Justin is bloody useless and couldn’t tell me.”. That’s when he suddenly gets it - understands why Justin loves this world so much, and is able to get a clearer picture in his head of what the life of a wizard is even like. “bloody hell, can’t you take a hint? (They may sometimes be fond of their morally ambiguous ex-professor, but they have standards!). as always, please let me know if you have any requests(through my inbox, not my messages!). My first template in a while, free to use as long as you credit me. Review Form. Meet the admins, ask us questions, read the rules and apply! I have almond shaped emerald eyes, with thick eye lashes. they had all their classes together today. #adminpost #admin c #harry potter rp #harry potter rpg #oc rp #oc rpg. Justin seems to think that the tension is going to break any week now, and he can give his all in the final battle and then return back to normal life and Hogwarts like he never left it. He feels a little like he’s missing pieces he should know in order to exist comfortably in this spaces. Not so good? tag five other oc creators/blogs to keep the game going. Mr. and Mrs. Weasly told me that I was the sister to Harry when I was seven. Just a quick drawing of Bair if she were around in Fantastic Beasts era. Anonymous: What if we want to join but have no idea how to do a Paragraph rp? Of course you don’t cause Harry didn’t either…until they were jerks then they cared. Don't hesitate to ask us something, out ask box is always open c: Raya St. Gemain | Slytherin | Pure-blood | 17 | Twin brother. Weaknesses: I am very protective of my family and if anything were to happen to them I would die, I can be quick to judge no matter how hard I try not to, and I have a quick temper. And I think he is not the only one. In the thirty-one years since she had died, she had haunted the halls of the school, unseen and unheard by everyone and everything. Anyway this post is more of a log on what had been/is/will happen(ed/ing) and so I am not tagging this or anything, but that’s about it. I may not be able to respond to all the answers, but I read each one! And a wonderful day of writing to you! Of course she would like to have comfort later too, but comfort would means also routine and routine means boring days. He takes on the problems of his friends and family, too, and doesn’t notice the amount of stress he puts on himself that way until it culminates in him blowing up. Isabel Carroll, hearing tales of Underland upon Alice’s return from the strange land, decides she must find the place for herself. Name: Jessica Potter ….Okay this is NOT going to be a good review…. So lets get started shall we! Because with Sirius torn from her side, she had no voice. 68 notes. So here’s what’s going to happen: I may return to the game, I may not, but if I do, I will start a blog under my new Tumblr with hopefully the same username. here we go. #tumblt is still blocked here............. #still got a long way to go in terms of colouring but at least the poses are getting way better, #no idea if the elephant shrew is actually a patronus but, #it's fig's patronus that's for damn sure, #omg we finally have a ravenclaw in the group, #wanted to draw these two since a while actually, #so I hope this will make you smile a little, #a;sldkfaj;sldkfj ;aslkdjf ;lkj im so sorry, #wtf has harry potter done to me im legit shipping oc x canon over here. He has some sort of crisis about every other week about whether he deserves this or that good thing. “…my mom. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. He has a pretty normal Muggle upbringing, though admittedly he does spend it at Eton. Log in Sign up. “well, at least we are here. i’m not muggleborn. “Oi Fred where’s the fire?” Ron called after him but they continued to sprint even though the threat of Madam Pince was gone. Add to Favourites. The brothers were really close as kids, though Aaron is two years older. No. Her birthday doesn’t really add up with what happened. So I was randomly googling for pics of Rakepick, and ended up finding that (spoilers) Rakepick killed Rowan. Oct. 18 2018. Their surrogate, Jessica, is a dream, and Aaron’s life changes forever the first time he holds little Myna Jean Dursley in his arms. #Harry Potter #Oc #trans #transgender #art #auror. Archive. Even though she wasn’t a Slytherin like her mother or a Hufflepuff like her father, they were both proud of their daughter no matter which house she was placed in. She loves to accessorize with gold jewelry and a pair of heels. Year: Same as when the Golden Trio was fifth years, Wand Type: 11’ oak wand with a phoenix tail feather core. It’s only when Underland needs her does the pathway open. Having made the fashion world her life, Carmen now aspires to become a designer, but can she bear to leave behind Miranda? 72. nonetheless she stood their, mouth agape. That he had created horcruxes for this very reason. Her cousins, having lured her to the chamber, let their disapproval of her be known before casting the killing curse and effectively ending her young life. But also, I am not going to return right away, and if I do, I am most likely not going to return here. After dropping her off at the VFD headquarters with specific instructions on her care, Valerie’s parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Notes. One day, during a summer that feels particularly fortuitous with its Muggle and Muggleborn-friendly legislature and new Ministry programs, Justin drags Aaron to a shop in Diagon Alley. If you’re wondering about a visual, Ross Marquand is a great face-cast. There’s nothing you can do to stop them. Weasley, Ms. Y/l get down from there this instant!” Madam Pince made her way through the rows of tables spearheading toward the two. you’re not gonna get anywhere in life by sitting around expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter. They adapt to the two worlds together, living mostly Muggle, although Aaron does help Dudley reconnect with Harry after a few years. I thought only TWO Wands had a Phoenix tail and that was Voldemort and Harry? Coming directly from the Harry Potter Fandom. Drew an old Harry Potter oc. I cannot force you to stop participating in genderbending art, but I highly encourage it. posted 6 years ago with 0 notes #appcount #adminpost #harry potter #harry potter rp #harry potter rpg. His name is skull/Edward, #just because i cant draw doesnt mean that i wont, #the amt of time i spent on the devil's snare was relaxing, #i understand that the actual hair isnt as fluffy looking but let me fuckin live, #ask me more about them if u want hehe i love animals ^_^, #hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, #i think my bean is doing pretty great in opposing snape and losing points for the house, #don't blame it tho he just wants to eat and sleep. He’s kind, patient, and fair enough to rival Helga herself. “No no no, I mean - I’m not, I was being - I’m a Muggle.”, The guy grins. Tests are basically a big Fuck You to people with memory problems.

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