The day is upset when Helen's mother voices disapproval and a noise complaint turns deadly when a mentally ill woman takes matters into her own hands. Younger finally gets his drivers licence. Lord Ashfordly's niece arrives following the collapse of her marriage, and her prize racehorse is stolen for ransom. Or so it seems because it turns out that Sue has a severe, internal head injury when she collapses into a coma. Meanwhile, Helen's estranged husband Matthew returns, with a plot that could have Rob transferred away. When the tractor is destroyed in a fire, he discovers that his wife has had an affair with Bennett for years, and Bennett finds out that Colbourne's role in the war was not nearly as innocent as he believed. Rob awaits the results of his sergeant's exam, and finds himself caught in a love triangle with Carol and Dawson. When the woman goes into labour, Kate becomes trapped in a violent confrontation. Nick suspects rivalries among jukebox providers, and the Aidensfield Arms suffers vandalism shortly after leasing a new jukebox. Rate. Mike and Ventress are convinced of ulterior motives when an old farming feud reignites in a series of violent crimes, with both sides reluctant to involve the police. Rob must bring two estranged families together for Christmas. Dawn causes a stir when she finds a source for gossip on a girls' night out. But unlike most movie people Arcourt does not like it and get very enraged, when Gina takes a picture of him with the new camera she has just been given by Andy. Blaketon's golfing friend asks him and Ventress to investigate the disappearance of his estranged son, who left home after a heated argument. Elsewhere, Blaketon organises a treasure hunt to raise money for a local playground and inadvertently acts as cupid for Mike and Tricia. Meanwhile Sandra is having a bad influence on her friend Alison Hartley, who is certain that she is pregnant. 5-year old Brian Currie who is camping out with his parents at Mrs. Plummer's camp site goes missing. She sees only one solution to her problems with PC Bradley as an unlucky witness. Somebody has been snatching Gina's empty bottles and PC Bradley has offered to stake out the pub. Joe and Carol confront their feelings for one another. S11, Ep1. In Brisbane, Carol visits a monastery to learn more about her long-lost brother, but a mysterious caller leads her into a deadly trap. A desperate family man trying to pay for his daughter's wedding is extorted by a loan shark into engineering a robbery at his workplace. The team search for a young boy who disappears after discovering his mother is having an affair with a family friend, who is later seriously injured in a road accident. Mike Bradley has grown quite attracted to the beautiful doctor after his divorce from Jackie. Meanwhile, Vernon pushes Bernie too far when he decides there's money to be made from goat's milk. A dog taking balls from a golf course for two boys leads to worse things. A 17-year-old girl disappears after an argument with her father, and Joe searches for her, An aspiring ballerina collapses and expresses a fear of being taken away, leading Joe and Carol to assume that her demanding elderly guardian is connected. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. A criminal gang kidnaps Miller's daughter and extorts his cooperation, but his behaviour arouses the suspicion of Ventress and Joe. Rate. Vernon searches for a suitable residence, and becomes a suspect when bronze figures are stolen immediately after he views a mansion. Rate. Clive Denby from MI5 is also very interested in the Lithuanian. The police station is targeted by a series of violent attacks ahead of an inspection, putting one of the officer's lives at risk and causing a panicked Craddock to take matters into his own hands. The prime suspect of a murder at a quarry is a major criminal whom Ventress certified as dead 15 years previously, raising questions about his murky past. There is no sign of the driver or any passengers, but the hub cabs are missing. Dawn's birthday party at the pub turns into a hostage situation when Joe thwarts a gang of safe robbers, who search for a bag of explosives that David accidentally switched with Dawn's birthday present. The arrival of a traumatised and wounded stranger in Aidensfield coincides with the discovery of a woman's body on the moors, and sets off a treacherous chain of events that leaves Blaketon's life hanging in the balance. Meanwhile, Jowett poses a threat to Vernon's scheme to open a cinema. Rate. The constabulary are exasperated with him, but Joe finds an ally in Dawson who discovers trouble within the CID. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Ruby determines to know why Nick and Jo stopped dating. Rate. He is right! Meanwhile, David falls for Matt's mistress and becomes a messenger in their sordid affair, leaving Gina, Bernie and Rosie suspicious of his behaviour. He goes to Aidensfield to get back at Rowan by making him lose somebody he loves. Rate. Meanwhile, a newcomer in a Bentley limousine impresses Gina and David, for different reasons. Sandra arranges... A group of young offenders has got permission to do some labouring work on PC Bradley's patch with only one guard, Blenkiron. Bellamy gets closer to Gina when she is injured in an explosion. A revelation about Jackie forces Mike to question his marriage. Well not all of them, since one of them is missing. Also too late is Stella Redford, who needs Mrs. Trotter's help to trace a little girl she gave up for adoption twenty years ago. The Ashfordly police hunt for a modern-day Robin Hood the nightclub that same night, as does an angry Peggy. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Joe works with Dawson on her final case at CID – she faces demotion due to an affair with a senior colleague – investigating a series of violent post office robberies. Film producer Denzil Arcourt and his team take over Ashfordly Hall for a couple of days to shoot scenes for a new movie. Greengrass is moments behind and aids Blaketon when he collapses and is rushed to hospital. Carol is consumed by guilt and regret when a newborn baby dies in her care, provoking the father to return to his criminal ways after a run-in with Rob and Blaketon at the pub. Error: please try again. 1. Armed robbers catch Nick, Greengrass and George at the Aidensfield Arms pub, holding them in the cellar. He changes his mind ... Carl Lomax is found guilty in vandalizing police property and he is persona absolutely non grata with Mr. and Mrs. White because their daughter Debbie got contraceptive pills for his sake. Somebody has been decimating Lord Ashfordly's population of deer, and for once Greengrass is not a suspect. A media circus descends as firemen attempt a rescue, and Miller's team must quickly resolve matters when gunshots are fired from the house.

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