It's the second type fought and acts as the boss of the 5.3 Sorrow of Werlyt storyline. While he doesn't normally act this way, as far as his jealousy against Yotsuyu is concerned, it really shows. Also, the bit about the Burn was a, Solus delivers one of the most major twists in the story in regards to the empire's existence, a bombshell by itself, especially when the strange, fancy-looking man turns out to be, Averted. Needless to say, during Nael's tenure as ARR's top end boss, Nael was considered an absolute pain of a fight. Will be. Voice Clips taken from the following:Gideon Emery clips: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City posted by BiohazzardGeek Battlefield 3: All cut scenes posted by Adib10x Matt Jones:Matt Jones was a Five year-old-Roller-Skating Champion - Late Night with Seth Meyers posted by Late Night with Seth MeyersIf you want to know more about Operation Reunion and the Fight for the Legacy Voice Actors DLC, visit the links below:Twitter: the Legacy Voice Actor DLC Petition: #OperationReunion #FF7R Delights in doing this to Cid since joining the Ironworks. It is only because of Doga and Unei's heroic sacrifice that Nero gets a second wind, and even then Cid has to pull him though at the last possible second. Barely able to string together a full sentence, and consumed only with rage and revenge. After Shinryu's destruction, Zenos crashes into the ground. He’s killed at the end of his fourth battle with you. assuming he was working on behalf of his idol Zenos, then it turns out he was working for Elidibus impersonating Zenos. His armor has what appears to be a kimono wrapped around the midsection, likely signifying his discipline as a Samurai. Gaius immediately assumes that this was what took place upon hearing of Rhitahtyn's death, though in truth his soldiers only left him because he specifically told them to run knowing they would have died fighting the Warriors of Light. So of course the Empire's scientists quietly added a "Synthetic Auricite" system to the back collar of Legatus armor that collects combat and personality data of the wearer, which can be latter recovered and used in the newest series of Imperial Anti-Eikon Warmachina Weapon mechs to perform Oversoul, under the excuse that the pilots are expendable but not the skills of Empire's greatest generals. at the end of Stormblood when he decides to become a member of Garlond Ironworks. the real Nael's fiancee was Bradamante and she killed herself on the spear after he died. Wanting to cause multiple Calamaties that would kill thousands and, toe the line with the Ascians and cause Calamaties that could harm and impact even the Garleans themselves. A memory of Varis can be fought in an instance during, The first half the negotiations in 4.5 part 1 has Varis completely catch every Alliance leader off-balance and he calmly pokes holes in every point they try to make.

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