Season Two shows that he is reclusive, cold, ruthless, and pragmatic, rewarding successful minions and punishing those who "fail" him. Geek Princess (Mermista)Little Rebel (Horde Prime) Although he wanted Catra eliminated, he sent her to the Crimson Waste after Entrapta convinced him not to send her to Beast Island. Shadow Weaver later uses this to trick Catra into giving her her Sorcerer's Guild badge, which she uses to escape, showing that Catra still has a love for Shadow Weaver. Starting out as a cadet in the Horde, Catra was soon promoted to the rank of Force Captain and eventually served as Hordak's second in command. As for his personal operations, Hordak largely kept himself as supreme commander with a pragmatic manner of administration that manages to secure the loyalty of his minions. With the portal ready, Hordak could now open it but seems to be distracted and even hesitant after hearing about Entrapta. Hordak is confused and worried as to why Entrapta wouldn't be in Bright Moon. created a playlist called "Catra" on Spotify, She-Ra: Noelle Stevenson on Catra and She-Ra's New Relationship, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Is a Funny, Smart, Totally Inclusive Celebration of Female Empowerment, Netflix's 'She-Ra' Reboot Will Make You Feel Like A '90s Kid Again, The best part of Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is the villains,, In the original series, Catra was a human female who wore a mask from the magicats (a race of cat people that live under Etheria's surface) that could turn her into a jaguar. He watches her be taken away and steps forward to go after her but decides against it, wishing instead the memories of her would leave him as they make him imperfect and no use to Horde Prime. Mice, losing, sailing, water, abandonment, Shadow Weaver This leads to the two having several tense interactions, with Adora saving Catra from falling off a cliff and vice versa a few times. Note that her power level is not constant throughout the show - initially, we are shown that she cannot beat Adora in a fight, but it is not long until Adora, like almost anyone else, is fundamentally incapable of even putting up a fight against her (assuming she is not in She-Ra form). After Entrapta was accidentally left behind in The Fright Zone, Catra found her in a pipe and immediately chained her up. In the season 4 finale, When it comes to Double Trouble's turn to betray her, they make a point to highlight her obsession with Adora after her strong reaction to them taking Adora's form and taunting Catra while reminding her that it was ultimately her own actions that led to Adora leaving her. The UK comics also state that there are two Fright Zones that he operates from, one on Etheria and one on Eternia, the latter resembling Mattel's Fright Zone playset. Lawful Evil (formerly) Good Hordak has a brilliant technological mind. When Catra lies about Entrapta betraying him he is quick to feel rage and doubts Catra before she reminds him that Entrapta was a princess, meaning he never should have trusted her as she would only use him. Entrapta's astrological sign is Aquarius, also known as the water bearer. He is the leader of the Evil Horde, an army of savage warriors, most of whom wear a red bat symbol on their chests to convey their allegiance. This caused a lot of concern on the part of Adora, when Catra teased her about her newfound friendship with the Princess of Dryl. she asked Catra to leave, but Catra refuses and stays with her. According to, According to Noelle on a BLM Livestream, Entrapta is bisexual, as she has many robot boyfriends and girlfriends. When Shadow Weaver starts to claim that finding Adora is crucial to the Horde's mission, Hordak quickly cuts her off by slamming his fist on his throne. Hordak brought to tears after finding out the truth about Entrapta. Entrapta smiling at a computer image of Hordak. A skeptic Netossa then released Catra from her energy net. Catra unable to fight back Double Trouble's review on her "character". Entrapta was shown to have a family portrait with two robotic parents. Hair color It is implied the two formed a romantic relationship after the battle. He is portrayed as the main villain, despite few appearances season 1. She later gives Entrapta the freedom to do her scientific experiments as she pleases. First in shock and even sadness before his emotions quickly change to rage. Entrapta was noticeably saddened by the thought but then states that the two aren't in a hurry and could take as long as they need to make sure the portal is perfect. She is the only known princess to not use magic. Once the clone is suppressed, Entrapta reveals she has crossed the clone off her list of clones that could possibly be Hordak. Catra scoffed in his face, but Prime told her that she would still be of use to him. In another simulation, Catra watches her young self be consoled by Adora and promise her they will always be together. After he leaves, Entrapta is shown to be hurt and even scared by his outburst for the first time during their time together. The Rebels infiltrate the Fright Zone to rescue the captives. Horde Prime then possesses Hordak's body and takes Entrapta as a hostage to the battlefield. After trying to find a way to thank her, Entrapta states she's happy to be his friend to which he replies with a smile. With his new suit, Hordak is testing his limits while Entrapta watches in excitement and states his armor might be her best work yet. Debut They followed him and found that Prime was hacking into the planet. General of the Galactic Horde (formerly)Ruler of the Horde on Etheria (formerly) Shadow Weaver claims she now hates Hordak and the Horde, wanting nothing more than their destruction, after they were going to send her to Beast Island. He angrily yells at her that he already knows this. She ends up still being a troublemaker, but she is a much better person nonetheless and has a much healthier outlook on life. Entrapta returns with little cups of soups and even attempts to feed him, hoping he'll feel better. Etheria Hordak wasn't given a name, and it is revealed that he named himself. Glimmer and Catra used have a very turbulent and toxic relationship characterized by childish taunting as they oppose each other. He continued trying to conquer the planet to prove to Prime that he is worthy. In "Destiny Part 2", after Double Trouble's betrayal and thorough psychoanalysis leave her despondent, Catra reaches the point that she flat out tells Glimmer to hurry up and kill her when she arrives. They explain to her that the Horde's forces have been destroyed and everything she has worked for will be torn down, leaving Catra so distraught to the point of which she tells Glimmer to kill her. Entrapta had risked her life to save Emily when she was leaving after a rescue mission to save Bow and Glimmer. Saying her name out loud, Imp starts to repeat her name in Hordak's voice. When Adora decides to take on the fail-safe code for the Heart of Etheria, however, Catra decides she is too much of a distraction to Adora's duties and tries to flee, only to change her mind after learning of Horde Prime's final plan and running back to aid Adora in releasing the Heart of Etheria, saving her from an ancient security system. In Season 5, Catra was hesitant to see her again but was grateful to Entrapta for removing the chip in her neck and sincerely apologized for what she did to her, Entrapta then quickly forgave her and they have become true friends. She soon found out that Entrapta was still alive and tried to rescue her, only to learn of her betrayal and new allegiance to the Horde. After he is "reconditioned", Hordak is physically healthy and looks identical to the other clones in the Galactic Horde. This could suggest that Prime is Hordak's brother, but it is also possible that Zed only called him 'uncle' as a friendly term or that Hordak is Horde Prime's brother-in-law. Entrapta accepted back by the other princesses. You may be looking for the original character. His hair is no longer entirely pulled back anymore as it once was and he even looks healthier because of the new suit she created for him. Heterochromia The first time she defied Hordak is when she tried to free Catra from her prison cell in Season Three. Catra laughs and mocks him for trusting Entrapta before reminding him that she is a princess and she would use anyone to get what she wanted, including him. After the portal is opened in Season Three, Entrapta was automatically aware of the altered timeline and memories of her previous life were lost. Entrapta then calls him her friend, and he replies with a smile. Catra, Entrapta, and Scorpia are sent to the frozen wastes to excavate First Ones technology, pursued by Adora, Glimmer, Bow, and Sea Hawk. After her mentor fails, Catra realizes the way to capture Adora is to go after the ones she cares about, namely, Bow and Glimmer. Melog imprinted upon Catra in Season Five when the gang went to Krytis. Catra was haunted by visions thanks to her chip. Horde Prime recognizes Catra's feelings for Adora and uses them to manipulate both of them by placing her under his control through an implanted chip. He tells her that there will be dire consequences for invading his privacy but he soon sees that she was right in fixing his experiment. Scorpia also says that her family gave Hordak the Black Garnet, implying she was alive when this happened.

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