Make up movements or do sign language  to go along with the words in the song. Ooooooooo. As you color in the picture, blend the colors together to create the …, These genius arts and crafts tips from WhatupMoms will save you tons of money and time! Sharks can be kind of scary but these crafts are more on the cute side! Number one siad, "I see a witches hat." - sung to "Frere Jacques", Where is pumpkin? Number two said, "I see a big black cat." King on Halloween night. This song is very catchy so you and your …, Muffin Man Song – Make up some movements to go along with The Muffin Man song and your kindergartners will have a blast singing and dancing! I made this printable, complete with cute clip art and lyrics. I’ll take you home, and make a pumpkin pie!” Four little pumpkins sitting on a fence, A witch came flying by Faces ready for Hallowe'en, Halloween is my favorite time of year. It’s the perfect song to sing in kindergarten when you are talking about rain and weather, or a slightly spooky song to sing around Halloween. There are a ton of activities that go with this cute lil poem! See the pictures below for inspiration & follow the instructions to …, 7 Halloween Music Activities ranging from fun to spooky for tons of Halloween fun! Now you don't. Use this idea to spark …, Stock up on bird seed and grab a pair of binoculars! (Separate the hand keeping the pumpkin formation) ), I am round and orange. These guys are super easy to make, and students practice using fine motor skills as they cut and roll the paper to create …, This cute lion puppet craft includes a free printable lion template for you to download and print. This little pumpkin was taken to market (Pointer) And nevermore was seen. Full of pumpkins, I am the great pumpkin. A great book to help us remember how to " Play " with our kids! One little, 2 little, 3 little pumpkins …, Today’s featured song is I’ve Been Working On The Railroad. Beneath the moon, all is glistening Use a ruler to divide a piece of white copy paper into nine equal sections. Nose and mouth and eyes. I’ve Been Working On The Railroad …, Kids can make this construction paper portrait using pieces of scrap paper. There was an old lady all skin Ooooooooo, She went to the closet to get a broom. We’ll go there together and join in the dance! Some night you’ll wake up in a wandering mood. This little pumpkin was taken to market (Pointer) Smiling bright, smiling bright, Cats and bats, cats and bats. Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate Alfred The Alligator Have you ever been down the water spout? I am the great pumpkin. ~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare The Ants Go Marching s a cute little chant that you can play on the piano as your kids march around in a circle and sing along. What we got trick-or-treating See the witches flying, I am Jack-o-Small (use teeniest tiny voice) (Swing pumpkin to right) Below the song lyrics you will find some Muffin Man clip art …, Old Mister Johnson had troubles of his own He had a yellow cat that just wouldn’t leave his home He tried and he tried to give the cat away, He gave it to a man going far, far away. Jack-o'-lantern, jack-o'-lantern, Below, I’ll give you a few fun lessons that you can teach to your class today! Whether you live in the country or in the city, you can have fun learning about  wildlife in your own backyard! The witch calls a bat (repeat) This little pumpkin was made into a jack-o-lantern (Middle finger) ), Halloween Surprise - sung to "Sing a Song of Sixpence". You can re-create this scene of a cute worm underground with a small view of the sky. One little, 2 little, 3 little pumpkins (point to teeth, shake head no) (smile! On a vine. The third one said, "But we don't care!" The Magic Pumpkin - Lucille Sette What are they for do you suppose? Halloween surprise! It is Halloween! To each house we go 1. And pumpkin bread, I said to myself, “Can’t believe what I see!”. Clap your hands for mama shark, and …, Kids absolutely love the Fire Truck Song by Ivan Ulz. The west wind will whisper, “Away to the wood.”. For this silly clown house craft, a piece of paper is divided into sections and you can draw a different picture in …, Here is a colorful construction paper craft that is perfect for a costume party or carnival! The Pumpkin Patch - Elizabeth King Five Little Pumpkins by Dan Yaccarino (Join the fingers of each hand to make one pumpkin) And nevermore was seen. I am Jack-o-Mad (use growling, angry voice) What fun it is to trick-or-treat I felt I had wondered much more than I should, Where witches were waltzing, I never forgot *. Then, using …, Kids can create this easy cat puppet with just a few materials. (Fall to one side.). While you are singing the Baby Shark Song, cup your hands and open …, With icicles, ice rinks, and snow a bound,  what better time to have a little fun with some ice exploration? Has lots of fun ideas for what to do on the weekend. You may be teaching …, During our Ocean Unit, we spent a few days learning about sharks and other sea creatures. Thanks, Cindy Bergeron for this awesome …, This craft was inspired by the children’s book “A Hat for Minerva Louise” by Janet Morgan, about a chicken who finds a peculiar hat. The Pumpkin Blanket by Deborah Zagwyn Ooooooo o o o went the wind and out went the light ~Submitted by Cheryl's Sweethearts ChildCare Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate Here are 18 music videos for early childhood to get kids grooving to the music while they learn! You're happy, tell me why. I am Jack-o-Pie, the Best of them All! Along came a farmer and then there were three. Filled with lots of cheer Born in a patch where he knew every weed - I am Jack-o-Sleepy (use yawning, sleepy voice) I am Jack-o-Mad (use growling, angry voice) The Biggest Pumpkin Ever - Steven Kroll In our costumes bright and gay Then you cut the top off You started as a seed so small. Pumpkin, pumpkin, Waiting in a pumpkin wonderland, Dashing through the streets The Three Friends and the Pumpkins - Tomie dePaola But now I have a mouth, two eyes and nose. To …, For a fun and festive Saint Patrick’s Day Activity, kids fill these little paper leprechaun pots with gold coins printed with sight words. And grew Three Little Pumpkins - sung to "The Ten Little Indians" And it turned out A fun clown house to make that’s full of surprise! Jolly Wolly Pumpkin face. Picked a pumpkin "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha" she said, As an extra touch, cut out a movable paper stone …, These fat cats are cute no matter how you glue them together! I usually have my kids skip around in a circle and act out the words while they sing. Fifty nifty United States from thirteen original colonies Fifty nifty stars on the flag that billows so beautifully in …, Ants Go Marching Lyrics, Clip Art, and Activities to go along with the song.

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