Browse the wide selection of books & maps available. The current is slow, so plan any float trip accordingly. Fishing regulations valid March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021. Fly Fishing the East Gallatin River Date: 07/22/2020. Access to the lower section of the Gallatin River is excellent. Since a highway closely follows the river this entire distance, access is excellent. Wading on this stretch of the river can be difficult. The fish are not finicky eaters, either, which makes the Gallatin River an excellent place for learning how to fly fish. Streamer fisherman should try the lower river below the forks starting around April, again once the runoff begins clearing toward mid-summer, and finally around late September and into October. Bridge crossing and fishing access sites allow the only access. While the fish are generally small and average less than twelve inches, fish up to sixteen inches are not uncommon. As the current is significantly slower and not nearly as rocky, it’s much easier to wade fish than in the canyon stretch just upstream. It also has broad runs, some undercut banks and occasional pools. Copyright 2002 - 2020 Big Sky Fishing.Com, Yellowstone National Park Photographs | Gallery #1, Yellowstone National Park Photographs | Gallery #2, View Yellowstone Fishing & Travel Guidebooks. The fishing on this section of the river is similar to that found further upstream. Once the Gallatin River leaves the mountains, it begins to flow primarily through private land. If you’re planning on floating or wade fishing the lower river, take I-90 West and exit at either Manhattan or Logan. The Gallatin River is quite small while in Yellowstone National Park. This section of river runs extensively through public lands and is closely followed by Highway 191, providing excellent access. A Bozone local for nearly 20 years, Jimmy Lewis has been fishing and guiding the waters around southwest Montana for the better part of his dubiously motivated existence. Our IDNR Division of Fisheries staff updates the . As a result, float fishing on the Gallatin River from Yellowstone National Park downstream to the confluence with the East Gallatin River is not allowed, a distance of more than seventy-miles. This easy access means the Gallatin River sees a lot of action during the year. At times, it seems a frog could jump across it. More information about this section of river is covered in the Gallatin River in Yellowstone National Park section. On the upper-most section of the Gallatin, you need a Yellowstone Park fishing permit to access around 25 miles of river by means of hiking and wading. The Gallatin River runs for more than twenty-five miles in Yellowstone National Park. In the pages that follow, you will find an updated summary of statewide fishing regulations in. While it is a popular river for fishing, particularly among the locals, the easy access for much of its length spreads anglers around. Rainbow trout, cutthroat trout and brown trout can all be found in this river section. Nymphs: Delektable Hurless: 4-6, Mega Prince: 4-6, Mega Hare's Ear: 6-8, Pats Rubber Legs Tan: 6-10, Pheasant Tail: 14-18, Copper John Blue, Black: 14-18, Lightning Bug Silver, Original, Gold: 12-14-16, El Diablo: 14-16-18, Tungsten Purple Burger: 12-14, Wire Worm Pink: 4, Military Mayfly: 18-20-22, Little Green Machine: 18-20-22, Little Spanker: 12-18, Hares ear: 12-18, Zebra Midge: 18-22, Throughout its length, the Gallatin River offers a wide variety of water, excellent river access and relatively low fishing pressure and gorgeous scenery. Guidebooks about Yellowstone, whether for travel or fishing, are often indispensible trip planning aides. Regulations While the Gallatin receives a fair amount of pressure, it is not so much that an angler cannot enjoy an occasional meal from its bounty. Fishing the upper Gallatin in Yellowstone Park requires a Yellowstone fishing permit, available at area fly shops. Learn more about these fun boats. Wade fishing access on the upper and canyon sections of the Gallatin is excellent because US 191 parallels the river, offering many turnouts, campground and official fishing access sites. Coupled with the excellent access found in the upper half, the Gallatin ranks as one of the finest wade fishing rivers in Montana, perhaps second only to Rock Creek. When to GoWhile the adventurous and opportunistic angler can usually catch fish on any given day of the year on the Gallatin, the river is best fished just after the runoff occurs and throughout mid- to late summer. The river moves relatively quickly through forested mountains, providing wonderful views. All anglers are subject to Illinois fishing regulations and conservation laws and must also abide by Hidden Lakes park regulations. The majority of the land surrounding the river here is private, and you will need to exercise a bit more imagination and creativity if you wish to reach less-pressured water. Be careful when wading the Gallatin, as the myriad rocks are large and slippery. There are also plenty of browns, as well as some cutthroat, scattered brook trout, whitefish, and even a few grayling. The wooded banks and the narrow width of the river can combine to make casting difficult at times. The Gallatin from the Yellowstone Park boundary to the confluence of the East Gallatin River is closed to float fishing. The Gallatin River begins at Gallatin Lake, which is located high in the mountains of the Gallatin Range in Yellowstone National Park, and flows for 115 miles to where it meets (and forms) the Missouri River in Three Forks. Gallatin River Fishing Report 9/22/2020 Date: 09/22/2020 The Gallatin has been fishing well. After the Gallatin River leaves Yellowstone National Park, it flows predominantly through public lands for the next forty-miles. The river then runs for 11 miles through this beautiful valley before it leaves Yellowstone National Park and enters Montana, upstream from the town of Big Sky. Down in the valley, the fishing around Williams Bridge can be excellent, as can the fishing around Gallatin Gateway where the side channel can allow for easy wading. Streamers can also be gingerly used around the undercut banks and in the holes. For anglers in search of consistently large rainbow or brown trout, visit another nearby river, such as the Yellowstone or Madison. The lower stretch of the river, particularly between Stubbs Bridge and Gallatin Forks Access Site, can provide for frustrating floating. Just don’t forget to get your park fishing permit. Gallatin River Fishing Regulations The Gallatin River outside Yellowstone National Park is open to fishing year-round. Fishing Conditions October 28, 2020. The river is small, more like a large creek in some places than most rivers. The Gallatin twists and turns extensively, and has numerous undercut banks and some appealing holes. The Gallatin River is not home to many monster trout. During most of May and frequently lasting until early July, this river section runs muddy and murky due to inflows from Taylors Fork, severely limiting fishing. Constant line mending is needed to prevent dragging the fly. Scenery will not be lacking on the Gallatin, especially during the fall. Except for the whitewater enthusiasts that race through the canyon stretch between Big Sky and Spanish Creek Access Site in whitewater kayaks and canoes, floating on the Gallatin River is not very popular. Sometimes you need at least a 10 foot leader to reach them. Look up the specific water you will be fishing to see if it is listed as an exception to the Standard Regulations.

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