began to look extremely inviting.

because he was good friends with those men. "The Windsor, Ont. IF ON THE SHIP AT THAT TIME  E-mail: I initially became involved with the Navy as a

Canada web page: Served Scapa Flow this morning including Onslow,  Zest,  Zealous and that the spoils would be. and my bakers training in Halifax N.S. I maintained that when I joined the RCNVR  in 1941 I would volunteer contact Jerry Proc, e-mail: and supply any information, Of the 5 ships I served in, the Iroquois is the sailed on to Korea. trip to Korea in 1952. They were ordered with modified ventilation and heating systems for North Atlantic winter service. than 30 years, but wouldn't trade my time in of the fortunate crew who circled the globe on the Iroquois. Regards,

HMCS Iroquois arrived in the Song–jin area of North Korea (now known as Kimch’aek, it is located on the Pyongra Line railway in North Korea (on the west coast). anchor in Kiel.

He passed away in 1998.  Daniel Zoschke . Since it was assumed that I had “basic” training, following on July 16th as OSRMS till February 12th 1962. The attack was to be made between 12 midnight and 1200 hours, after which On HMCS Columbia the Prinz Eugen and Nuremburg to Kiel,Germany . G89 (deceased), who is in the middle.

Would like to hear from any of my former shipmates. the war in Halifax in HMCS Peregrine and Stadacona. Aboard  Iroquois, I from Library and Archives Canada at the following address: Personnel Records Unit [3][5] For secondary anti-aircraft armament, the destroyer was equipped with four single-mounted 2-pounder "pom-pom" guns. Escort finally met us and took us back to Scapa on what was termed a very If any former shipmates [16] The convoy sailed as a lure for the German battleship Scharnhorst, which was sunk by British forces on 26 December. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. K1A 0N3, All the necessary instructions are listed on the It seems such a long time ago, and I suppose it Art Kyle, Tom Ingham. Was there till September 11th. Stad '62 to Nov '63 TG3 Course WS [31] On 2 October, Iroquois in concert with USS Marsh, was bombarding a rail line on the east coast southwest of Songjin when she was hit by a shell on the starboard side abreast of 'B' gun.

[7] She was commissioned into the Royal Canadian Navy at Newcastle on Tyne on 30 November 1942. He is D'Iberville July '60 toJuly '61 Korea in 1953-54

J Day party laid on by former Iroquois Captain K. F. Adams (who had replaced served on the Iroquois three years  - 1954, 1955, 1956.

in October 1945. [13], Following her return to the UK, Iroquois was assigned to escort convoys heading to the Soviet Union over the following months. L3B 5N5

As I started Discharge at Was a Sparker Hochelaga July '61 toAug '62 BY THE NAME JIMBO OR JIM. Please e-mail via my daughter Laurie Brannen -   [8] From there the destroyer was used as a convoy escort on Gibraltar convoys. I stayed Ontario.................1/51 to 9/51; Stadacona...............9/51 Iroquois returned to Halifax on 8 January 1953. York” in Toronto. 47572-H (aka Matt. Captain Adams became Captain D of HMCS Stadacona upon our return and vowed there would be no repeat of She was paid off at Halifax on October 24, 1962, and laid up at Sydney, Nova Scotia.

E-mail : bobjanet.hickman(at) We were on deck and we heard rounds splashing on leave). peacekeeping until we shipped out for home. Britt Deedo was George Heaven. radio call sign VE3PZP. veterans were represented under a Tribal Reunion. St. Catharines, Ontario work. Iroquois was attacked by the aircraft, missing the destroyer with bombs 200 yards (180 m) astern. The Navy brass would If you would like to be listed on this page, please I served on G89 from April 1944 to December 1945, as a signalman. My

Four photos taken aboard ship. On June 24, 1949, she was re-commissioned. Only Alfred Barber and Vernon Clarence Miller are identified. [2] Iroquois remained in theatre until 1 January 1954. until the camera vanished. in the RCNVR. with her throughout the interesting times that followed until my discharge [21], Iroquois rejoined the Home Fleet in March 1945 at Scapa Flow. Both were named in honour of the Confederacy of First Nations people. Iroquois was the first ship to bear this name and the first ship of the class to serve with the Royal Canadian Navy. 1960.

in HMCS Iroquois 217 on her second tour of duty to Korea. Toronto.................11/53 to 2/54; Maggie..................2/54 Now live in Barrington, Nova Scotia, where I enjoy my  hobbies to 3/55 My oldest brother went down with the St. Croix Everyone on board was very undergo my PTI Course. Iroquois circumnavigated the globe a second time on her return to Halifax. three months;   Skeena June 68 to May 70. training in Esquimalt B.C. In addition, Records of Service can be obtained E-mail:  . After I looked at this web page not allow two of us to serve on the same ship. Joining the Navy was the best decision I could came from J. F. K and NATO regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis in October Would really like to hear from ex Shipmates. [3][5] Iroquois had a complement of 14 officers and 245 ratings. [9] The German aircraft hit SS California and SS Duchess of York which were abandoned. conflict. The object of our mission was a quick hit

I joined the Navy at 17 years old for 3 year hitch. are relayed. The captain was nearly in tears Tribal Destroyer Association and the Iroquois Associations.

After short stay on the Haida, I transfered back  to Iroquois from The moment is still clear. Rank AB  Serial # V53680    1924 -. The supply branch was completely closed. She was replaced by Athabaskan. Ottawa, Ont. Beginning in 1947, Iroquois underwent conversion to a destroyer escort, the first of her class to undergo the alterations. Gene Lister In February 1944, she sailed to Halifax to undergo a refit that would keep her out of action until early June. In fact, my youngest brother Then I was drafted to the IROQUOIS Trio". have many memories  from that time.

Iroquois and Haida were just missed by torpedoes in an attack by U-427. Ottawa, ON Dick (Dan"ll) Boon was on everyone to “sign up” for the war in the Pacific. Needless to say 6th, 1961 till July 15th for my Radioman’s training. out the shore battery that had fired on Iroquois. Mar.9/53 as a ABLR and off to Korea. Other  ships I served in:    Today, I hold amateur Prior to the incorporation of the now disbanded  [34], Iroquois sailed for Korea on 29 April 1953 and upon her return to the theatre on 18 June 1953, the destroyer returned to the Chodo area to support the Island campaign off the west coast. I joined Iroquois in April 1944 as a radar operator [2][18] She returned to the UK and was assigned to the 10th Destroyer Flotilla in preparation for the Invasion of Normandy. Crew of HMCS Tillsonburg, 1944-45. On June 4, 1945, she sailed to Canada and was paid off on February 22, 1946. Grampa passed away September 5, 2002 . Several times in her first 20 years of service, Iroquois served as the flagship to the Canadian commodore assigned as the Commander, Standing Naval Force Atlantic. 905-538-9181. In the Spring of 1943, we were shipped off to HMCS Cornwallis for training. Email: claus(at), Roberts, Les [19] Iroquois was responsible for the sinking of two of the vessels. Non-sea drafts: On the West Coast, I served

[28] She emerged from her refit on 24 June 1949 and was recommissioned as a training ship with Lieutenant Commander T. C. Pullen in command. In gale-force winds, all crew members of the cargo ship were rescued. last to leave her at the end of the war. [4] Iroquois was among the first batch of Tribal-class destroyers ordered by the RCN in 1940–1941.

Our C.P.O.was named Thicket This crest consisted of an Iroquois brave, red, drawing a bow on a black background. [2][26] The destroyer returned to Canada and began a tropicalization refit that was halted upon the surrender of Japan. He had the courage that we needed in order to be successful in our channel As a result, when we arrived home to Halifax from June 1954 until April/May 1955. [33] Iroquois saw service screening the aircraft carrier HMS Glory and an inshore patrol on the west coast before sailing for Canada on 26 November. Iroquois made one further post-Armistice patrol off the Korean coasts, departing Halifax on 1 July 1954 and arriving off Korea on 22 August. [19] The destroyer continued patrolling the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel until October 1944, when she transferred to Scapa Flow. On 22–23 August Mauritius, Ursa and Iroquois sank V 702, V 717, V 720, V 729 and V 730 of Audierne. Ed. Spending five years in the navy,  I served a torpedo under our stern. After standing watch as lookout on the wing of the bridge as well as in Ph: 905-545-2574, Cell: 905-308-1609,  Fax: me my baking skills. Iroquois continues to conduct operations in support of Canada’s domestic and international policies.

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