Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The 5-man version is notorious for fumbling when Poe only hits one expose. One person for 4th. Tier S The rationale for putting a bit more emphasis on defense is that it will enable you to use the full power of your roster, since you can secure wins with weaker teams on offense more easily than you can achieve them on defense. SWGohBot allows you to compare 2 rosters with ";grandarena" command. Nice work, but what about non-separatist Droids?I-88 lead with zT3-M4 and others, where do they stand? Kill Daka and she gets brought back to double stun on every basic or kill Mother Talzin and she just gets resurrected by Daka. This means at the end of an event both player's GP may have changed and will not be representative of who would win in a tie.[2]. Similar to Territory Wars, banners are earned for setting defenses, successful attacks, and conquering a territory. This means that further improvements to units including changing Mods will not affect the Grand Arena event for any of the rounds. Algorithms and rankings could change at any point. Zetas are not mentioned anywhere, there are a few teams there that just don't work without the zetas. Chopper, IG-88, L3-37, General Grievous, BB-8, R2-D2, T3-M4, K-2SO, Win a Fleet Arena battle with three TIEs fielded, Imperial TIE Fighter, TIE Reaper, TIE Advanced x1, TIE Silencer, First Order TIE Fighter, First Order SF TIE Fighter, Win a Grand Arena battle with a team using three people who have sat in teh co-pilot's seat of the Millennium Falcon, L3-37, Vandor Chewbacca, Qi'ra, Chewbacca, Rebel Officer Leia Organa, Finn, Rey (Scavenger), Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca, Win a Grand Arena battle using Wedge and Biggs, Win a Fleet Arena battle with Grand Moff Tarkin's capital ship Executrix. Even better is if you can finish a battle with an undersized team, because you will gain 4 points for each character slot you don’t fill compared to a maximum of 3 points for each one filled (1 for the character surviving, 1 for finishing with full health, and 1 for full protection). Team Tier List. If you’re sitting at a … So if you’re in a neck-in-neck race to win your Grand Arena round, consider taking some risky attacks with a lighter squad to gain the edge over your opponent. I believe this will be the toughest sleuth to put on defense. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's. As the newness of 2019 starts to wear off this team becomes more of a normal site for high-end players. Just make sure you don’t place teams that have glaring weaknesses or that are easy to beat with full health/ protection (such as low offense tanky teams). For example, if you’re playing as the First Order, Scheel does not recommend picking a fight with the Resistance led by Rey fresh from Jedi training. Third spot is flexible. This might be one of very few teams that can beat Qi’ra. 2. I’m assuming there will be 3v3 in championships but if you guys want to see a 3v3 guide I will for sure put in the time for it! Each Grand Arena event is a week-long event that consists of a series of 3 rounds against different opponents. Maybe. Well at lower levels everyone’s in the same boat, so sub-G12 characters missing key Zetas will be common. Welcome to the SWGOH.GG GAC Meta Report. There are eight 24 hour phases: Preview, Set Defense (Opponent 1), Attack (Opponent 1), Set Defense (Opponent 2), Attack (Opponent 2), Set Defense (Opponent 3), Attack (Opponent 3), Review. It's possibl… One should always pick an opponent with care, especially if you hope to emerge victorious. I have 7* G11 non zeta Jango, and in TW his lead is always underestimated giving me a couple defensive wins. This Championship has a number of feats that will require different pilots to achieve. This Grand Arena Championship will be 5v5 in all zones and in all rounds with one zone for Fleet. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. The number of defensive squads/fleets scales based on the GP of the lowest player in the group. Great starting point, my issue is that it's simply more teams than I was expecting so I don't even have some of the lower tier teams at what I would consider a 'viable' (missing a key character/zeta/generally undergeared) level. Edit Delete Copy Link. The teams are ranked from strongest to weakest within each Tier. Some teams are totally different with a single zeta (Imp Troopers) where others really need 4+ to be effective (Sith). You will save any teams that are much better on offense, such as a Traya-countering Magmatrooper team, a Zombie-Acolyte cheese team (if you don’t have an otherwise strong Nightsister team), and maybe a JTR team. If your main fleet is Thrawn or Ackbar, save it and put Tarkin on defense with your backup team and put your main team on offense. Some matchups in the Grand Arena are just destined to fail. It is the first time the game has ever had 3v3. Team Tier List. It doesn’t get much tougher than these guys, the textbook version of a defense team. Zeta’d up the main strength of this team is going first. I hope they come up with some more QOL updates soon. The SWGOH.GG GAC Meta Report is live! The number of active territories on the map can change from 2 to 4. Once I zeta his leadership, I think he will hold better on defense than he already does. That includes teams that are very good but rely heavily on a p&p character teams such as Rex/Wampa and nightmare team which requires Thrawn. Kristin Baver is a writer and all-around sci-fi nerd who always has just one more question in an inexhaustible list of curiosities.

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