, “The council has now ruled out building a temporary road bridge proposed by marine engineering firm Beckett Rankine, however New Civil Engineer understands that a temporary cycling and pedestrian link ( is being explored as a means of clearing Hammersmith Bridge to speed up repairs.”. The engineers have huge experience including working on the Golden Gate Bridge in California and on oil rigs in the North Sea.

I don’t think the super sewer is much of an issue when it comes to a tunnel.

It may be of interest to students of high Victorian gothic, but that does not necessarily mean it should be preserved at all costs if it’s not capable of doing it’s job. Roehampton has lost out badly in the bus changes with both a hospital and a university affected. Buses diverted from Hammersmith via Chiswick Bridge take around 15 minutes to reach the south side of Hammersmith Bridge – providing there is little or no traffic along the route. “All other potential solutions, including a temporary bridge, remain under consideration to ensure the fastest possible resolution for those impacted by the closure of the bridge.”. Today’s point is clearly the 1999 legislation is defective.

as required assuming (!) Worse still the service is only half-hourly and not completely reliable. Both were replaced in 2013 by the present rather elegant bridge. Sorting out all the rules & permits & which operators were allowed to use boats, & what they were carrying & at what times etc ( etc , etc ) had to undertaken by said boroughs, who were not happy bunnies as a result. Of course, Crossrail has shown that TfL’s former contingency, far from being excessive, was prudent and could have been put to good use in the manner intended if they had been allowed to keep it. Some of the rail lines into London Bridge are located on viaducts built in the 1830s.

Whilst this was conveniently close to the south side of Hammersmith bridge, one would not be aware of this unless one was very familiar with local geography.

It seems that motorbikes are allowed provided the engine is switched off and they are pushed. Very critical op-ed piece on this “Simply” rebuilding the existing with stronger internal & external supports. At the time of abolition of the GLC all of the bridges which it was responsible for were divided up between the riparian boroughs.

Not everyone is able to cycle their commute, and extended journey times means more stress on individuals and families who probably don’t need it. Queen Caroline Street is an extremely obvious place. It gets us where we need to be and provides essential transport to millions of Americans.
Behind it lies a story of the failure to properly monitor the structure and fund repairs in a timely manner which in turn tells of the failure of government at all levels to properly protect our existing structures. It’s not entirely clear what this means, but from the close-up photos it looks as though the main chain links and hangers have been replaced in steel.

Given that Option A “Combined Hammersmith ‘Fly-under’ and tunnel(s) to the South Circular at Rocks Lane” is extremely expensive and unlikely to happen, Consider Option B.

They aren’t a big enough entity to underwrite £1bn of tunnel spending with a optimistic £50m/yr financing and operating cost. Fortunately, a unique combination of... As in many other cities around the world, trolleybuses have been outdated since decades – the last traditional trolleybuses ran in West Berlin in 1965 and in the eastern part of the city in 1973. @LIS: it is also unclear to me what the problem is (see 25 June 16:23). The gory details of the changeover will be spared here but you can read a report on them in Diamond Geezer’s lengthy report on the subject.
Almost half of the traffic going through Hammersmith wouldn’t use it so there would still be 2-4 lanes on the surface at current traffic levels.

Cast iron is brittle and can shatter - one reason why this is the only bridge of its kind in the country and one of only two in the world today – the other spans the Danube in Budapest.

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