The front suspension and steering were installed in the prior article, and the project is coming along quickly on this build-it-yourself kit. This 14 bolt axle drum brake conversion kit is for full float axles with a stud mounted drum. LIFETIME. The gray coating on the housing made the copper color pop. All rights reserved. The full-float axles shafts have splines on both ends, unlike the semi-float, which only had them on the carrier side. We spoke to Jeff Anderson at Moser Engineering about the conversion to the full floater. As an extra measure of security, the bolts on the hub were race-wired. 9' Ford Auto-Cross Edition Full Float Rear End Package The Moser AUTO CROSS REAR is a Full Floating Rear End that is designed for multipurpose performance applications. The semi-float axle shafts were removed as well as the third member. Instead of starting from scratch on this build, the best choice was to build off of a proven differential and modify it from the start. After a quick flaring, the brake lines were ready to be installed. Another side effect to axle deflection is that lateral grip is affected during hard cornering, which can decrease cornering speeds and cause uneven tire wear, as well as affect tire temperatures. Since the wheel bearings were never designed to take a twisting force, the bearing fails shortly after the axle shaft breaks. The space between the caliper and rotor is measured to calculate which spacer, if any, is needed to center the caliper. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. The Tracker will work with: • Extreme+ 14” and 15” And no, the truck was not jumped, or hopped on obstacles. The wheel bearings were greased up and inserted into the hub, and the grease seal was carefully pressed into place. We used thread locker on the many small bolts to assure that they won’t back out with vibration. “By running a separate material rotor and hub, the materials can expand and contract at different rates,” Scully continued. With both front and rear installation installed, we were ready to get the drivetrain and interior going, and those will be in forthcoming updates that can be found on our Project FFR Cobra Jet Challenge Car build thread. Anderson mentioned that they have an updated axle now with a groove that allows for a C-clip to retain the axle, but early versions like ours use the bolt to provide the spacing. There are a lot of parts to assemble the hub. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. If you’ve ever driven a car with a warped rotor and pressed hard on the brakes, you have experienced what knock back feels like – it doesn’t instill confidence during hard braking. Here's the left rear axle shaft in our Tacoma, after just 3 trail runs (see pics). © 2020 TeraFlex Suspensions. Knock back is when the brake rotor and axle flange are affected by the deflection of the axle. The 20 uses a semi-floating 2 piece axleshafts. In this design, the load is spread over 2 components. After the hubs were installed, we installed our four-piston Wilwood Superlite calipers. Setting up the differential takes skill and special tools. (Our 24 spline drive plate is .050 larger than a standard 35 spline axle! From there, start bolting on the new parts. IIRC, the Warn rear full float axle kit wheel hubs are the same parts they use for their HD Dana 30 internal mount hub conversions. Q: Do I need a Residual Valve?A: No, because there is no rotor run out (wobble). Savitske Classic and Custom With all of the pieces complete, we could start assembly. This type of bearing setup will keep the full floater mounted to the housing and eliminates brake pad knock back that we mentioned earlier because the axle is separate from the hub, and therefore deflection is eliminated. © 2017 Power Automedia. especially those applications that require high g-load cornering including; Auto-Cross, Road Racing and Street Racing! Click the button below to add the Full-Floater Conversion to your wish list. With one axle in place, we measured the distance from the inside end of that axle to the outside hub on the opposite side. The spool would asure that both tires received equal power at all times while in the desert. 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The additional width would not come from widening the axle tubes, but rather the placement of the new spindles. © Additionally, unlike many limited slip differentials, the Truetrac should not receive any type of friction additive or modifiers. The internal splined wheel hubs eliminate bolts and are guaranteed never to loosen. Since the truck was taking a more serious build direction, we wanted to make sure the third member was up for the challenge. With the disk brake conversion, mud and water become much less of an issue, as disks self-clean very quickly and efficiently. Be the first to review this product! The residual valve maintains a small amount of pressure to the calipers, to prevent the piston from being pushed very far back into its bore.

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