Here are some great ideas for cool pet names for dogs with style. And though the world of superheroes is mega right now, there is another world that has had some insane fads too. The Dark Tower, Russian sciencist famous for his work inventor, J.R.R. A human can be called a beast. When it comes to naming your puppy you have massive list of cool boy dog names that you can choose from. Policemen have badges to prove that they are the police. RIP, stands for, “Rest in Peace.”  It can also mean to tear something. 13th Warrior, Irish Terrier in the movie Firehouse I don’t currently have a dog, but I am looking to buy a pug. My gray and white cat weighs 12 lbs. Remington… My chocolate lab. Kylie:  A Kylie is an ancient throw stick. President Truman’s Secret Service Code name was also General. His name is Ziggy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, 100 ADORABLE NAMES IF YOU HAVE A WHITE DOG, nine pet-naming techniques to find the perfect fit, 120 Distinguished Southern-Inspired Dog Names, 110 French Pet Names Because Everything Sounds Better In French, What's In A Nom? if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { industrial vehicles, Dog-like character in Stephen King's _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); Flare. If non of those took your fancy, then a great trick is to simply write down a short list of things that you find cool. The last one is the military leader that lived over 2000 years ago. 9 yr black is Sophie and just an easy going eager to please girl. Taz:  Taz is a WB cartoon character. Rock:  Rock has two meanings and both work for a tough name. I have 3 dogs who gives me so much pleasure, kizzi was the first a Yorkie X Pom 1yr in May, foxy type colour, the second Libbie a champagne and apricot cockerpoo, so pretty and loving 1yr in July,I now have a sable cockerpoo, piper 12 weeks, very persistent and determined, all beautiful girls and different personalities. Also, this name is linked to going rogue. The most important thing to remember when naming your dog is that it only really matters how you feel about the name. Jaws was the name of an unstoppable bad guy. These tough dog names are only the beginning! I wanted Piper but then my niece had a baby girl and named her Pyper! %privacy_policy%. Or even the names of awesome female characters. If you saw some interesting tough pup names above, then be sure to check out their meanings. When you’re good, then good thing happen. Phoenix:   This name is based on the X-Men character. This happens when a person acts like an animal. medals for bravery, Hero of "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott It can be great fun to use either the title or a cool character as inspiration. Elexis:  This names meaning is “Defender of mankind.”, Elma:  This is the girl form of the Italian name, Elmo.
Strangely enough he knew his name the day at 8 weeks when we picked him up. We decided to change it since he was only a few months old. Brut Ghost is also the name of a Dire wolf on Game of Thrones. SEARCH. with dogs, Roman city destroyed by a volcano Back in the day he was crazy. tegan is a doofle, suppose to be goldendoodle but looks just like a golden, ah, the imperfect gene In this super set of cool names for dogs we’ll check out the best of them. Another good name would be Sombra, shadow, especially if they follow you every where. & Mindy, Title Character from the Charles Names of Dogs in Movies Quiz. Falcon:  Falcons are birds of prey. Hannibal: There are three Hannibals that make this a bad-ass name. If you want to check out lots more dog names that are totally cool, click this link! Morse – my 3year old Fox Red & Sherlock – my 2year old Black Lab; love them both ❤️. My fox terrier mix is named Rizzo. One is Hannible Smith from the A-Team. Jericho was my female black lab I had for 13 years! Although I want be naming my pup Die Hard any time soon, there might be something in the handle ‘Hans Gruber’…. Deacon:   A Deacon is an ordained minister. Milo my black lab. Zelma:  This cool name has the meaning of, “Divine helmet.”  Can you hear yourself screaming this from the backyard? If you need more ideas, we have plenty! Raiden:  Raiden is a name from Japan. Then why not check out our other awesome dog names lists here.

In the Gaelic language, this name means, “Warrior.”, Kerta:  This is an ancient name that means, “Warrior.”. Donovan:  This Irish name means, “Dark Warrior.”  It can be used for a girl or a boy. Two is Hannibal Lector from the film Silence of the Lambs. Quest, Thaddeus Lowe, Civil War scientist and Annie, Norwegian Elkhound of President Hades:  Hades was the Greek God of the underworld.

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