He briefly considers it but turns her down, saying that the situation was "too weird". Kramer and Elaine are very occasionally seen to flirt with one another, like calling one another "darling" or "my love". Save big on a full year of investigations, ideas, and insights. In "The Abstinence", George becomes smarter while not having sex, but Elaine gets dumber.

In "The Dog", she tells George she moved to New York in 1986, which, by coincidence, is the year Jerry moved into his apartment across the hall from Kramer. Looking for something to watch? Ultimately, as they are about to part ways, she finally agrees to give him another chance "to save the friendship". Their only conflict is in "The Seven" over a girl's bicycle where Newman is the judge over the dispute. "It's the greatest act of identity theft on television and I take total credit for it.". Her dislike of smoking also leads to an argument with a fortune-teller in "The Suicide". Born in England on Sept. 11, 1934, Mr. Abercrombie began his career as a dancer and made his American stage debut in a production of “Stalag 17.”. In "The Wink", her cousin Holly repeatedly mentions a "Grandma Memma" who apparently shared a mutual dislike with Elaine's side of the family. Terms of Service apply. She is a breathtakingly poor dancer. Elaine Marie Benes is a fictional character on Seinfeld, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. https://seinfeld.fandom.com/wiki/Elaine_Benes?oldid=28873, Refuses to remove her Baltimore Orioles cap while sitting in, Laughs uncontrollably during a piano recital when Jerry puts a Tweety Bird Pez dispenser on her leg. George tells her she has "shiksa-appeal", the attraction of Gentile women to Jewish men ("Jewish men love the idea of meeting a woman that's not like their mother"). whenever she hears good news. Susie was then pawned off by Elaine as a different person so that complaints against Elaine appeared to be against this (nonexistent) employee Susie. She tells him she is not of his Jewish faith. They get back together in "The Opposite", but he dumps her for stopping to buy Jujyfruits after hearing he was in a car crash. — -- John O’Hurley played one of the most memorable secondary characters on the hit series "Seinfeld" and won legions of fans with his portrayal of Elaine’s inane boss J. Peterman. Elaine is also attracted to men with lucrative jobs, especially doctors. Morty Seinfeld | August 25, 2016. In "The Maid", Elaine has a phone repairman in her apartment to change the apartment's phone number (in response to receiving numerous attempted faxes meant for Kramer).

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