Jerome has no intention of seeing ‘tomorrow’.

This can be referred to with Vincent, as his longing to journey to space. Eugene wanted nothing more than to be the best at everything.

She observes gate being shut down for Vincent and systematically forces her to change her views and rejection of Vincent is, therefore, social engineered and not coincidental. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have your work published on the website then please: Our academic writing and marking services can help you! This raises the issue of in-valids’ separation from valids (and the whole surrounding society), and the suffocation of in-valids’ desires. In eukaryotic cells, each chromosome contains a single, long strand of DNA. This proof is Vincent, his experiences of fighting in a faultless world, and the journey he goes on to accomplish his dream. (E.g. We can see that Vincent constantly questions the orderliness and precision of the world of Gattaca when he asks such things as: “I don’t need rescuing, but you did once”. Gattaca uses a conspicuously repetitive and simple palette, and uses the colors yellow, green and blue to reveal the internal struggles of the main character. Days before his spaceship is due to set off, Vincent experiences strong internal conflict. Hence the used ‘not-too-distant-future phrase. Due to the discrimination of in-valids, what would present day’s multiculturalism and racial diversity be in a time such as that of Gattaca? He later tells her: “It is possible”. It’s a nice name”. The first game of chicken, when Vincent and Anton are children, we see Anton refusing to be Vincent’s blood brother, as he fears ‘contamination’ by inferior blood. Both Vincent and Jerome are key individuals who defy their genetic state. When we are first introduced to Anton, a noticeable change in lighting is evident. As producer, Stacey Sher says: “In this society, there is no triumph because everything is predicted from birth, so there is always a hollowness to success. However, Vincent continues with his childhood dream of leaving earth to travel space, believing that these thoughts are just one final obstacle he has to overcome.

With professional advice, Vincent learns to deceive DNA and urine sample testing. In-valids wouldn’t suffer under this burden of perfection. This is not an expected light in a surgical environment, as it is gloomy, with the only light coming from the windows. Why is this? Here, Niccol emphasises the monotony of this society as he questions the meaning of such a machine-like existence. But maybe the use of the hyphen is deeper than that.

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