An auspicious sign appears in the sky. With Su Jin’s help, Ye Hua manages to convince the other clans to contribute their troops in the upcoming war with the Mermaid Clan to quell the rebellion. Sang Ji saves Shao Xing from the Evil Sealing Pagoda and beg his father for mercy. He also passes Feng Jiu’s flute to Dijun. She becomes more daring as she talks to Dijun and tells him that Zhi Yue has been scolding her. He uses the bell’s powers to destroy everything in sight. She enjoys the tea on the boat. Mi Gu rushes over to the Celestial Palace to look for Ye Hua to tell her the danger Bai Qian is facing. Chong Lin reports to Dong Hua that Dou Mu sent them the fight letter of Chi Wu. She also finds Xuan Ren has really fallen in love with her. Feng Jiu notices Mo Ye’s letter to Dong Hua about completing the crafting of the mirror. But the misunderstanding persists. With 58 episodes in total, I’m … Xuan Ren is pining for the woman who fell into the pond with him. Aranya is the clan’s princess and Shen Ye cut off 3 seasons in the valley because of her. But Bai Qian is still missing from Fox Den. Feng Jiu has to attend. Lian Song bites the cake and intends to feed her with his mouth. Cheng Yu says what the play said that an elegant young man was in trouble and saved by a miss. Eternal Love Of Dream (三生三世枕上书) or Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book is a story of the second couple, Dong Hua Di Jun and Bai Feng Jiu, which was featured in Eternal Love Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms. In it, Dijun’s name has been removed from the Rock of Three Incarnations which registers destined marriages. But Ju Nuo succeeded her brother instead. Chu Wan is actually saved by Yan Chi Wu who has been tracking her whereabouts. The Heavenly Lord is livid when he hears that Sang Ji wants to cancel his marriage with Bai Qian to marry Shao Xing. Princess Zhi He is angry that Feng Jiu is standing ahead of her when Dong Hua returns. Nie Chu Yin gives Xuan Ying a demon knife to use for the attack. The elixir is given to the West Sea prince. I will give it a pass once. She is wearing a mask.

Xuan Ying reluctantly agrees to get the map of the royal tomb for Nie Chu Yin. Su Jin is disappointed that Ye Hua does not care about her. Feng Jiu brings up her little son in the mortal world. A Li returns to the Celestial Palace with Cheng Yu to see Bai Qian. Kdrama Jen: He missed his wife and was overcome with emotion. When Feng Jiu finds out from Dijun that her father had begged him to marry her, she finally let go because of the embarrassment she had caused her father. The story teller tells people that the fire ball saved previous emperor from the canyon, and the fire ball became Lingbi stone. The Eternal Love Season 2: Episode 1-4 (A Positive Recap) October 26, 2018 October 27, 2018 / Drama Geek. Back at Kunlun Mountain, Si Yin’s heavenly trial is ready to start.

They drop and knock down the Second Prince of the Inseparable King Birds clan. Cheng Yu is concerned that Feng Jiu may end up feeling hurt in the mortal realm. When she falls asleep there, she dreams of Ye Hua again. Kdrama Jen: I adore their chemistry. As their conversation switches to her aunt, Dijun gets the confirmation that Si Yin is Bai Qian. Dijun finally visits Feng Jiu after 2 years. Let’s find out. However, it also lights up when she touches it. Dong Hua is happy being with Feng Jiu. In actual fact, Lian Song’s intention is to distract her from her worries over Feng Jiu. Since we’re being positive, I will say that the leads didn’t lose any of their sizzle and are heating up the screen right away. Miao Luo tells him to look for the soul locking jade to break the seal. Xuan Ying gets his men to open the gates to allow enemies into the capital. Si Yin jumps in and tries to help. Ye Hua rushes to Zhuxian Terrace to see Su Su jumping into the opening. This curse will allow her to be affectionate towards Dijun during the day. Chong Lin also gives her Dong Hua’s ring which is made from a part of his heart. Bai Qian kneels in front of Ye Hua’s coffin and tells him to take a break from his duties. Her family and Zhe Yan find her on the verge of death as she has been offering her heart’s blood to Mo Yuan. Cheng Yu says that Lian Song is the person to irritate her to offend him, so he will take the chance to deeply offend her. Dong Hua hears that his pet fox is missing and tries his best to look for her. Su Jin is livid when her maid returns to tell her that Bai Qian has disrespected her. When the handkerchief comes loose during the fight, Dong Hua saves her from falling and encircles her with a shield to protect her.

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