Horita then used these floor plans for many of other houses.
For a place where homes sell so easily, it’s been very difficult to get where they are now. That page also links to several more videos from the CDSG. The primary goals of the CDSG are the following: If there are old fortifications near where you live, they probably have information about them. After the building was finished it was covered with dirt and camouflage material including real and false rocks set in cement. To promote the lots he established Hawaii’s first electric railway which took the curious from downtown Honolulu up 900 feet on Pacific Heights where a dance pavilion had been built. Sometimes enjoying the fine life takes a lot of hard work. Only one was fully completed and test fired, and it was soon deactivated. It was walled in on 3 sides with the 4th marked by the shore. Wisely, Desky soon left town for Shanghai, China. 19-18 Bill 89 Short-Term Rental Rules, Condotel Today, Black Point is a highly desirable place to live and one of the most exclusive neighborhoods on O’ahu. These farmlands would be overrun 3 centuries later when King Kamehameha’s armies landed here in 1794 on their way to conquering Oahu. Kapahulu homes and buildings remain defiantly low-rise, outside of a few condos on the Ewa (west) side of Kapahulu Ave. Adams’ estate today is a warm, close-knit neighborhood still watched over by the beautiful, green Koolau mountains just as they were when he first set foot on the Islands. The fear of invasion prompted the US military to build Battery Willy at the ridge’s high point, using gun turrets from 2 aircraft carriers. Beautiful. It’s rumored that this pool was built by a father whose daughter was scared of swimming in the ocean. Harbor Defense Command used these rooms originally, they're now used by the Red Cross as storage. The previous owner of ... Iconic 3 story house in Black Point with a panoramic ocean views. This Sept. 15, 1921 aerial view of the Balloon Encampment is looking south towards Black Point, and the road to Battery Mills is visible. Over 5,000 sqft of livable space. The 12 guns stored there would have included the ones to be mounted on the crater rim if needed. Though they are the future of this neighborhood, in many ways they bring back its past, when this was a truly thriving home to so many. This grant gave Adams control not only over the lands, but also the fishing rights in the waters immediately off of them. The old Hawaiians believed that Hiaka, sister of Pele, originally named the crater Pu’u Le’ahi because it resembled the head of a yellowfin tuna. The two guns are mounted at Granger Adams, and you can see the concrete protected underground magazines with the Battery Commander's Station above them, between the two gun positions. As it shifted east it created the islands of Molokai, Maui and Lanai. The image on the right is just a place holder and will soon link to a photo album. Though World War II saw the country club taken over by the military to establish coastal defenses, it was the 1960’s that saw the greatest incursion, at least from golf fans’ point of view.

None of the guns around Diamond Head Crater were ever fired during war. The spot where we went had no sandy shore,  so no good for sun bathing. Until the end of World War II the famous beaches were strung with barbed wire and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel was converted to soldiers’ barracks. This condition extended into the 20th Century when Robert Hind bought a large acreage that took in all of Aina Haina, up to the ocean, for his Hind-Clarke Dairy operation. Railway guns and mobile guns of various sizes and types also became a bigger factor in the defense strategy. It was also the name used by the ancient Hawaiians for an area that included both. Robert Hind established the Hind-Clarke Dairy on this real estate in 1924, the business continuing here until 1946. The district near the harbor grew quickly, taking on even more significance when this was made Hawaii’s capital in 1845. You have to park on the street since there is no public access. The third photo down is a 6 inch gun, the fourth photo is an anti-aircraft gun mount position, and the fifth photo is a 4 position 12 inch mortar battery that would have been similar to those in Batteries Harlow and Birkhimer. However, they lived in widespread communities whose centers changed according to where the Alii were at any one time. All the tons of concrete, rebar, steel grates, shutters and doors, pipe and conduit, and everything else used in the Station had to be hauled up the hill. Neighborhood Information about Black Point: Black Point is a natural lava rock formation on the coast between Diamond Head and Kahala. During high tides, or when the ocean swell is big, crashing waves throw water into the pool. According to one reference I found, that tunnel also contained officers quarters. They were still there specifically to serve the king water if and when the need arose. Why do that when you can enjoy it from the comfort of a beautiful home? The 3rd Balloon Company arrived May 6, 1920 and was assigned to Fort Ruger. In 1912 Hawaiian Dredging, owned by Walter Dillingham, bought land here for the dumping of coral, sand and dirt from their projects around Oahu. Currently, there are nine homes listed for sale in the Black Point neighborhood. Here the old Hawaii still lives, a place you can grab some real shave ice, get your surfboard repaired and talk a little story.

From the trail outside you can see the edge of the excavation where it changes from concrete and camouflage to natural rock.
Like most homes in Honolulu built on the high ground, there were few residences on Waialae Nui Ridge until the 1900’s. Under pressure, a Board of Commissioners was set up in 1844 to hear testimony and begin making land grants.

You should conduct your own investigation and consult with appropriate professionals to determine the accuracy of the information provided and to answer any questions concerning the property and structures located thereon.

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