So this would probably go away too once it’s been deleted. Note: All EPISODES WILL UPDATE DAY BY DAY, [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha EP.1 Part 1, [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha EP.1 Part 2, [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha EP.2 Part 1, [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha EP.2 Part 2, [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha EP.3 Part 1, [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha EP.3 Part 2, [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha EP.4 Part 1, [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha EP.4 Part 2, [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha EP.5 Part 1, [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha EP.5 Part 2. I often wonder why it is you work so hard day after day and stay. 27:52 By the way, love Weir too!! Log in. Months of ittle sleep, mind muddled with romance. I believe that these site is like the replica of Dailymotion. Have seen Mike before in Mathurat Lohgan and Nohra and in some episodes of Yai Kanlaya ..he is a wonderful actor and his facial/body expressions speak volumes silently (Mark Prin has that quality as well). Thank you so much for your amazing work. Sawadeekap Nekomeowmeow Kop kun kap mak mak na.. Can you please please sub this lakorn. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Hi Neko, hi. heellumination. There’s a lot around instead. Native Title: เกมเสน่หา, James Jirayu Tangsrisuk - Lakkhanai / "Nai", Chai Chatayodom Hiranyatithi - Thawat [Nok's father], Tanya Tanyares Engtrakul - Visaka [Nok's mother], Duangta Toongkamanee - Malinee [Nok's grandmother], Pear Pitchapa Phanthumchinda - Penpannee / "Penny", Khwan Khwanruedi Klomklom - Paipan [Penny's mother], Deuan Prima Ratchata - Thosaeng [Khae's mother], Kik Mayurin Pongpudpunth - Nimnuan [Nai's mother], Oui Sutita Gatetanon - Khun Ying Patchara, The Promise of ChangAn (2020) Episode 56 END, The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion (2020) Episode 22. I’m just scrolling and there’s are like 10 of these messages copy pasted looool, Hi! The effects of a broken family made her become jealous, ill-tempered and obsessive into getting her parents back together. I hope you have joy in your day. Do you know of anyone who can sub Buang Sanaeha and this lakorn ? Thanks for your consideration ☺️. * Nang Barb Please…, It is sub by muse. Hi Neko, Thank you for all the hard works you’ve been doing. Follow. ~~ Adapted from the novel "Buang Sanaeha" by Arita. But also darn slow like anything. Hope you can consider. 9 – but i desperately want to know want happen to them next) Waiting patiently for you futures projects. I don’t see it with only up to 3 episodes but out of the search you do have 1, 3, and 4. Dear Neko, Thank you very much. You and your team are amazing. Hi Neko meow meow! Maraming salamat! Any idea where i can find Bangkok Rak Stories: Pae Tarng english subbed? 2. I have asked NinjaKKN through facebook for the video but she hasn’t replied. it was released in 2016. i hope you will sub it :)….. please sub Nam Sor Sai (2017)! I’m not sure how they are related to DM tho. Still enjorying your work. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ~~ Adapted from the novel "Buang Sanaeha" by Arita. Please sub duang jai pisut and ded peek nangfah . hi!! 27:52 [eng sub] game sanaeha episode 14 end part 1/5. PS Don’t tell the grandkids I enjoy some of their teenage romances!!! Library. Lakkhanai (Nai), kerabat jauh ibu Nok, yang tumbuh bersamanya, adalah pria yang sangat cakap yang menikmati posisi teratas di perusahaan ayahnya. A good cry too! I won’t be considering any older lakorn until I’m done with those two! Hai Neko. Tem no dramaskfun heellumination. hi neko im very appreciated of wat u r doing…..u hve a kind and good heart ….we hope u continued to make english subtitle to all thai drama…..pls i want to request to make also the jao sao jum yorn…..wer hoping u can make it …..we really like that drama…….pls godbless, Hey neko. I’m very grateful to all the subbers for making my days so joyful, happy, blissfrul feelings, the anticipation of looking for beautiful stories as I fall in love over and over again with existing ones plus those better than the ones before. Will you work on Weir’s new lakorn, Sampatan Hua Jai, later? I thought it was a clever idea. Hopefully soon! Thippy has done the subtitles for Raraerng Fai and it’s on the Oh Sweet Haven website. Thanks a lots. I do like your website. I’m looking for the lakorn talay rissaya 2019. heellumination. If you like Push in rom-com like me, soon we’ll get to see him pairing with Esther in U-Prince Series! Like those kind of comments are discouraging to the subbers and if you can’t wait, go watch the raws or learn Thai and help us to speed up instead. Hi; I must again express my sincere gratitiude to the hours of enjoyment you are providing for me. Keep up the good work, much appreciated. 28:33 [eng sub] game sanaeha episode 03 part 1/5 . There are other sites where “Sud Sai Paan” is available with eng subs. Posted in [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha Tagged เกมเสน่หา, เกมเสน่หา eng sub, เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha, ep 1, ep 10, ep 11, ep 12, ep 13, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, ep 5, ep 6, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9, Game Sanaeha, Game Sanaeha eng sub By thailakorn2 Leave a comment Khob khun ka. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Try searching for “Padivarada” eng subs as there are sites that spell it that way. padiwarada was subbed long time ago.. ahhh but i forgot who subs them.. The following Game Sanaeha Episode 14 English SUB has been released. Neko have made her point on Sub request extremely clear. Other lakorns video players are good. I am glad you are moving away from the sites that had nasty ads, but it did not matter to me as I can mute it and close my eyes. heellumination. Thank you for my good times and wishing you have as many smiles as your work has given me. Lakkhanai (Nai), a distant relative of Nok's mother, who grew up along with her, is a very capable. Tq, [youtube=], please subb Nai Leh Saneha plesae @NEKO^^MEOWMEOW, Hi neko_meow_meow.. can you sub Buang Atitharn & Nang Ai.. kop khun mak mak kha <3, Hello can you make a sub for True Love Next Door The Final Answer? [eng sub] game sanaeha episode 14 end part 5/5. I just saw the comment on Telegram for Muse that certain individuals were berating you and other subbers for the ads that pop up when using your sites or watching the videos. adoro seu trabalho , obrigada por todos os momentos felizes , tudo bem se não dá , eu pedi porque sou uma criança grande. Ayahnya menikah lagi dengan mantan ratu kecantikan yang memiliki usia yang sama dengannya, sementara ibunya juga main mata dengan beberapa pria yang lebih muda. Where did Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur go? Do you know if anyone has a complete English sub for Raeng Ngao 2001? Her father remarried to a former beauty queen who had the same age as hers, while her mother also flirted with several younger men. why is the facebook page of alwaymeena not accessible ? I am rather curious, Which part of “NO SUBBING REQUEST WILL BE ENTERTAINED!” do you not understand? Two episodes are subbed. I am glad for every sub you do but maybe some of these are interesting for you too . I really love and enjoy watching Asian dramas.I’m from London so don’t understand Thai other than few words here n there and to get dramas eng subbed is so much appreciated ..thank you. Thank you for subbing. Thank you so much for subbing this …I really enjoy visiting your site everyday and find gems like SECRET MOON, BUSSABA NA TALAD, MON RAK ASOON and so many others. Thank you. I have watched all the previous seasons except this. If errors re-appear then report to us. 24:34 [eng sub] game sanaeha episode 11 part 5/5. You really made it easier for me/us international viewers. Thank you neko for your hard work . I was wondering if you’d be willing to sub Por Yung Lung Mai Wahng? Sampatan Huajai will be subbed by Thippy I really enjoyed watching most of it. And you can watch it from God bless.. Hi! How can we find our favourite drama without “search” menu ? Is there anyone who knows the eng subs? He also started living at her house, which made her more furious and she wanted to eliminate him from her family. you must be someone with lots of patients and kindness to do all the subs . Morrasoom Sawaat was subbed by NinjaKKN. I guess I wanted to remind you that someone was simply thankful and thought of you today…. Kindly upload english subtitle of kom fark thi drama if ch3, This has already been subbed by Muse, you’ll need to go to their site if you want to watch it. Please scroll down to choose servers and episodes, Global Request Show- A Song for You Season 4 Episode 15, Dageki Tenshi Ruri (Blow Angel Ruri) Episode 7, Terrace House Boys x Girls Next Door Episode 99, Idol Star Athletics Championships 2019 New Year Special Episode 5. Kob Kun Mak MAk ka. You’ll need to head over to her place I want to watch it so bad… I know that is in YouTube, but without subtitles. James:- i loved watching the dashing he looked very handsome dressed up in suit. Unfortunately those link get change/deleted quite often that is impossible for neko to keep on updating it. I just wanted to know why not series 2, it seems very funny, it’s porsche and kwan, I was wondering but on google it shows you have it, thank you for your time, we love you from New York and Georgia.

I love your work, and have enjoyed your subbed projects. After watching NRNKF… I’m lost.. Don’t know which one to watch next… XDD.. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Hi, how can I find Ngao Asoke 2016 with english sub ? anyone here knows here i can watch Prao/Proud 2014 with engsub? though he was insulted many a times by Nok he still cared for her in her hard times. . Can you make a subtitle of love song love series and others series?? Hi there Lyn, now you are more enterprising than I am! Change ), [ENG SUB] เกมเสน่หา Game Sanaeha (Thai Drama 2018 Eng Sub).

For downloading this video, please login first. Cn u plxzzz sub paragit ruk series part 2 the law protector plzzzzzzz i beg u. I’d really really love it if someone could sub Buang Sanaeha into English! But unfortunately I don’t think it’s subbed. THANK YOU,, I m searching lakkron duang taa nai duang jai eng sub any one no where can I find it thanks……... May, thank you for taking time out of your day to sub all the dramas . Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. eh? Thanks in advance. 2. Ketika Nok dan Nai dipaksa menikah, ia merencanakan dan memainkan permainan cinta untuk menyakitinya. Im searching this drama with eng sub everywhere. Just wondering if you can do subtitles for Nakrob Ta Pisat, pls. But anyway, DM have been deleting most of the videos. God Bless You <3 <3 <3, I don’t post in Telegram. I’m your filipino fan. Btw, Neko, you subbed so many projects, have you got your own personal favourites? Playing next. To show my gratitude and support, I don’t mind if your site or Muse site has ads, if it will earn you for that ads, I will gladly support you as I support those Youtubers watching theirs vlogs without skipping the ads.
If you could please add the 2016 version of Nang Barb to your list of drama’s to sub? LOL! Please help. . It’s been a year since it was aired and it was just partially subbed in English. Please report us immediately (with short video or screenshot) when you see these ads.
I got Massaya with Andrew Gregson, and followed him in in the other videos. Please? Hi. I thought kitkat was subbing but can’t find any links to completed episodes.

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