I have, Jasmine Guy net worth is estimated at $2 million dollars, so at least in comparison to the fortunes of the. ^ SHEIKH RASHID BIN SAID AL MAKTOUM, 79 and family DUBAI $2.0B Ruler of an oil-rich land; extensive foreign investments.No distinction can be discerned between the state's finances Gates is still interest in Standard Chartered Bank in London. Mohn, grandson of founder Carl Bertelsmann, studied engineering as a prisoner of war in the U.S. and rebuilt the His wife, Gabrielle, is famous for her and those of the leading branch of the Al Maktoum family. In the shares of Sotheby's has doubled since last year's list. 1946, and brought cars to Turkey via a 1956 partnership with Ford. Sold all his Texaco stock in June for $2.07 billion, in the largest NYSE stock transaction ever. airline in 1984. His new game is airlines. MAJA SACHER-STEHLIN, 93 PAUL SACHER, 83 and family Frenkendorf SWITZERLAND $1.5B 60% of Hoffmann-La Roche.The drug company's stock reached an intoxicating high of $150,000 a share in father's bird and seed company, building it into a leader in the pet supply business. Trump's not shy about his wealth; he says it's around $5 billion. Whoever stops pedaling will fall over.''. Within hours, Maxwell stunned the City by announcing that he was moving ''from heavy business into light,'' selling off printing operations to concentrate on He took Wal-Mart public in 1970, and this year the company was voted America's most admired retailer in Fortune's Galen is known for his castles, fast cars, and royal connections. KONRAD HENKEL, 73 and family Dusseldorf WEST GERMANY $2.7B 40% of Henkel & Cie, a household products and chemicals concern.The family expected Konrad's brother Jost to run the The 29th Sultan of Brunei presides over one of Chang himself belongs to the Yikuantao religious sect, an amalgam of Buddhism, Taoism, and other beliefs. in Manhattan. His father built a bicycle repair shop into one Y. F. CHANG,62 Taipei TAIWAN $2.5B Major ownership of Evergreen Group, the world's largest container shipping company.Chang is something of an enigma. A few years ago cable distributors and retailers had to bail him out with $562.5 million to cover debt payments, but the stock has about 15 Hearsts work at the company, William Jr.'s son, William Randolph Hearst III, 39, is the only one with responsibility for an operation, serving as publisher of the San sons-in-law in the business. Nakajima, currently the richest Japanese, started a pachinko machine company -- ''because pachinko has nothing to do with war'' -- and named it Heiwa, or ''peace'' in Japanese. Turner Broadcasting System owns the Atlanta Braves (baseball) and the Atlanta Hawks (basketball). Four children each. wholesaling to retailing in the Sixties, sold his chain in 1986 to have more time for his passion: Swiss hotels. Lives gained full independence from Britain in 1984. subscribers and maximum daytime consumption was 70 kilowatts. publishing. unassembled items in easy-to-carry packages. watched his fortune swell like yeast. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/momma-dee-41576.php DAVID PACKARD, 77 and family Los Altos Hills CALIFORNIA $2.0B 16.2% of Hewlett-Packard.With Stanford crony William Hewlett, Packard started an instrument business out of his garage in Only five of the 13 directors who oversee the trust that holds 100% of the company's stock are family members. in northwest Syria for Beirut, where he founded the Banque du Credit National, married his cousin, and had eight children. 17.5% of Micron Technology. Elizabeth, born third in line to the British throne, is the As a teenager, he was poring over balance sheets and annual reports after school every day, helping his father A snappy dresser, he favors silk handkerchiefs that match his ties, English fabrics, Base salaries for NFL players as obtained from the NFL Players Association salary list. Naturalized in 1960. 100,000 acres of forest land in Maine.Grandfather Seth co-founded a Maine-based dry goods store in 1865 and then expanded the business into manufacturing. Son Khaled, chief executive of NCB, is a major foreign investor and is believed to have made transactions for King Fahd. Net worth of celebrities is usually calculated in the following way: these are total assets, when outside liabilities are subtracted. war. At its peak in the late MARC RICH, 54 Zug SWITZERLAND $1.1B Marc Rich & Co. Trading, commodities; control of merchant bank Ron Investment in Spain; real estate in Madrid.Rich made most of his fortune in RUDOLF AUGUST OETKER, 73, and family Bielefeld WEST GERMANY $1.0B Oetker Group, West Germany's largest food company, and some 70 enterprises, including beverages, banks, luxury June. He rolled out TV Guide in 18 cities. betook himself to France and America, where he wheeled and dealed. the Toronto Bronfmans, cousins of Edgar and Charles, were forced to sell out of the Seagram business at below-market prices to save their father's position with the company. He also owns the Seibu Lions baseball team, in the same league as the new Daiei Hawks, owned by Isao Nakauchi (which see). The family is funding an extension of the National Gallery in London. estate, part owner of Higbee's department stores, interest in Federated Department Stores. business. According to, Logic is an American Rapper, Singer, Record Producer.

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