A gorgon is a monster that when looked upon in the eyes turns their prey into stone. The Ford automobile company has a vehicle called Taurus. Neptune is also the eigth planet from the sun. Rebecca loved how the combination of the same mark in two shades created a graphic statement. There is a town of Ira in New York.Ira Ryan is a bran of bicycles. The Medusa Smart Security Antivirus Software was named after the gorgon because she was punished for being caught therefore if there is a virus on your computer it will be destroyed. Blog. Polyphemus is a clycops, who is the son of Posidon. Saturn is also the 6th planet from the sun. Siren is the name of a new style MP3 player. Hercules was the greatest greek hero (until he had a little meltdown). Pluto is the God of the underworld. Delphi is also the name of an international Automotive Group. Now that you know what an allusion is, let's take a look at some allusion examples.. 11 Allusion Examples + Analysis. In another tale, two inventors called Icarus and Daedalus try to build wings so they can fly away from prison. There is a Persphone Theater. Free learning resources from arts, cultural and heritage organisations. They were often used to teach people about events that they could not always understand, such as illness and death, or earthquakes and floods. Mercury is also the first planet form the sun.Mercury Marine manufactures outboard motors and MerCruiser inboard engines.Mercury is also the name of an auto insurance companyMercury is the name of one of the sites of the Envormental Protection Agency. Ford uses this name because like the bull the Taurus, it can carry people long distances. Cyclops was a supernatural being in Greek mythology that was a race of giants and only had one big round eye. Calypso is a nymph, and the daughter of the titan, Atlas. Trojan Condoms international manufacturer of condoms and birth control products. Dike the Greek Goddess of Justice, sits at the front of the Shelby County Court House in Memphis, TN to remind judges to be fair, and criminals that they should get what they deserve. Modernly,  Delphi Forums (www.delphi.com ) is an on-line meeting place to promote discussions and to find answers. A Roman godess of dawn. Hestia is a support group for positive relationships. THS has there mascot as a  Trojan as well. A titan whose name means "he who goes before the sun". Persephone is the name of a band from Albuquerque, NM. Hestia Housing and Support is a registered charity to help the homeless. In Colorado, there is a city called Aurora. First known as the rainbow goddess, she is now known as a popular cottonball brand. There is also the Hercules transport plane used by the United States Air Force to carry large volumes of war material and food. They imagined that the gods lived together, as a family, up on the top of Mount Olympus. Imagine you have become a Greek god or goddess. Hermes was the Olympian Herald and Messenger god. The Ancient Greeks believed that they had to pray to the gods for help and protection, because if the gods were unhappy with someone, then they would punish them. Jupiter is the Roman name for the god of gods, Zeus. Therefore, the website amazon.com changed the process of shopping to online just like the amazon woman changed society. He was considered the perfect guard and his duty was to guard Io. The Limulus polyphemus is a horseshoe crab. The Greeks believed in gods and goddesses who, they thought, had control over every part of people's lives. Some of them are reused in stories and films today! Greek allusions appear in a lot of popular company names. This is also the name to the fifth planet from the sun.Jupiter Research is a business and technology bases research company.Jupiter is also the name for a brand of band instruments. Also, Spartan Tool & Die is a national manufacturer and supplier to the auto industry. Helios airways is a low cost operating for charter flights between Cyprus and European destinationsHelios also is a company that makes tanning salon softwareHelios is also a personal oxygen system.

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