Both the successful Henschel proposal and the Porsche design used the same Krupp-designed turret—the Henschel design had its turret more-or-less centrally located on its hull, while the Porsche design placed the turret much closer to the front of the superstructure. ... We will safely and efficiently restore your tower or tank. In January to April 1944, Ferdinands received modifications and upgrades.

Rimini n. 233980, Via Piane, 25/A – 47853 Coriano – Rimini (RN) The next day it was on its way to Italy. The Ds value was originally calculated with reference to Ninety-one units were built in 1943 under the name Ferdinand, after its designer Ferdinand Porsche, using tank hulls produced for the Tiger I tank design abandoned in favour of a Henschel design. The South African "Olifant" became a further evolution of the original British Cold War-era Centurion Main Battle Tank (MBT). Throughout the summer of 1944, the company withdrew to the north, reaching the city of Piadena on August 2 where it was loaded on railcars and sent to Vienna for repairs. Several vehicles suffered overheated engines while trying to negotiate the extremely muddy conditions.

Murphy is working with the Brotherhood of Tankers to piece together a complete history of the tank because some inaccuracies have been shared over the years. I have read and understood the privacy policy and consent to the processing of data.

The repair shops suffered from a chronic lack of spare parts. Porsche GmbH had manufactured about 100 chassis for their unsuccessful proposal for the Tiger tank, the "Porsche Tiger", in the Nibelungenwerk factory in Sankt Valentin, Austria.

As a late response, three of the remaining hulls were converted into a recovery vehicle known as the Bergepanzer Ferdinand. This "petrol-electrical" drive delivered 0.11 km/l off road and 0.15 km/l on road at a maximum speed of 10 km/h off road and 30 km/h on road. Ten Ferdinands were part of the force sent north while the rest of Regiment 656 remained heavily engaged in combat in the Ponyri area. The engines were extremely loud and could reportedly be heard up to five miles away. CHENNAI: The eco-restoration of Chitlapakkam tank has been delayed as civic authorities are unable to identify an alternative site for dumping garbage generated by the town panchayat.

Unfortunately, the number of combat-ready vehicles on any day was in the single digits. Due to the Allied landing in Anzio-Nettuno, Italy, the first eleven complete and updated Ferdinands were issued to the 1st company of 653rd Heavy Tank Destroyer Battalion (German: schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung, sPzJgrAbt) and were deployed at the end of February 1944. [1] This impressive average ratio was due to its extreme firepower and protection, which gave it an enormous advantage when used in head-on combat or a static defensive role. It had a much longer barrel than the L/56 guns, which gave it a higher muzzle velocity. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. Restoration of water tanks and towers.

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Two more machines were abandoned due to unrepairable mechanical damage. “I love it,” Jim Delancy, commander of the Andrew B. Mygatt VFW Post 1672, said at the ceremony. These improvements gave the 88 mm L/71 significantly improved armor penetration ability over the earlier 88 mm. Despite the regiment having achieved all of its objectives—shattering the Red Army’s first line of defense and critically weakening its second—only 12 Ferdinands remained operational at the end of the day. The 69-ton vehicles also proved too heavy for Italy’s roads and bridges. The tank is located in Ukraine and can be transported to DE on request.

A similar gun was used in the lightly armored Hornisse (later known as Nashorn) tank destroyer, built at the same time. Within four days nearly half of the vehicles were out of service, mostly due to technical problems and mine damage. On Kursk’s Northern Front the Soviets continue to hammer at the exhausted left flank of the German Ninth Army from the direction of Maloarchangelsk. For survival in battle, the 100mm hull front armor was doubled by the addition of a 100mm bolted-on plate, making the Ferdinand practically impenetrable.

Operation Citadel began at 3:40 am on July 5. Combat losses to enemy action were very low as the very thick armor protected the Ferdinand from almost all Soviet antitank weaponry. Although the Elefant modifications improved the vehicles, some problems could never be fully fixed. Id like to get it back in shape and put some new reproduction decals on … Members travel around the country to locate and research the history of all tanks, and lend assistance to towns for restoration work. Hatch installations, or any exterior or interior repairs. p. 104. The group also restores tanks. The Red Army has not only withstood Hitler’s Operation Citadel to eliminate the Kursk salient, but it has launched its own offensive.

Hauptman Rolf Henning’s kampfgruppe stands in the path of this counterattack. The calm was shattered on July 13 as part of the continuing Soviet offensive against Army Group Center. Although it lost the competition to the 8.8 cm Flak 41 and never became an anti-aircraft weapon, it was turned into the very successful Pak 43 anti-tank gun. The gun was mounted in a simple, casemate-style box structure, with slightly sloped sides, on top of this chassis. The units were deployed at a company level, sometimes sub-divided into platoons, with infantry or tanks in accompaniment to protect the flanks and rear of the vehicles. Production began at the Nibelungenwerke plant on February 16, 1943.

On the attack, this Jagdpanzer was a first-strike vehicle; while in defence, they often comprised a mobile reserve used to blunt enemy tank assaults[9]. There are sprockets at both ends of the vehicle. With the main gun now firmly placed toward the rear of the chassis, the engines were relocated into the middle of the vehicle. Officially named the Ferdinand on February 6, 1943, the vehicle required a crew of six.

For the animal, see.

The design called for the driving compartment to be placed in the front, the fighting compartment in the middle, and two engines in the rear.

Designated as heavy tank destroyer battalions, they were numbered 653 and 654.

The units were deployed at a company level, sometimes sub-divided into platoons, with infantry or tanks in accompaniment to protect the flanks and rear of the vehicles. Murphy first heard from Howie Hammer, who operates an auto body shop in town. Apocryphal reports say that Soviet infantry, quickly recognizing this flaw, could easily hide in their trenches until the Ferdinand advanced through their lines, then swarm the vehicle with grenades and Molotov cocktails from the sides. After penetrating enemy lines, Regiment 654 would switch its support to the 292nd Infantry Division, also of the XLI Panzer Corps. The battlefront remained relatively quiet in May, which allowed the Germans to conduct repairs. Most Elefant losses were not as a direct result from combat, but resulted when mechanical breakdowns and lack of spare parts compelled their crews to destroy and abandon them. NEW MILFORD — It took a matter of days for the historic Army tank on the Village Green to be restored to new glory.

1976 Honda CB360T Custom. Although it lost the competition to the 8.8 cm Flak 41 and never became an anti-aircraft weapon, it was turned into the very successful Pak 43 anti-tank gun. The Germans ultimately fitted the Ferdinands with new tracks, engines, and other parts, but they made no design improvements despite a long list sent by Regiment 656. Our equipment is up to par to tackle the worst jobs. Suspension for the "slack track" equipped Elefant consisted of six twin bogies (three per side) with longitudinal torsion bars, without any overlapping wheels or return rollers. Suspension for the "slack track" equipped Ferdinand consisted of six twin bogies (three per side) with longitudinal torsion bars, without any overlapping wheels or return rollers. The vehicle’s commander, gunner, and two loaders were situated in the fighting compartment. Positioned on the far left wing, the Ferdinand’s combat debut was about to take place in Operation Citadel. The arrangement of the two engines, fuel tanks, generator, and drive motors in such a confined space, though, frequently resulted in overheating from an inadequate air supply to the carburetors. Porsche AG had manufactured about one hundred chassis for their proposal of the Tiger tank, the unsuccessful "Porsche Tiger", in the Nibelungenwerk factory in Sankt Valentin, Austria. A Ferdinand required five heavy tractors to tow them, whereas the Tiger I required three. During the Battle of Kursk, the 653rd Heavy Tank Destroyer Battalion (German: schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung, sPzJägAbt) claimed to have knocked out 320 enemy tanks, for the loss of 13 Ferdinands.

Assigned to Kampfgruppe Ritter, the unit fought near Zossen on April 22. Henning was personally responsible for 10 of the kills, while Leutnant Hermann Feldheim tallied 11 more. In 1944 the Elefants served on the Italian front but were rendered rather ineffective, as their weight of nearly 70 tonnes did not allow them to use most Italian roads and bridges. With Andrew Pifko, Yuri Desyatnik, Roy Robertson. Before combat began, six Ferdinands had to be withdrawn for repairs. The engines drove a single Siemens-Schuckert 500 kVA generator each, which powered two Siemens 230 kW (312.7 PS) individual-output electric motors, one each connected to each of the rear sprockets. The Ferdinand/Elefant may have been the most successful mass produced German tank destroyer employed during the war in kills per loss, reaching an average claimed ratio of approximately 10:1. [9] During the Battle of Kursk, sPzJgrAbt 653 claimed to have knocked out 320 enemy tanks, for the loss of 13 Ferdinands. Add-on armor of 100 mm was bolted to the front plates, increasing the plate's thickness to 200 mm and adding another 5 tons of weight. Honda CL125 Tank Restoration. The Stuart M3A1 tank, which arrived in town in 1947, was sandblasted down to metal and received two layers each of primer and ultraviolet, no-fade paint. (2006– ).

This precise long-range weapon was intended to destroy enemy tanks before they came within their own range of effective fire. The extreme weight of the Ferdinand made towing difficult: the standard armored recovery vehicle in German service at the time was the Bergepanzer IV, a variant of the Panzer IV that could tow a single Panzer IV without assistance. In addition, the Ferdinand was hampered by flaws such as the lack of peripheral vision blocks, or a machine gun as secondary defensive armament. Among those who contributed to the tank restoration project were: Howie; Murphy; Bass; Hammer; Alfredo Esposito, chairman of the New Milford Parks & Recreation Commission; Parks & Recreation Director Dan Calhoun; Jack Healy and Mike Boucher of New Milford Department of Public Works; Peter Efthimiatos, of PTG Media Blasting and Surface Restoration Service; Roy Waterhouse; Frankie Cameron; Kevin Ford; Ken Gills; Matthew Johnson; Patrick Lillis; Jeff Kozo; Lisa and Rick Agee of Goatboy Soaps; Paul Hilario of Hilario’s Recovery Service; Donna and Andy Kozo of JBM Carting; Peter Mirkhani, Northeast Tent Productions; New Milford Youth Agency Director Jason O’Connor; and Boy Scout Troops 31, 58 and 432. An order was issued in October 1942 for the conversion of 90 hulls into the new tank destroyer.

Since the competing Henschel Tiger design was chosen for production, the Porsche chassis were no longer required for the Tiger tank project. One company of Elefants saw action during the Soviets' January 1945 Vistula-Oder offensive in Poland, and the very last surviving vehicles were in combat at Zossen during the Battle of Berlin.

Time has been fairly kind to my 84 TT600, except for the gas tank. The other two companies fielded Jagdtigers. A month later Company 614 was situated at Wunsdorf south of Berlin with its four Elefants ready once again for combat. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?

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