Vendor Bot (Trader) 249 Monongah Power Substation MZ-03. At the lowest level of the caves, you can find a path going down east to a device that's surrounded by flames - its contents are unknown. The following quests are related to this location, The threat level of Abandoned Mine Shaft 4 is 25-35. 240 Abandoned Mine Shaft 4. There are no quests related to Abandoned Mine Shaft 4. 250 Big Bend Tunnel West. You can find a Tinker's Workbench on the cliff overlooking the caves below - which can be hard to navigate with the smoke and fire - and are often patrolled by more Mongrels. The control booth above the mine entrance is usually guarded by Mole Rats and Feral Ghouls, and the booth itself has random supplies and hard hats.

241 Nicholson's End. 240 Abandoned Mine Shaft 4. Here, every surviving human is a real person. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The cave floors are also treacherous to navigate as many areas are on fire, requiring careful footing to avoid these pitfalls as you search among the mining equipment for supplies. The first passage leads to an medical ward with a level 1 locked safe, and several types of medical supplies, chems, and containers. Some Locations are seemingly inconsequential, but can reward players with special Equipment and Items. 248 Camden Park. In this Fallout 76 Side Quest Guide, we will cover all the side quests that are in the game, as well as highlight all the objectives, locations and the rewards you will get when you complete a quest.

Fallout 76 nukes – Deliver the nuclear payload to your enemies and scavenge for rare materials. Repeatable Quests are ones that you can redo as frequently as you want to get that epic loot. Fallout 76 is the online prequel to the Fallout franchise. The shadowy swamp known as The Mire encompasses the far northeast region of Appalachia, and hides untold dangers among the murky waters and woods, where enemies can range of levels 30 to 50, or even higher depending on the players in the region. Easily the most dangerous region in Appalachia, the Cranberry Bog occupies the far southeast region and hides some of the most terrifying enemies where the Scorched plague and its many Scorchbeasts first emerged. This area, a processing plant with conveyor belts, is often full of Feral Ghouls, and can be led by a level 40 Glowing One boss that's highly irradiated, and can deal 50 radiation damage in a single hit. Across from this room and the lower catwalk past the generators is a locker room filled with items, possible weapons and ammo, and skeletons. The Burning Mine is a Mine in the south central area of Appalachia. Fallout 76 is the online prequel to the Fallout franchise.

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