.[15]. [3], On 6 July 2012, the City of Edmonton, represented by Mayor Stephen Mandel signed a partnership agreement with the Confederacy. College, commit to restoring and honouring the Truth and Reconciliation calls The negotiators of the Crown did not realize that this ceremony was of sacred importance to the Indigenous population which made their words and agreements mean much more to the Indigenous peoples than it did to the negotiators and the Crown. <> The Indigenous peoples also received a $1500 grant every year to spend on ammunition and twine in order to make fish nets. [ 10 0 R] �@w�b�q]��)f_�o��E��5�jA3֞8F�a�m��1�]n�����>KL�촧Mݬ��1X�_�#��]\��Ҕ�z�)�]�~(2l��t;�:�y�㌙g�K(��`׀݋��bB�����~��#�.Q��|s����vLj���rC,�u7S��Դ%5����po��a���W}����](���u�& >d*�˻������ This misunderstanding has led to disagreements between the Indigenous peoples and the government over the different interpretations of the treaty terms.[2]. <> Treaty 6 is still active today, and a Treaty 6 Recognition Day has been celebrated in Edmonton each August since 2013 to remember the signing in 1876. Treaty 6 - When in Edmonton and area: [22] The Indigenous peoples claim they accepted Treaty 6 because they were informed that the Crown did not want to buy their land, but instead borrow it. In addition, the government promised to open schools for Indigenous children. [2] Indigenous peoples thought the treaty would adapt due to the changing conditions such as the amount of currency, the drastic change in health services, and the more efficient agricultural tools which have been invented or modified to better suit the conditions of farming. NOTE: See Resources (below) for additional examples of treaty territory and traditional lands acknowledgements and guidance regarding the composition of appropriate acknowledgements – AHS source – and to view maps of Alberta’s and Canada’s numbered treaties and other information. [21] Although there were three interpreters presents at the negotiations for Treaty 6, two from the Crown and one from the Indigenous peoples, direct translation of words between English and Cree was not possible. [18] These were all included in Treaty 6 in hopes that the Indigenous peoples would use these tools to create a living for themselves. The federal government offered education if the Indigenous peoples should desire it, but it was not mandatory. Bison was the cultural symbol of these tribes—providing food, clothing and shelter. endobj Specifically, Treaty 6 is an agreement between the Crown and the Plains and Woods Cree, Assiniboine, and other band governments at Fort Carlton and Fort Pitt.

The First Nations understanding is radically different from the British version; due to the nature of oral histories, translations (for example there is no concept of "land ownership" or "cede", which follows from the concept of land ownership, in the Cree language), and British customs, there continues to be a controversy as to possible different understanding of the terms as they were used at the time of the Treaty signings, creating no consensus ad idem, and subsequently leading to an invalid contract. Specifically, Treaty 6 is an agreement between the Crown and the Plains and Woods Cree, Assiniboine, and other band governments at Fort Carlton and Fort Pitt. This statement was discussed with the Reconciliation Committee, Mayor and Council, Indigenous organizations and public at large both in person and through an online survey. [10] The government was uninterested in negotiating a treaty with the Indigenous peoples at the time, but as a result, the Cree stopped letting surveyors onto their territory and stopped telegraph workers from creating a line from Winnipeg to Edmonton. The pipe ceremony in the Indigenous community is something of sacred significance.

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