At this time 1962 there were probably more Greeves trials bikes being ridden as a two stroke than any other breed.

Don Smith won the 1964 European Trials Championship mounted on a Greeves TES. This is the last Greeves Anglian model of 1968. and although Greeves were the least worried company using the Villiers engine at the time as they could have used there own. Simon> .Correct with the Anglian the 24TGS came out in November 1965 but the banana forks are the later type,the early ones had the shocks mounted on top of the fork loop and the rear of the loop was closer to tyre, same as this photo . Ben Branch has had his work featured on CNN, Popular Mechanics, the official Smithsonian Magazine, Road & Track Magazine, the official Pinterest blog, the official eBay Motors blog, BuzzFeed, and many more. Bert developed the first examples of his scrambles and trials machines in 1952, almost 20 years before lightweight two-stroke motorcycles would rise to dominate off-road racing competition. This was the model of Greeves I first owned Bought on the never-never from John Avery's emporium in 1961 second hand. many at the time thought this would result in a motorcycle too fragile for aggressive off-road riding, but Bert set about designing a bike that could handle anything the world’s top riders would throw at it. ... Would making the shaft out of stainless reduce its risk of seizing in the frame? Fichtel & Sachs decided to call their first Wankel engine motorcycle the Hercules W2000 and they showed the prototype at the 1970 West Cologne Autumn Motorcycle Show: that prototype featuring a shaft drive and four speed gearbox from a BMW R27 that would not be used on the production model. The bikes stood out more than others at the time by the simple fact that they were different. The commonly used off-road and scrambles motorcycles in the 1950s and 1960s were larger engined four-strokes, these were also preferred by the American off-road racers, particularly the Triumph TR6 Trophy, the Matchless G80SC, the Norton P11, and the Ariel HT5, though there were many others. The choice to use a petrol engine rather than an electric motor gave the car class-leading range and speed, and they could be fitted with either hand controls or foot controls. Today the surviving examples of the Challenger model fetch consistently solid prices when they change hands. This bike is also fitted with the slightly later British Hub Company's "Motoloy" 6" alloy full width brakes.

This obviously influenced the sales of the brand. This is Don Smiths Greeves TES, prepared for the, and waiting to be used in the 1962 Scottish Six Days Trial.

other shots of the bike on the BMCA page. The fuel tank and mudguards are the ones supplied to "Greeves Motorcycles" by Chris Butler of Butler Mouldings. Most certainly the right bike for the serious Greeves … Seven Machines that changed Trials History. If you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can click here to visit the listing. Still with that Old plume of trailing blue smoke. Thank you, your message has been sent successfully.

The British Ministry of Pensions ordered thousands of Invacars, and they revolutionized the lives of countless disabled people across Britain, this success allowed Bert the funding he needed to pursue his own personal passion project – motorcycles. The trials models up until now were fitted with the British Hub so called "Tin" half hub brakes.

These are exceptionally tough and provide benefits including increased suspension travel over the still somewhat primitive motorcycle forks available in the early 1950s. The Challenger is the motorcycle that proved Bert Greeves right, and arguably inspired the slew of two-strokes that would eventually swamp it. This is Don Smiths Greeves TES, prepared for the, and waiting to be used in the 1962 Scottish Six Days Trial. Gary Britton's BSA Faber Mk3 Otter Build. Scottish, Scottish Twin, Anglian, Pathfinder, Wessex, Scottish Special, ISDT machines. Greeves 1960 Scottish, Villiers, LHS. Michel comes from a speedway and motocross family, The Trident Clipper is a member of the illustrious club of exotic European sports cars fitted with American V8s that offered power, reliability, and affordability. and an unknown smaller Half hub. With Bert Greeves  and Derry Preston Cobb wanting to retire anyway, A disastrous fire in the factory made the decision for them, to end the, This web site is to encourage owners of the, 70 years of AW Charlie Prescott Are you ready. And with the outgoing Don Smith being their number one trials rider at the time, the sales were soaring. During races Greeves bikes would often beat motorcycles of over double their engine capacity, and they would take wins in the International Six Days Trial, the Manx Grand Prix, the Scott Trial, the European Trials Championship and the Scottish Six Days Trial, as well as gold medals in the ISDT and the ACU 250 cc Road Race. The TE stayed in producction for three years, the the 24TES was the top version with a 246cc Special engine with a weighted flywheel resulting in increased pulling power. Because of the number of the trials models built by Greeves I thought we would start from the first model I owned back then so we start with the Greeves "Scottish" of 1958. with Villiers 9E engine fitted. Silodrome, Gasoline Culture, and the Piston/Blade Icon are registered trademarks. mr everett's success led to the factory developing their own racing model, which debuted at the 1962 earls court show. 1968 Greeves Anglian 24 TJSB.1968. This is Don Smiths Greeves TES, prepared for the, and waiting to be used in the, :Bert Greeves was still answering the phone saying. Photo; Don Smiths 1962 Scottish prepared Greeves 252. 92 HOH sidecar, BSA 's 2016 Manx Classic. Thank's Simon for pointing this out, there were just so many models and minor changes were there not.

Photo Courtesy and Copyright Lee Prescott. Perhaps the most famous feature of many (if not most) Greeves motorcycles is the use of leading link forks, often nicknamed “Banana Leading Link” forks. Note: that this bike probably has the first Square front exhaust (header) pipe fitted, that was unique to Greeves at the time. Scottish Pre 65 Two Day Trial BSA Otters. at the time. To the distinctive "Moorland Blue" enamel the frame was painted with. Greeves 1960 Scottish Trials,Villiers. With the die cast alloy front frame beam that took ages to get right, in the end having to tin the steel tube with alloy before placing this tube into the mould before pouring the molten alloy around it. Fortunately Bert was able to source a simple 200cc two-stroke engine from Villiers Engineering, he combined this with a bespoke frame with an exceptionally tough steering head and down tube created by casting LM6 silicon-aluminium alloy around a tubular frame member. The 1965 Greeves Challenger you see here is a beautifully restored example with a 250cc two-stroke engine, and all of the signature engineering elements you’d expect with a Greeves. There last all Alloy cycle hub was designed for the New Moulten cycle of the late fifties. This is a 1962 Model TE and fitted with probably replicas of the Glass-Fibre mudguards, that Chris Butler used to supply the Greeves factory with. This photo was taken by Lee at the Colmore Revisitation. Greeves Motorcycles originally started out as a small company in England manufacturing three-wheeled motorized microcars for disabled people. By the mid fifties their time of innervation seemed to be over at the  British Hub Co LTd, and the production of cycle hubs were copies of the continental manufacturers. A rider that made little fuss but just got on with the job. And the redesigned Greeves Challenger Alloy barrel and head fitted, The "Silverstone" race bikes helped to prove the engines reliability. The Replica John Draper Cotswold BSA Build. Pat Slinn A Working Life with Sport Bikes. Justin Barcia’s open letter – ‘I feel like a rookie all over again’, VIDEO: Supercross pre-season ft. Malcolm Stewart and Dylan Ferrandis – RAW, History makers: Ben Watson and Jago Geerts on first-ever 1-2 victory for the team, Anger to tears of joy: Tom Vialle on winning 2020 MX2 world championship, VIDEO: MXGP of Pietramurata 2020 Highlights, VIDEO: EMX2T Pietramurata highlights 2020, VIDEO: First look – Jeremy Martin riding the 2021 Star Racing Yamaha YZ250F. The Greeves Scottish was named in honour of Jack Simpson’s class win in the 1957 Scottish Six Days Trial and for many years it was the clubman rider’s favourite.
The forks were unique to Greeves the earlier ones being more so. now with Metal Profile Forks fitted, on this model. Now we get to the Skip from the Scottish, to the Greeves Anglian. Beautifully presented, Aptly named in association with the Famous Scottish Six Days Trial . Privacy Policy - Terms of Service - Contact Us. Graziano Candidori's Wassell Triumph Rebuild, Mike Hailwood at the 1978 IOM TT True Story, Mike Hailwoods 1979 IOM Formula One Ducati. A Rare British-American V8: The Trident Clipper Coupe, A Brief History Of The Unusual Hercules W2000 Rotary-Engined Motorcycle, The New Stilo ST5VR – An Immersive VR Sim Racing Helmet, A New Series Of Classic Sports Car Prints By Ecurie, Beastie – A Custom Kawasaki KZ650 By Mifune_Werx, The Edward Backpack by Malle London – Made In England, Timex x Todd Snyder MOD – The Perfect Weekend Watch – $138 USD.

I see modern trials bike use aluminium which also would not seize, but the modern bikes weight half what the Greeves … During races Greeves bikes would often beat motorcycles of over double their engine capacity, and they would take wins in the International Six Days Trial, the Manx Grand Prix, the Scott Trial, the European Trials Championship and the Scottish Six Days Trial, as well as gold medals in the ISDT and the ACU 250 cc Road Race. The best known model cycle brakes were the "Airlite" "Racelite" and "Solite" hubs. the choice was vast if you wanted to own a Greeves. :Bert Greeves was still answering the phone saying "Morning Invacar"up until the demise of the company: But it will be his name "Greeves" that will be remembered the longest: Photo of Peter Stirland  a long time Greeves works rider. They were changed to the style above in 1957-8.

Whats people lookup in this blog: Greeves Motorcycle Frame Numbers ~Oo> Photo Courtesy Deryk Wylde, OffRoad Archive. Believed to be a scottish (please do check for yourselves) Last taxed 1974 this amazingly original machine has just arrived for our Sept sale.

Back to the Future The Foster Otter Returns, Britannia Motorcycles BSA Frame Conversion, BSA C15 Dizzy Upgrade To F type Conversion, BSA Comp Dept's Last Stand. Not only was it the trials bike, but the Scrambles bikes of this period , influenced by Dave Bickers being on the black and white small television screen most week ends on a Saturday afternoon, in the winter months riding in the  BBC Scrambles series, and always covered in mud. 1958 Greeves Trials 197. Traditional Motorcycles Association Trials, Hay to Threshing Tales From South Newington, Tales Of The Fifties From South Newington. It comes with its original buff log book and green continuation book only. That leading link front end gave the Challenger 6.5 inches of travel with almost no sliding friction, whereas comparable motorcycles of the era had approximately 4 inches of travel. Greeves 1960 Scottish Trials Bike restored. Photo; Don Smiths 1962 Scottish prepared Greeves 252. Other members of this club include icons like the Shelby…. So another British motorcycle company turned to ashes. Section, Camp hill near Broadway. The bike below is from 1961, 20 TD model there is a difference in the subframe if you look. Peter was always in the back ground at Greeves and also always in the fore in the  results. The suspension part of the fork worked on the rubber in torsion bush principle.

The British Hub company (born 1903) is interesting on its own, and was mainly responsible for most of the Top-end Cycle and Tandem brakes up until their demise in 1969. and liquidated in 1971. ~Oo>.

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