Comfortable: This electric scooter excels in comfort, and this is evident through the 10-inch wide deck, fantastic suspension system, and convenient placement of the controls. Need some help? The Cruiser is the only scooterout there that has stood the test of time. I used my phone’s GPS to track my ride, which had the side benefit of showing me that the EMove Cruiser’s own odometer and tripmeter read about 10% higher than they should. You can send him tips at, Video: Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta avoids road debris, 254 mph electric motorcycle sets 11 new world records, Here's what Tesla Giga Nevada is supposed to look like, Ford CEO: Mach-E is first true competitor with Tesla, You’re reading Electrek— experts who break news about. So I stuck with my GPS-verified data for the rest of the ride. Can I buy fast charger from other companies and use it with EMOVE Cruiser? The high-quality aluminum frame is quite sturdy for starters, delivering a durable cruiser that will easily stand up to the rugged conditions. The specs and eapecially the waterproofing are a total game changer for me. Anyway, is the 2019 the newest model or will a 2020 be coming out soon? Emove Cruiser is a premium electric scooter offered by Voro Motors. The long-range can also be attributed to the EMOVE Cruiser controller that is tuned to be very energy-conserving, making the battery … At 1.5 kWh, it has more than 3x the standard electric bicycle battery and over 5x the standard electric scooter battery. Give those nerds some props from me......thanks again. Imagine using the scooter almost every day and not have to charge the scooter every day. We listened to each feedback and refined the EMOVE Cruiser over time. The way that our battery is built allows the longevity of the battery. The EMove Cruiser’s lights were actually quite bright and useful since I started riding before the sun came up. Rider’s weight, riding conditions, riding speed are variable factors that will affect the range of a single charge. Speed varies from rider's weight and riding conditions. Yes, there is a seat available, here is the link to the seat: It takes about 6 to 9 business days to ship to Canada.Hope this is helpful! The EMove Cruiser from Voro Motors is a beast of an electric scooter, offering full-suspension and a powerful 1.6 kW peak-rated motor. If you own a Cruiser, you are guaranteed that if there is an update in the future, you will be a part of it. The EMOVE Cruiser is the most complete electric scooter ever built. There is a reason why so many riders are saying the Cruiser is faster and stronger than advertised. The large battery will also last for many more years. {"email":"Email address invalid","url":"Website address invalid","required":"Required field missing"}, How to Protect Your Electric Scooter From Theft, 5 Best Electric Scooters In 2020 [Reviews & Guide], 5 Most Powerful Adults Electric Scooters In 2020, Are Electric Scooters Legal On Sidewalks Or Street. There are plenty of options out there, but why go with the Cruiser? That’s normal for electric scooters and e-bikes, as speed (when not software-limited) is voltage-dependent and can drop as the battery voltage drops during riding. Do you ship to other countries other than the United States? The EMove Cruiser has over 100 battery cells. CA 90021. Real statistics: Out of the previous 3000 riders of our old version EMOVE Cruiser riders (the old EMOVE Cruiser has inner tubes), more than 50% came back in the first month buying inner tubes. There are mudguards at the front to prevent water from splashing, furthermore, the deck is sealed with waterproofing gels, so puddles are fine. Despite the scooter’s suspension, my feet were getting pretty sore – though I shudder to think what an hour and a half straight on a non-suspension scooter would feel like. EMOVE Cruiser can’t be rechecked or resealed for water resistance. Paint kit will be released for public purchase soon.Do stay tuned to our social media pages for updates. Does the EMove Cruiser comes with an option for attaching trolley wheels? The battery on the Emove Cruiser is a typical lithium-ion type, which on average have 500-1000+ charge cycles. This foldable adult high-speed kick scooter is available in 3 colours: Black, White, Orange. I don’t recommend anyone try scooting this long. The large capacity of the battery also means the battery doesn’t have to work as hard. Unlike smaller scooters that need to be charged after every ride to avoid inducing range-anxiety in their riders, the EMove Cruiser can likely go a week or more of daily riding without needing a top off. As low as $84/mth for EMOVE Cruiser. So to make this a real test, I set out with a full battery and rode in the highest power mode, which is how most people ride the scooter every day. Try it!Call us at 323-709-7329, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm PST. The EMove Cruiser is one of the best scooters of our time, and it's certainly one of the best scooters under $1500. Imagine using your phone for an entire week without charging. When in use, it’s sturdy and not rickety at all. If your commute is 5 to 15 miles a day, and you rather not charge the scooter after every usage, this is the scooter for you. Out of that 30, 20 of them only bought it for emergencies. (Applicable within US Only). There are plenty of options out there, but why go with the Cruiser? Join Our TribeSign Up Today And Be The First To Get Notified About The Latest FromElectrical Rides World! The Cruiser is the only scooter, out there that has stood the test of time. Here is the link to it: have both outer and innner tubes.Hope this helps. As I mentioned, everything about my test was representative of actual real-world riding. The EMove Cruiser from Voro Motors is a beast of an electric scooter, offering full-suspension and a powerful 1.6 kW peak-rated motor. However, the long-range is not only ideal for the long-range commuters; users practicing short range commutes should ride for several weeks on a single charge without recharging. Ships out in 1 business day. VORO will eat the increased 25% tariffs by not increasing the price. At that point, I decided to call it. After all, it’s aptly named a “cruiser” and not a racer. It means that charging can be done infrequently. Not having a feeling of topping on the sides. For students that are looking to save on that gas money. Yes, the range has been tried and tested by our own customers and many other Youtube reviewers. You are guaranteed that someone will pick up your phone. No one is able to gain access to it without your keys. Still skeptical about the range? The previous version of EMOVE Cruiser was around for a couple of years before the recent update.The design and engineering of EMOVE Cruiser is heavily revolved around long term usage. Chris is not easily impressed when it comes to the latest technologies, however, when he is, nothing can stop him from wanting to share his knowledge with our readers here at, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Also, I think your scooter is superb in regards to design and practicality.....kudos to the design and enigineering people! But its biggest draw might be its giant 52 V and 30 Ah battery, rated for 1.6 kWh of capacity and an unbelievable 100 km (62 miles) of range. You just need instructions on how to replace it. The high deck height adds jewelry to the crown, allowing users to handle the off-road terrain with greater ease. When it comes to design and ergonomics, Voro has knocked it out of the park on this Cruiser. No expenses are spared, and this is evident from the frame quality, braking system to comfort. The high voltage battery allow riders to travel up to 62 miles on a single charge. But the emphasis on quality on this option (ISO-certification and LG manufacturing) allows you to expect the batteries of the Emove Cruiser to last longer than 1000 charges. Got a question about delivery date? They might use a bit of extra electricity, but I didn’t expect them to impact the range too much. Taking 9 to 12 hours, this Cruiser might inconvenience some of the users. The magical combination of the large wheels and high-quality rear and front suspension gives the users a comfortable ride even in the most rugged terrain. Watch more videos on our youtube channel. Store it in the back of your car easily. Just got your EMOVE Cruiser? Chat now, call 1-323-709-7329, or find a store. Imagine this, you are located in Chicago and you experience a flat tire on a Sunday. Where in Northern California can I find them? Feel free to message us through the live chat button on the bottom right of your screen to talk to any of our staffs. Thanks for you help! Now, if you think you need an above-average electric scooter that will rack up some miles, we don't think you can get anything better then the Emove Cruiser electric scooter. We have all colors in stock. Even daily charging, which isn't the case with this option, a lithium Ion battery lasts anywhere from2 to 3 years. The controls are conveniently located for easier operation, with the LCD console situated at the center of the handle to ensure you always stay situated and updated at a mere glance. The 10-inch wide deck on this cruiser is spacious when it comes to the ergonomics, offering a generous foot room. No one is able to gain access to it without your keys. When you travel at a high speed, you want to feel grounded on your scooter. Battery performance is essential as it determines the electric scooter's overall range, and the Emove doesn’t fail in this department. The tires have also been upgraded to pneumatic types, reducing the likelihood of punctures. Can this be driven in the rain or through light puddles? If not, someone will call you back.Email us at Fact or BS: An electric scooter with claimed 100 km (62 mi) range? Will you increase the price with the recent 25% increase in tariffs? This scooter is built to last for long range, The Cruiser is designed for riding, not for recharging. A combination of a larger frame, larger wheels, and fantastic suspension also mean the electric scooter easily achieves the maximum speed without compromising the stability. When you spend such a significant amount of money, you want the best support. (Spoiler alert: I condensed around 3 hours of riding into about 5 minutes and it’s worth the watch!). Electric Vehicle Price Guide – best prices for dealers in the US. Still skeptical about the range? The miles kept rolling by and the speed gradually slowed closer to 32 km/h (20 mph), but at 2 hours and 46 minutes into the test, I pulled over to the side of the road as I was greeted by the most glorious site ever, the beautiful “100.06 km” adorning my GPS screen. we left 1 last orange Cruiser sitting in our Los Angeles office, if you are looking to buy the orange Cruisers you got to be quick! Do not confuse premium pricing with premium products, we understand some retailers are putting a high price point to give a perception of premium products.While the quality and materials used are the best in its class, none of our products is sold at an obscene price point.

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