8 SEPTEMBER 1943, HARWICH. WITH THE ESCORT CARRIER HMS EMPRESS IN THE EAST. After quarantine the CLC were then transshipped to Port Moody on the Canadian mainland and transported by the Canadian Pacific Railway in guarded cattle trucks across Canada to the Atlantic Coast, where other Empress ships took them to Dunkirk.[15]. She had been in Shanghai when war was declared and after a crossing to Honolulu and Vancouver, she sailed for Esquimalt where a certain amount of work was carried out to fit her for trooping. Age 29.

The ship was refitted at Hong Kong, arriving there on 19 October, going into dock on 25 October and finally paying off on 12 February 1916. Of the four 'Duchesses' completed in 1928/29, only two remained after the war; the DUCHESS OF BEDFORD and the DUCHESS OF RICHMOND. of Britain had been fatally hit just two weeks earlier, but this Empress was They certainly made ships to last when her keel was laid.

was formed. She was the daughter of King Henry I of England, and was his sole legitimate child after the death of his son Prince William in the ‘White Ship’ disaster.*. 1940 off Western Ireland, Empress Age 29. Age 35. in the North Atlantic, she came out unscathed.

Cartier Bridge on departure from Montreal.

link :- Wartime Voyages The EMPRESS OF JAPAN was built at the Fairfield Yard at Govan at a cost of about £1.5 million. As a safety measure, at the start of each watch, a notebook with the vessel's dead-reckoning positions for the next four hours, complete with local and GMT, was handed to the duty radio officer. During 1943/1944 she was on trooping service from Halifax, N.S., New York and Newport News to Liverpool and to Casablanca, carrying a total of 30,000 American troops. This website uses cookies to improve functionality. Rogers, William, Arthur Frank Wertheim, Barbara Bair, Steven K. Gragert, M. Jane Johansson. [12], On April 30, 1915, Empress of Russia sailed from Hong Kong to the Red Sea, where she served until October 1915.

The EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND passing under the Quebec Bridge, The centre span of the Quebec Bridge being hoisted into position. Bluntly, the Turks were told that if British and French consuls, who had been kidnapped, were not brought back, the port city would be demolished. [11] Later, she was transferred to the Indian Ocean. Age 41. At this time changes of ships' names were prohibited, but Winston Churchill said that in the case of the EMPRESS OF JAPAN "It is a nonsense", and so on 16th October 1942 she became the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND, the second of that name in the Canadian Pacific fleet, the first having been the ex- KAISERIN AUGUSTE VICTORIA in 1921. No space was now needed for Asiatic steerage passengers and this enabled very great improvements to be made to the crew accommodation. Husband of Sentana Fernandes of Karsetti South Goa.

Age 25. service as a troop-ship, by being painted in wartime grey, and having guns 1945/09/18. In 1942, the first of over 1.5 million American servicemen arrived on British shores in preparation for the Allied offensives against Germany during the Second World War. On her second eastbound crossing she broke the record for the St Lawrence - Clyde passage by seven hours, with a passage time from the pilot station at Father Point in the Gulf of St Lawrence to the Clyde pilot station off the island of Little Cumbrae of five days and forty-two minutes at an average speed of 21.3 knots. I agree she was a beautiful vessel and it was a shame she met such a sad end in New York. Son of Frank Sharratt and of Lilian Sharratt of Stretford Lancashire. Her four steam turbines drove four screws, giving her a cruising speed of 19 knots (35 km/h). [3] At this point, Empress of Russia was sailing in a convoy of troop ships carrying 30,000 ANZACs from Albany, Australia to Suez and Europe. The passenger accommodation was completely transformed. I joined the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND at Liverpool in June 1956, put on my boiler suit, and as junior cargo officer on six-hour port watches, did exactly the same as when I was a cadet. RMS Empress of Scotland (1906), 24,581-gross ton ship capable of 18 knots; scrapped in 1930 RMS Empress of Scotland (1930), 30,030-gross ton ship capable of 22 knots; scrapped 1966 about Japanese intentions, she was instructed not to return to Yokohama, but The EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND being assisted on to her berth at Princes. Age 49. Please Empress of Russia then returned to her familiar trans-Pacific route. Information on how he lost his life can be found on the Queries and Omissions page under 'Queries' Empress of Australia. Age 24. The experience paid dividends, for some years later I wanted a summer fill-in job prior to attending nautical school, and was fortunate enough to be appointed as relief fourth officer on both of the new sister ships EMPRESS OF BRITAIN and EMPRESS OF ENGLAND. Son of James and Louisa Anderson; husband of Lily Anderson of Hull. In the table I have included Son of George William and Annie Pearson of Grimsby Lincolnshire. The funnel colours of the HANSEATIC were red with a black top and a white logo in the red sector. The EMPRESS OF RUSSIA had been burnt out at Barrow-in-Furness in 1945 whilst refitting. Husband of Johanne A. When released the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND was the only 'Empress' left in the Canadian Pacific fleet. The destroyers HMS ZAMBESI and HMS CREOLE met the, In April 1956 the new EMPRESS OF BRITAIN entered service, followed a year later by the EMPRESS OF ENGLAND. Abstract of Log for the 'Royal Voyage' on the EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND. Acommodation changed to 458 1st and 250 tourist.Gross tons 26,313.

Age 35. REINA DEL PACIFICO PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION. Age 56. Profession, Occupation or Calling of Passenger Scholar A/Marine Supt .gnginee HOD. The EMPRESS OF SCOTLAND as she appeared on her re-entry into. Empress of Russia 's last wartime voyage began from Liverpool on 12 January 1919. Son of Piedade Pereira of Chinchini Dharmpur South Goa. [14], In April 1917 Empress of Russia brought 2,056 members of the Chinese Labor Corps (CLC) from Weihaiwei in China across the Pacific to Williams Head on Vancouver Island. The [7], Empress of Russia's UK official number was 135197 and until 1933 her code letters were JBSQ.

Husband of Domociano Deniz of Quepen Servai Goa. By downloading or embedding any media, you agree to the terms and conditions of the IWM Non Commercial Licence, including your use of the attribution statement specified by IWM. In between times there was always plenty of tea, coffee and sandwiches available on the bridge. In 1947 these two ships were elevated to 'Empresses' with white hulls and green ribands and renamed respectively EMPRESS OF FRANCE and EMPRESS OF CANADA. Son of Thomas and Christina A. Carroll of Bradford Yorkshire. Age 29. Age 17. Non-Commercial educational use for the purpose of teaching and instruction, including internal training. Released back to owners in 1948 and refitted by her builders with glassed in promenade deck for Atlantic weather. The ship's twin screws were driven by Parsons' single-reduction geared turbines. She had called at Canadian and U.S. ports on twelve occasions; sailed eight times to India; and post-war twice to Japan.

(ret), 1882-1966. Duchess of Bedford (SS) Bombay.

Age 44. Son of Terente and Nadejna Kolesnik; husband of Anna Petrovna Kolesnik of Vancouver British Columbia Canada. In June, she was moved to Spithead where she was used as a depot ship for tugs after the D-Day landings. Age 25. Members of the crew have been sailing on this route for many years, and everyone is feeling the parting very much today."

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