:] ahah i love it.

Tonks: The perfect name for a chameleon – after Tonks from Harry Potter who was a Metamorphmagus and could changer her hair color and appearance at will. Has a cool surfer vibe. Crookshanks: A great name for a male cat.

Hairy(Harry) Mars. Roxie: A gorgeous name for a small female dog.

So we have 4 pets 3 cats 1 dog I have one cat named Raven due to the fact I wanted her to be named after a bird and because she was black I was stuck with Raven or Crow Feather but I thought Raven was better because she is not as annoying as a crow and very beautiful like a Raven bird my 2 other cats are medium and long haired Raven was a short haired well anyways my second cats name is tb or tiny boots for the simple fact that she is the runt of the litter and it looks like she has little white boots just like her brother Storm which has a funky crazy personality my dogs name is missy though I did not name her and don’t know why she was named that I am happy with my 3 cats and 1 dog which is a Chihuahua.
Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. Saul: A handsome name that suits a male cat. Trix: A cute name for a female rabbit.

Get your answers by asking now. Biscuit: The cutest name for a small, brown dog, male or female.

Diva: A purr-fect name for a cat, because aren’t all kitties little divas in disguise? Lil’bit: A sweet name for a small pet like a hamster or gerbil. Also works well for a goldfish. Sweetpea: A sweet name for a female hamster or mouse, because she’s small like a pea.

Picasso: A cool name for art fans, works well for a male dog or cat.

Fido: A funny and ironic name to call a fish. Pipsie: A super cutesy name that is adorable for a small female dog.

Cupcake: A super cute name for a small female dog. Luka: A handsome name for a male dog of sny size.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying? Nina: This name would best suit a small female dog. Peter: A handsome name for a male rabbit, after the rabbit from the Beatrix Potter book. I don’t have “toys”? Works for males or females.

Ivory: Perfect for a female cat who’s white or cream in color. Paulie: A cute name for a small male dog. Still have questions? Prairie Wolves. Cleopatra: A great name for a female cat, since cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt.
San Diego Madres.

Spice: An excellent name for a cat who’s a little bit naughty. Or somewhat ironic for a tiny dog. Midnight: The perfect name for a black dog. A gorgeous name for a female dog of any size.

but my favorite is buffy! Cottontail: A sweet name for a female rabbit.

Favorite Answer. Jasper: An adorable name for a medium or large male dog.

A pretty name for a female cat. Sugar: A name for a cat who’s as sweet as sugar. For fans of Led Zeppelin. Rocky: Rocky in the movies was an underdog, so this name is great for a small, male dog. Phoenix: A gorgeous name for a male dog with a golden coat.

Nate: A strong name for a large male dog. Max: A short and simple name that’s adorable for a male dog.

Chandler: Works well for a medium or large dog. Nola: A pretty name for a large female dog. Thank you for sharing the names of your pets.

4 Answers. Bellatrix: An ideal name for a black cat. Ramona: A cute name for a female dog of any size. Tortoise: A funny name for a tortoiseshell cat. Pana would be good for a cute dog that look like a panda! Sheba: The ideal name for a prissy female cat who knows what she wants. Nate: A strong name for a large male dog. Nico: Great for fans of the Velvet Underground.

What's a Good name for a Buffalo? Bubbles: A cute name for a female cat. Nanda: An exotic sounding name that would best suit a female cat. Marshmallow: A sweet name for a small, white dog.

Take a look at this list of cute pet names and select one of the best.

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99 Red Balloons.

Mitzi: The ideal name for a small female cat. Bagel: An adorable name for a small dog, such as a Chihuahua. Boba Fett: A cool name for a dog. Kalua: A sweet name for a cream colored cat.

Noodle: A precious name to give a tiny dog.

Guinness: A cute make for a dog, especially a black or dark brown one. Buffy: The perfect name for a female cat. Poets.

So the name "buffalo" -- scientifically correct or not -- is woven into the fabric of American society and the history of the West.

9-11. Especially one who has a reddish colored coat. Should I be concern if my son on play with animal toys instead of cars and trucks? Rufus: Perfect for a name dog. Reece: Sweet for a male dog, especially if his coat is the color of peanut butter. You don’t want to choose an embarrassing name and have to end up yelling it down the street after your pet. Barney: A nice name for a big shaggy buy dog. proud mama of 13 webbies! Ideal for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fans.

( I modified Mr Biggles) My rats ar: Butter, Popcorn and Callie!

Logan: A cute name to suit a medium or large male dog. boy names: duke,sam,ceaser,buffy, and ummm oliver! Persia: A nice name for a female cat. Skyler: Ideal for a medium or large female dog. Pazzo: A quirky name that would suit a big male cat. Mabel: A classic name that would suit a female dog of any size. Scully: Great for X-Files fans, especially if you already have a “Mulder”. Polar Bears. My mice are named: Peanut, Butter, Jelly and BIGGLES! I own 4 mice and 3 rats. After the Trix cereal rabbit.

Medium Length Hairstyles We All Want To Copy This Year. After George Cloony. Works best for females, but could suit a boy, too. Midori: An exotic name that would suit a female cat. Gray: A gorgeous name for a gray male cat.

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