Btw it’s just my opinion. Would love to hear what the writers’ thinking was. The little team was happy with Jeombakyi and Moo-song would be promoted once they were back in Goryeo and Yoo urged the other two to finish their work. It would imply that she made the wrong choice. The way he tortured SN’s father to death. I’m so destroyed. Imagine, someone who meant the world for you, who loved you and dedicated his life protecting you, was killed by the very person who claims to truly love you? It was so poignant, I also binged watched until the early hours of the morning, as it was so compelling. He was everything you’d want someone to be, but yet they made it look like the one who has the power wins… From the moment Wang Yu died, I hated the series Byung-soo thought that he could hide in the New Goryeo Village although he was the one who betrayed the villagers before but he ended up getting caught. Killing off Maha was daft. His obsession with Seung Nyang consumed him that he didn’t care about the people around him. Kind regards Tes First of all, it’s just a TV show, relax. Ta-hwan consumed the medicine without fail and he acted like he grew suspicious of Seung-nyang after the poisoning incident. Also, her dream with her son and Wang Yoo at the end spoke volumes. Then when she found out why, to protect her, she clams down, and realizes what Peah just done for her, save her life.

Wang Yoo didn’t have much to offer, hence Seung Nyang married Ta Hwan to eventually become an Empress. Wangyoo is the bravest, most intelligent and he is not selfish in loving seung nyang but the emperor is different. So NOW he starts getting suspicious? I was hooked. While in a way I think she loved Ta Hwan I feel due to his weaknesses and dependency respect for the man was not there. He wished for Ta-hwan to have a fast recovery and Ta-hwan opened his eyes, calling Dok-man’s name. Golta Leader-nim explained to his minions (in the form of Byung-soo and Jo-cham) that the ‘medicine’ he gave to Ta-hwan would show the effect once the Emperor started to have continuous headaches and he won’t be able to live without the medicine. Even TH wouldn’t have been able to save Nyang.

She didn’t expect to see a perfectly intact and alive Byung-soo walking into the temple, but he was only sent by the Leader-nim to meet him. This is the last thing I’d like to tell you. Ta-hwan found it odd that his mind seemed off a bit nowadays but Golta told him that he was probably overworked. He also was invaluable to the Empress and it was sad when he passed, though I couldn’t understand how he was able to maintain his hairstyle even in battle.

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