A word from Teddy

Why hamsters have cheek pouches at all For kids I think a guinea pig is the best choice, instead of a hamster. Hamsters have very sensitive hearing and smell Hamsters tend to get them in their pouches, which will impact how well they can eat and store food. This Is Why Your Hamster Is Freezing And What It Means. Table of Contents So can hamsters develop a tumor ?Why tumors appear in hamstersMalignant vs benign tumors in your hamsterSigns and symptoms your hamster has a tumorTreating your hamster’s tumorCommon treatments for the hamster’s tumorCaring for the hamster after surgeryA word from Teddy You can check this by scruffing the hamster and watching how fast the skin pulls back. How your hamster usually sleeps Your hamster friend usually sleeps in his hideout, or the nest he’s made in a corner if he has no hideout. No discharge or liquids from the ears, nose, tail area, or mouth. The article continues after the image.) It’s not like the hamster is getting a larger lung which will help him. This is because hamsters are very sensitive to everything – the room temperature, the noise level, the light level, drafts, being picked up wrong, being held too long, a sick person, and so on. Aside from the breed, which makes your hamster prone to either diabetes of wet-tail, there is also the influence of food and exercise. Syrians are calmer than Dwarf types. Once the pus breaks and spreads into the cheek, the hamster might swallow it and develop another disease known as sepsis. Which is why veggies like cucumbers or lettuce should be given sparingly, and only in small amounts. A healthy hamster consumes about 10 ml water/100 gr hamster per day. You can find out more about hamsters and their water requirements here, and how to give your hamster water the right way. Hammies sleep curled up, and very well hidden in their little nest. The illness from the first hamster can get to the healthy hamster, and manifest itself through dehydration, even if it’s nut just that. Lv 7. What to do when your hamster is frozen I hope you found what you were looking for in this article. Most of the hamster’s exercise is done inside the cage. You see, after hatching from their egg, flea larvae can survive for months without a host.

Even something as small and innocent as petting a flea-infested cat can get the flea on you. This is why they have their cheeks, to keep the food they’ve already found, and take it with them on the rest of their excursion.

Many thanks to the veterinarian for showing us that it’s possible to help the hamster. This is something I’ve heard about, and did some googling to find people who have experience with this.

Piggies pretty much mess with their food and it ends up all over the cage. Now, even if you do have a very large cage for the guinea pig, it’s probably not enough. If it doesn’t, there might be something inside the nozzle. For the most part guinea pigs are neither nocturnal nor diurnal. Pine and cedar shavings or toys should be avoided. For example a lump on the leg that just grow to a certain size and then stops, without triggering other growths somewhere else, is benign. Finally, keep in mind that guinea pigs are noisier than hamsters. This in turn leads to a bacterial infection. He has his own things, and will not share them with anyone. Giving your guinea floor time will greatly reduce their boredom levels and will keep them happy and bouncy. You’ll notice with females that they come into heat (estrus) every 4 days. Clean ears

I hope you found what you were looking for in this article.

Seriously, he’d stop every few minutes and learn each new sound. Alright, now onto the food. They don’t have to drop their food anymore. After their first 2 weeks the babies will be able to eat some solid foods, and soon will be weaned (at 1 month old). An odd smell coming from your hamster is not a good sign. So hamsters have to make do with dry grains, a few seeds, a stray veggie here and there. Blood should not be drawn, and the fighting should subside after a while. But he heard something you didn’t.

Another way to test the water bottle is to squeeze the side of it, and see if water drips out of the nozzle. Yes, unfortunately hamsters can and do get fleas. Notice if there is an odd smell coming from the hamster’s mouth Table of Contents So why does your hamster randomly freeze ?What to do when your hamster is frozenHamsters have very sensitive hearing and smellShould you worry about your hamster freezing ?Other hamster behaviors that might seem strangeA word from Teddy Food allergens or food sensitivities. If the tumor is on the outside, like a growth on the hamster’s leg or back, it will be easy to remove.

The hamster can try to get all of it out, but sometimes it just literally gets stuck. They’re active during the day as well as the night, so you will end get plenty of time to spend with them. There are several types of dermatitis which are distinguished based on the particular factor that triggers the reaction. Caring for the young hamsters and their mother

The article continues after the image.) If you’ve got more than one hamster in the same cage, and one becomes sick, separate them immediately. The old bits will have your hammy’s scent, and make it much less annoying for him to rebuild. I’ll be covering this topic alongside Teddy, my Syrian male hammy, and give his examples wherever necessary. Be careful, because the mother can become pregnant again immediately after finishing birthing her babies.

These can look like a skin disease as they can appear greasy or bald and if the animal has been grooming the scent into its coat it may look wet. It depends on the vet and how bad the infection is. Given the fact that you’re awake during the day, and sleeping at night, I know you probably don’t get to see your friend too often. None of those are good news. We have an air freshener that goes off on auto, that was mind-blowing for him. He was the tamest, most relaxed hammy, and he let anyone hold him. This is because Pedialyte is a mix of water, sugar, and salt. This is another reason to never keep a lone piggy. So, guinea pigs do well in groups or at least pairs.

In some cases he might need the hamster to stay with him for a couple of days for observations and further treatment. Sebum production normally decreases with age, males are more susceptible to this condition than the female are. Some people decide to let their hammy roam free in a hamster-proof room. Ear wax and/or discharge If you want a more scientific take on hamster cheek pouches, and want to know more in-depth about them, you should definitely check out this study by ScienceDirect. Fresh fruit and veg are favorites, a few examples include: guinea pigs – raw bell pepper, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, small slice of apple For example the paper towels or toilet paper squares your hammy hides in his cheeks can have small bits that end up swallowed. Yes, hamsters can develop tumors. No odd lumps Treatment should be done by a professional, like a veterinarian. Source(s): https://owly.im/baJOz. Separating the hamster pups into male and female enclosures will make sure there are no unwanted pregnancies. Hamsters are notoriously hyper, and older hammies are calmer than babies. Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes you’ll wonder why you got yourself into this. Hamsters do best in low light conditions, and harsh lighting can be painful for them.

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